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    I proudly announce that WE HAVE ANOTHER WINNER This year there will be so much competition between smart, heart throbbing, mind bending, terrifying thrillers I have to admit the plot of the book excited me so much A six years old sleepwalker girl leaves her house and she s not found for 3 days There is threatening rainstorm starts out there Rescue workers, neighbors and large groups of search parties look for everywhere to bring her home back Then she miraculously found by Sean Coleman with a nasty arm injury and memory loss, clinging to a storm drain But she made it Yes Atta girl But the little six year old who suffered from compelling trauma didn t have any idea the story of her coming back will become one of the greatest urban legend story She got all attention of media, fans, stalkers, creepy admirers And guess what Her own mother milked her daughter s story to her own benefit, wrote a book, earned so much money by distorting truths about her daughter s traumatic experiences So let s take the year of the mom award from Carrie White s mother Margaret and give that to this lovely mother who stole her own daughter s childhood So little girl, once upon a time Arden Maynor and now Olivia, changed her name to have clean slate and brand new life without media s impact and strange admirers love and hate letters She is estranged with her mother, working at hospital, living at a cottage in the middle of nowhere and has a protector and wild old neighbor Rick I visualized him as Tim Robbins after seeing his performance at Castle Rock She has good friends, a professor ex, busy work schedule But one day she got a box which is worse than Pandora s because she finds out her mother is dead and there are several things inside of it can trigger her threatening, vicious memories about her past and lost 3 days Unfortunately she finds out she is not gonna get away from who she is because her night terrors return back and she starts sleepwalking again And later, she wakes up again she finds herself next to corpse outside her home The dead man is coming from her past is ready to haunt her forever So did she kill the man and forget it If she doesn t, who did it Why doesn t she remember anything about her disappearance There are so many holes about her story and one of her best friend quits from her job and disappears without telling her anything And the dead man s identity comes out She cannot be confused and terrified So what s gonna happen Whodunit I have to admit that I was going between 2 to 3 stars at the beginning because I thought the killer s identity was so obvious I was trying to decide between two people But guess what ENDING OF THIS BOOK IS FANF KINGTASTIC IT KILLED MY SPIDER SENSES LITERALLY And last quarter of the book was so fast pacing I didn t have enough nail to bite but I bit my pillows and my husband found me covered in feathers when you came home from business trip, took my pictures and posted as birdwoman.But it s worth it I loved the conclusion of the story Pacing, writing style and plot were captivating This is gonna be one of my favorite Megan Miranda books.Special thanks to Netgalley and SimonSchuster for sending me this heart throbbing, exciting book s ARC COPY in exchange my honest review And thanks to Megan Miranda to create this spooky, nerve bending, remarkable story that I really enjoyed so much bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    I actually enjoyed this one 3.75 stars The Girl from Widow Hills is a psychological thriller about a girl who became a sensation when she went missing as a child 20 years later, the events from the past have come back to haunt her, causing her to question all that she thought she knew Olivia has worked hard to bury her past, including changing her name, moving around, and isolating herself from others When she was six years old, her story captivated the nation She was the little girl who went missing during a terrible storm but was found clinging to a storm drain She and her mother became famous, capitalizing on her experience, feeding her mother s addiction As hard as Olivia has worked to shed any association with her past, when she receives a box of her mother s belongings, her past is reawakened, leading to murder, mayhem, and craziness, as Olivia begins sleepwalking and wakes up one night to find herself with a dead body.Narrated by Olivia in the present, media transcripts, newspaper reports, book excerpts, voice mails, piece together a fragmented past Olivia is an unreliable narrator, and there are a lot of holes in her story, some of which are left unresolved in the end After not loving Megan Miranda s past two novels, I went into this one with low expectations If I didn t like this book, I was going to be done reading books by MM I was pleasantly surprised when I got hooked early on and found myself enjoying this Similar to other MM novels, this one moves slowly, but at the same time, there s enough intrigue surrounding Olivia s past and current events to make it a page turner There are two major mysteries, one involving Olivia s past, the other in the present Part of the mystery is easy to solve, while other elements threw me for a loop Other parts were left unresolved, which might have been intentional, but I wanted answers The ending was also a bit rushed At the same time, the mysteries kept me riveted Overall, The Girl from Widow Hills is a solid thriller, and I will definitely be reading Megan Miranda s next book I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    I enjoyed one of this author s previous books, All The Missing Girls so I thought I d give this one a try I m glad that I did Although it started off a bit slowly, by 30 pages I was invested in the story.Can you imagine having something so traumatic happen in your childhood that your memory has been completely blocked That s what happened to Arden Maynor At six years of age she created quite a sensation in her small town of Widow Hills She was known by her mother to sleepwalk on occasion One morning her mother wakes to find Arden missing and a terrible rainstorm raging Eventually, 3 days later, Arden was found, holding on to the grate of an outlet for part of the drainage system in the town It was considered almost a miracle that she could survive the raging waters for such a long time and to be found by her rescuer, Sean Coleman.Afterwards she was a marked girl Wherever she went through her life, until college, she was known as the girl from Widow Hills Her mother seemed to enjoy the notoriety, she wrote a book that sold well She went on talk shows and made lots of money off of Arden s story, but somehow the money, in the end, was gone Arden as a young woman starting college decided to shed her past history, changed her name and got a good education She never wanted to see her mother again, she felt that her mother had made a lot of money on her story of trauma and then in the end lost it all, she was no support to Olivia, they were very different people.Upon graduation Arden, now called Olivia, is enjoying a job as part of hospital administration and a lovely older home somewhat isolated in the woods where she enjoys being alone, enjoys her solitude She finds out, rather traumatically, that her mother had died 7 months previously and she hadn t known it She is left with nothing but a box of memories that her mother kept Nothing means much to Olivia and she puts it away in her closet.Olivia has a great neighbor, an older man named Rick, and they both look out for each other She is doing well and is happy when she fears that the sleepwalking has returned One night she finds herself outside and stumbles upon a body She runs to Rick who does everything he can to support her.The past has a way of catching up to you and that is what happens in this story Without getting into the plot I can tell you that there is a myriad of characters, well described and believable My favorite is probably the young police woman who is determined to find out what really happened that night, who the dead man is and what happened to him.The ending of this thriller was a good one and I didn t see it coming Throughout the story it often seemed as though everyone we are introduced to could possibly be the killer, but nothing really stuck In the end my suspicions were wrong and that was a great way to end this page turner of a novel.I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss.The book is set to publish on June 23, 2020

