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    4.5 Stars When will I learn My head is spinning And, for me, that s always a sign of an excellent thriller Last One To Lie is wicked and CRAZY Kelsey is just about to pick up her daughter from day care when they inform her that there is NO record of her little girl ever being there, then she phones her husband at the school where he teaches, only to find out that yep, you guessed it he never worked there I enjoyed how the relationship between the protagonist and the detective offers intense Basic Instinct vibes yes, there were definitely some erotic moments in the story We follow the narrative through both of their perspectives The author maintains intrigue in every single chapter Our main character has an incredibly dark, ugly past And she s definitely hiding something The detective is even frustrated and shocked with how the case is unfolding A case that s almost impossible to solve.And just when the main questions are officially answered towards the end, there comes an even bigger mystery to unravel Someone is lying The other is telling the truth The final pages get twistier than ever Warning this book will mess with your head, and you ll find yourself holding your breath once you get to the final line I definitely recommend this and will be impatiently waiting for the author s next book Full reviews on Instagram ludwigreadsThe blog Ludwig s Thrillers

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    4 big stars This was such a great read The cover drew me to this book instantly and I can t say no to a book that has lie in the title The book starts off with mum, Kelsey Jennings, who has just moved to a new town with her husband and daughter Kelsey heads to her daughter s kindergarten to pick her up after a yoga session, only to be told by employees that her daughter has never attended this kindergarten Frantic, she calls her husband at his new job as a school teacher to find out what s going on Only to find that the school says they have never heard of a Malcolm Jennings. This story is full of twists and turns that you don t see coming And when you think you can guess what s going to happen, it takes a completely different turn, which I love about a story The beginning of this book really drew me in and for the most part it was an extremely gripping and addictive plot When I reached about half way through I found some parts a little messy with unnecessary throw ins and relationships But the book wrapped up well and I enjoyed the ending Definitely a must read I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Oh my goodness, this is such a ridiculous book I literally laughed out loud a few times at the plot twists and tropes the author threw in At one point I actually stopped reading, looked at the ceiling, and thought, Really You re going to play THAT card and laughed Wow It s almost like one of those movies that s designed to be campy, only it s not.So why three stars It was still well written in the sense that the author who says she is well known under another name as a romance writer knows how to write dialog and keep the book flowing I was curious what on earth was going on She knows how to write a scene, in the sense that someone who is trained in a craft can do it well The author thanks two law enforcement officers in her acknowledgements I have a feeling they re going to be mortified thinking that people will think that they do this level of police work You re going to need an incredible amount of suspension of disbelief to go along with how this missing child case or even simple background check is supposedly worked by the police And then there are instances of the main police officer not being able to figure something out ever that has a ridiculously easy way to tell the answer I m honestly shocked nobody in editing picked up on this glaring mistake, but okay.Oh yeah, and there s lots of sex and the main character is absolutely beautiful with a perfect body, because of course she is All of it is just ridiculous Read this book the way you d watch The Bachelor, not because you care about any of the characters but because you want some mindless, inane fun I read a digital ARC of this book for the purpose of review.

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    Holy plot twists I was a huge fan of All the Lovely Pieces so I couldn t wait to possibly get approved for her second novel When it came thru I dropped everything I was doing and immediately started reading The book drew me in from page one starting out with a fast pace that kept going thru the book.Kelsey arrives to pick her daughter up early from daycare and finds out she isn t there They say she was never there to begin with Who is lying Detective Paul Ryan is immediately on the case and doesn t know if the woman is lying or what exactly is going on Told from both their points of view and someone else, maybe, the book takes you through the search for the missing child,if there is one There is even her husband missing but no one can even vouch if they existed in this town What is really going on And what is really Kelsey s past As the puzzle pieces start to fit together, your realize maybe you have the entirely wrong puzzle to begin with.This is a book you don t want to miss and I guarantee that you won t guess the ending.

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    Crazy mother Unfaithful father Whacko family What the hell is going on here When Kelsey goes to pick up her daughter Makayla at daycare they tell her they don t have a record of her ever being there.Oh for the love of God Are you kidding me Any parent knows this is our worst nightmareBut lets pile it odd deeper, thicker, and wider shall we.Because this isn t the end as Det Paul examines this case from top to bottom and everything in between and I stress the latter Now, stay with me here readers Kelsey isn t innocent by no means She s quite disturbed, troubled, and deeply invested in one thing living life away from her sister Faith Her past history is riddled with childhood problems transferred into adulthood including acceptance by peers, by family, and by friends.No wonder because she s been painted as the evil child and for good reason.However, her sister believes from the outside looking in that all is well and she s living the perfect life with her daughter and husband.Could her husband Malcolm have taken her without telling Kelsey He was abusive and they may have had their ups and downs in the marriage with downs lately but would he do this Kidnap his own daughter Or is it something far worse Perhaps a revenge motive from a complete stranger A serial kidnapper, a psycho, a madman, a person closer to the couple than one thinks OH GEEZ In and out of foster homes since these sisters have been kids is just part of this mystery.The actions of both will shock you as you learn them piece by bitty piece.The bloody hell we are about to enter isn t even coming close to the pain they ve caused upon others in their past.The Karma Train has entered the station and is about to exit off without stopping to the land of hell.All aboard Dead or alive The entire twists with the family and friends and even police department will blow your mind Congrats on a job well done