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    Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    Twenty years ago six year old Arden Maynor from Widow Hills, Kentucky was swept away during a bad storm, her mother Laurel believed she had been sleepwalking Three days later, she was found underground and clinging to a drain cover by Sean Coleman She was injured but alive The media go wild and her mother spoke freely to them over the years which was quite lucrative Fast forward twenty years and Arden has changed her name to Olivia Meyer, she s working as a hospital administrator in Central Valley, N Carolina This is her story which backtracks through various sources to the incident that made her and her mother famous and in the present day where a series of terrible events occur which places Olivia and in danger but through this she learns her truth I like the way Olivia s story is told as it s tense, creepy, mysterious, intriguing and terrifying at times She is ultimately a survivor, she s stronger and braver than she realises as she s had to put up with judgements, assumptions, jealousy and threats She has trouble at times separating fact from fiction, the real memories from the false, and her state of confusion and lack of trust is well conveyed She has lived with subterfuge, secrecy and lies since she was a little girl and this would mess with anyone s reality The story is full of twists, revelations and events that cause her to shutdown and panic at times The ending is one I genuinely didn t see coming and kudos to Megan Miranda for that However, there is some repetition especially in the telling of Arden s story and the pace in the middle is a bit slow although the last quarter of the book makes up for that Overall, it s a well written book, with interesting characters and an intriguing storyline which I enjoyed Many thanks to NetGalley and Atlantic Books for the ARC.

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    Olivia Arden Maynor suffered a traumatic event when she was only six years of age She was trapped during a rainstorm for three days before she was found and rescued.Since those days, everyone has wanted a piece of Liv s story through her childhood, teenage years and young adulthood To start over, after college, she changed her name She moved and currently she works in the administration office of a hospital Her childhood marked her She doesn t like closed in spaces She remains leery of giving any details from her past to anyone, including her friend Bennett and lately, her new friend Elyse Liv broke up her relationship with Jonah, her ex, who was a professor at the school but she never told him about her past Every year during the anniversary of her rescue, she feels her body tensing and waiting for something to happen For someone from her past to find her For her life to become one nightmare.Liv s disappearance as a child was thought to be due to her sleepwalking Then, it starts happening again One night, Liv wakes up outside her new house without recollection of how she got there She s terrified her sleepwalking is back She s so scared when her neighbor, an older man, finds her Rick used to be the owner of the house she s currently occupying The next night she sleepwalks is not her neighbor who wakes her up, but it s her tripping over a dead body outside her property line.Who is the man dead outside her property Who killed him Did she do it Did her neighbor do it Or is someone else out there lurking and trying to harm her The Girl from Widow Hills is the third book I read by Megan Miranda I have liked her other two and I find myself enjoying this one too The narrative starts slow but the pace changes by the last third of the book I was invested in learning about both mysteries What really happened to the six year old Arden and who was trying to hurt her now I do wish the ending was detailed and I felt that an epilogue was missing Anyway, I still enjoyed the hours of distraction Megan Miranda gave me.Cliffhanger No4 5 FangsA complimentary copy was provided by Simon and Schuster via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.MrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram

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    Thank you so much to Simon Schuster for my ARC This sounds all sorts of intriguing and I cannot wait to start.

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    4.5 stars Okay, first things first One of the stranger things about reading this novel was that I started out having an oddly similar experience to the main character, which is not to say I sleepwalk or that I got swept into a drainage system during a freak storm But every time Olivia walks into a room she gets a rush of deja vu as if people she knows she s just met are somehow familiar from another time and place And during the early chapters of The Girl from Widow Hills I kept getting that same rush.I knew this story Only I didn t A 6 year old sleepwalking child surviving underground in a small town for three days, subsequently to be rescued by one guy as the entire country looked on No way ExceptIt finally reached the point where I stopped reading, hopped onto Google and started typing in random phrases For some reason, my subconscious mind forced me to type the word well into the search bar And there it was the story of Jessica McClure, the 18 month old girl who fell into a well and almost died For three days CNN broadcast the rescue efforts live, including reports of her singing snippets of Winnie the Pooh from the bottom of the well Even President Reagan chimed in and the photo of the guy that rescued her won a Pulitzer Prize I m sure you can fill in the rest a visit to the White House, a made for tv movie, the talk show circuit, tons of articles, a book If you haven t read the book, I recommend not googling until after you finish there are a couple of bizarre similarities spoilers Once I had that out of the way, I could get back to the novel Because though there are flashbacks and transcripts from two decades earlier interspersed between chapters, the story primarily takes place in 2020 Olivia formerly the famous Arden Maynor has done everything she can to put her past behind her She s changed her name, cut off relations with her mother and hidden her life story from even her closest friends Over the years, Liv s dealt with reporters, stalkers, and when she was still in school jealous peers With the 20 year anniversary of her rescue coming up, she fears her story will resurface and destroy the new life she s made for herself What she doesn t anticipate is that she ll start sleepwalking again Or that she ll wake up outside with a dead body at her feet and her hands covered in blood A dead body that happens to belong to the man who rescued her Has she just murdered the guy who saved her life If not, who has And why did he travel hundreds of miles to visit her home in the middle of the night Thus begins what turns out to be a thrilling, well plotted page turner There are plenty of people Olivia suspects, including herself, and we don t find out the truth until the final twist I m a big fan of unreliable narrators so I loved Liv s uncertainty about her actions in both the past and present I also really enjoyed piecing together events via bits and pieces of transcripts, old articles, book excerpts and interviews Finally, I liked Miranda s writing style than I expected I would I always highlight favorite sentences as I read but I found myself doing that than usual while reading this novel My only critique is that I felt some of the secondary characters could have been a bit developed and there was one key twist I did guess early on If you re a Megan Miranda fan, you ll probably like this one and if you re not, The Girl from Widow Hills is a good place to start Much thanks to Simon Schuster and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Always difficult to write a review that goes against the general appreciation, further when I really appreciated another book from the same author So, my thoughts I wasn t sure what to think of the premise, but I decided to trust Megan Miranda, since I really liked All the Missing Girls Finally, the story of The Girl from Widow Hills wasn t interesting nor believable Same for the characters The pace was too slow especially in the first third and then I wasn t sure where the story was going at all Also, all the articles, book excerpts, etc., between the chapters were repetitive and didn t bring anything new to the story.At leat, Megan Miranda writes nicely If it was the other way around, I wouldn t have finished it The ending was okay, but didn t save the book for me Many thanks to Simon Schuster and Netgalley for the ARC in exchange of my honest review.Publication date June 23rd.