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    I read until the lines blurred together in the wee hours of the morning, then the characters haunted my dreams I awoke with a chest tightened with anxiety only to realize it was just a story and in my world everyone is safe I only wish I could say the same for Kelsey Jennings.The Last One to Lie is a fast paced thrilling novel Kelsey Jennings arrives at her daughter s daycare to pick her up only to find her daughter isn t there nor has she ever been there Distraught she quickly calls her husband, who doesn t answer When Detective Ryan is assigned to the case of missing father and daughter he quickly finds himself pulled into an endlessly unraveling story even he can t unravel.This is my 13th book of the year, and is by far one of my favorite 2020 reads J.M Winchester writes this psychological thriller with such fluidity you find yourself 100 pages in before you ve noticed a moments passed by She ll keep you connecting the dots and guessing until the very end.Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for providing a free copy of The Last One to Lie in exchange for my honest review.

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    I love a thriller with twists and turns, that has me gasping and shocked with the final outcome What I do not love is when there are so many twists, that the story becomes unbelievable and over the top Last One to Lie by J.M Winchester definitely is definitely standing on the line between love and didn t love because of the sheer number of over the top twists and the unreliable narrator For me, the unreliable narrator has been overdone and the main narrator was so unreliable that I was both annoyed and confused a lot of the time While I did enjoy that certain events I did not predict, I think the book would have been believable and compelling with a few less twists I will say that the author writes very well and excels at character development I may not agree with the characters decision making but I thought they were all interesting, flawed and complex people who I wanted to learn about I enjoy Winchester s writing style and would definitely read any other thrillers she writes in the future.

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    Last One to Lie Another Great Thriller from J.M Winchester Last One to Lie is a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and on your toes all at the same time I absolutely loved the all twists and turns As the suspense builds, readers will begin to realize much of what they think they know is not what it appears to be That doubt and uncertainty drives the building suspense of Last One to Lie.

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    Review for Last One To Lie by J M Winchester Read and reviewed via NetGalley for Thomas Mercer publishing.Available to preorder ready for release on June 9th This is the first book that I have read by this author It is a standalone book I probably wouldn t go out of my way to look for any of her books but I would read one if I came across one This book is written from the perspectives of 3 different characters including the detective Paul I like when books are written from different character perspectives as you don t tend to miss any of the main storyline THE book was well written and flowed well I read it quite quickly and did quite enjoy it However, I don t think the author did much if any research into police work and most of the procedure was unbelievable which made it lose a star all books start with a 5 5 with me THE storyline itself was quite interesting and had quite a few twists and turns which were good and I m happy with te way it ended I can t say it didn t leave any questions as a case of a certain person won t say who so not to spoil it seemed to be added in and forgotten about This led to another star being removed THE characters were believable and quite strong and the descriptions were good THE chapters have the time of the events so you can know what s happening at what time which I found very useful If I was to recommend this book it would be to fans of crime and mystery Rated 3 5 It was OK on Goodreads and UK and Com and over 30 Facebook pages 3.98 to purchase on kindle I think this is an OK price for this book 288 pages Feel free to add me on Goodreads for reviews LastOneToLie NetGalley JMWinchester BookReview ThomasMercer

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    Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC.Well this was a wild ride.And unfortunately not for all good reasons I ll start with the good stuff 1 Nicely paced I read through in 5 days, mostly over 3 sittings.2 Intriguing premise3 DRAMA But then oh man I knew I was in for something when the tech specialist was introduced, somehow multitasking crazy code and a violent video game on two separate PCs, with two separate keyboards, while talking on her headset Look, I m not saying it s IMPOSSIBLE but that is improbable Improbable would probably be my go to word for this one It requires an incredible suspension of disbelief I think I m pretty good at suspending my disbelief when enjoying books or films well, I hate it when my partner likes to point out things that don t make sense anyway , but it was really difficult to do with this book There was just too much.Many of the characters, like the hacker who is never introduced again , read as caricatures the incredibly sexy, smart, dangerous vixen the jaded older cop.If you want to read a maybe sexy question mark thriller without big expectations then this is one for you to read It s a quick read that has you asking a million questions and answers pretty much all of them But if you re not sure, I ll tell you this, because I feel like it gives you a bit of insight to the book s vibe The main character is a beautiful, smart, woman She worked as a financial advisor in an attempt to finance her career as a professional dancer As a VERY young child she was the best dancer who had ever stepped foot in any Hollywood ballet schools She had TALENT Her parents were famous film stars who turned into famous Hollywood porno stars , who only bought drugs, drink, and ballet lessons, until they died in a fiery crash while THEY were chasing the paparazzi Sounds wild, huh Well if you want of that, read this book Check out my other reviews here.

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Last One to Lie Moving To A New City Was Supposed To Be A Fresh Start For Her Family Now It S A Nightmare Her Little Girl Was Supposed To Be At Day Care When Kelsey Arrived To Pick Her Up But They Have No Record Of Her Daughter Ever Being There And To Make Matters Worse, Her Husband Is Missing Too He Won T Pick Up His Phone, And The School He Supposedly Works At Says He Never Accepted Their Job OfferDetective Paul Ryan Knows Something S Up With Kelsey S Story Kelsey S Husband Might Be Involved In Their Daughter S Disappearance, But The Deeper The Detective Digs, The Inconsistencies He FindsAs Detective Ryan Tries To Uncover The Truth, What He Finds Are Deeply Buried Secrets That Someone Clearly Never Wanted Found