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    I ve really enjoyed Megan Miranda s last three books, so I was happy to get an advance copy of this book And she s done it again another five star book It s an interesting premise for a book While sleepwalking, a six year old girl is swept away by a flood and is found alive three days later, clinging to a storm drain As a young woman, she changed her name to escape the media attention She s even estranged from her mother, who capitalized on her daughter s experience The case made all of us, and then it unmade us It s now twenty years later and as the anniversary of her miraculous survival approaches, she learns of her mother s death Oh, and she begins sleepwalking again The book starts off very slowly for a mystery We re given alternating chapters of the present day with interviews and broadcasts from the time of the flood The book is almost a third gone before a dead body shows up in her woods It s not a fast paced book But there s a nice edgy tone, that feeling that we, like Olivia, are off balance Right up until the very end of the book, I couldn t figure out what the resolution would be My thanks to netgalley and Simon Schuster for an advance copy of this book.

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The Girl from Widow Hills Everyone Knows The Story Of The Girl From Widow Hills Arden Maynor Was Just A Child When She Was Swept Away While Sleepwalking During A Terrifying Rainstorm And Went Missing For Days Strangers And Friends, Neighbors And Rescue Workers, Set Up Search Parties And Held Vigils, Praying For Her Safe Return Against All Odds, She Was Found, Alive, Clinging To A Storm Drain The Girl From Widow Hills Was A Living Miracle Arden S Mother Wrote A Book Fame Followed Fans And Fan Letters, Creeps, And Stalkers And Every Year, The Anniversary It All Became Too Much As Soon As She Was Old Enough, Arden Changed Her Name And Disappeared From The Public EyeNow A Young Woman Living Hundreds Of Miles Away, Arden Goes By Olivia She S Managed To Stay Off The Radar For The Last Few Years But With The Twentieth Anniversary Of Her Rescue Approaching, The Media Will Inevitably Renew Its Interest In Arden Where Is She Now Soon Olivia Feels Like She S Being Watched And Begins Sleepwalking Again, Like She Did Long Ago, Even Waking Outside Her Home Until Late One Night She Jolts Awake In Her Yard At Her Feet Is The Corpse Of A Man She Knows From Her Previous Life, As Arden MaynorAnd Now, The Girl From Widow Hills Is About To Become The Center Of The Story, Once Again, In This Propulsive Page Turner From Suspense Master Megan Miranda

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • The Girl from Widow Hills
  • Megan Miranda
  • English
  • 14 November 2017
  • 9781501165429