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The Comeback ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ The Comeback Author Ella Berman – Grace Turner was one movie away from Hollywood’s A List So no one understood why at the height of her career and on the eve of her first Golden Globe nomination she disappearedNow one year later Gra Grace Turner was one movie away from Hollywood’s A List So no one understood why at the height of her career and on the eve of her first Golden Globe nomination she disappearedNow one year later Grace is back in Los Angeles and determined to reclaim her life on her own termsSo when Grace is asked to present a lifetime achievement award to director Able Yorke—the man who controlled her every move for eight years—she knows there’s only one way she’ll be free of the secret that’s already taken so much from her The Comeback is a powerful and provocative story of justice in the MeToo era—a true page turner about a young woman finding the strength and power of her voice.

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    I was untouchable unstoppable hurtling down a path to immortality so rapidly so immaculately that not one person stopped to uestion how it all worked so well a fortysomething man and a teenager being so inextricably linked This book is painful raw and brilliant It's a perfect fictional companion to the reporting done by Ronan Farrow and Kantor Twohey on the WeinsteinHollywood sexual harassment though Berman actually started her novel months before that story broke The Comeback is one of those deeply psychological books that gets right under your skin I don't know about the author's personal experiences but it certainly feels very honest I felt completely immersed in Grace's story and desperate to know what would happen to her In fact this might be the most emotionally attached I've felt to a narrative this whole year I'd like to say I didn't understand what I was agreeing to but I think it would be a lie even back then I knew I was giving a part of myself away Grace Turner is a teen actress plucked from obscurity a rising star taken under the wing of a charming and powerful film director What made this book especially interesting for me is that Grace isn't easy to like She's been groomed by a team of people whose very job it is to make her the centre of attention to make the world revolve around her and she has internalized that She obsesses over her image and what people think about her She forgets to ask others how they're doing She alienates family and friends She's been so coddled that she doesn't even know how to successfully crack an eggAnd because of this because she has been raised as a celebrity and not a person she is alone So helplessly painfully alone Even the relationships she sort of maintains struggle to survive Behind it all too there is a secret she has no one to tell Of a manipulative man who has controlled every aspect of her life stolen her adolescence and made her needy and dependent isolated her from the people who used to careEvery page of this book buried into my gut I felt Grace's pain I felt such intense frustration at what people are allowed to get away with The Comeback forces us to admit that sometimes the one with the charming smile and lots of friends is the monster and the one who seems selfish and sheltered is the victim We've seen this in real life action Weinstein had so many friends donated to all the right causes people loved that guyI want to add though that while this book goes to some dark and depressing places it is not a dreary and hopeless book It is not called The Comeback for nothing We just have to fall to the worst kind of lows with Grace in order to find the comeback so wholly satisfyingPlease be aware that this story contains on page sexual assault and substance abuse uotes were taken from an uncorrected advance copyFacebook | Instagram

  2. Kim ~ It’s All About the Thrill Kim ~ It’s All About the Thrill says:

    Happy Publication Day This book is a BOTM Also a Read with Jenna pick I highly recommend this book I am going to start off this review with a bold statement for a bold bookthis book struck me as a mix between My Dark Vanessa and Daisy Jonesthere I said it Now if you don't feel the same after reading this book certainly don't blame me that was just the vibe I got Now that I got my disclaimer out of the way let's get on with this book that blew me away Grace Turner is missing from Hollywood She can be found in her uiet hometown standing in a CVS buying her mom tampons and diet pills One of Hollywood's biggest starsshe literally told nobody she was leaving not her agent her friends or her husband Just slipped into the night and escaped her reality Much as she had been doing for years except with drugs and alcoholI don't know if I can express all of my feelings about this book without writing my own book It just evokes so many feeling in the reader This book captured how at 14 Grace discovered that she had a new power The power that adults had to pay attention to her and found they were trying to please her and win her over What 14 year old has that power? A child superstar that is who What an odd realization for a 14 year old Also to be stripped away from your family and friends Having nobody as a support except for the people in the industry the people being paid to be your support system Enter Able Yorke famous director whom takes Grace under his wing he made her she is nothing without her Or so she is made to thinkSo I fully went into this expecting My Dark Vanessa all the way Having read both excellent books I do feel this one will appeal to a wider audience The only thing these two novels have in common are about the subject matter the abuse of power by a figure of authority over a young girl The difference isGrace knows she was a victim Grace knows Able abused his power over her Grace knows and she wants him to pay Also unlike Vanessa this book doesn't go into the graphic details that Vanessa did We know abuse took place but we are spared from living through every gut wrenching detail So I feel the message came across and will appeal to a larger audience because it is much easier to read I never once felt uncomfortable reading this book yet I got the message loud and clearI loved so much about this bookthe short chapters were so easy to read Grace was so darn real I loved we got to see her in her hometown and her Hollywood self When Grace gets a chance to make the world see Able for who he really isI was anxiously waiting to see if she was brave enoughThis book is fantastic and I can't recommend it enough The author didn't simply write on the current situation in Hollywood that has now been outed to the rest of the world She had been writing this novel before that news hit the media Upon reading her bio I would say it is safe to say she has been witness to some of these power moves made by men in power since really the beginning of time Yet you don't have to be a Hollywood star to know this happens every single dayeverywherein the world A story of disgusting vile manipulative abuse of power of a young girl A young girl just trying to be successful in a big worldThank you so very much to Berkley for sending me this amazing book

  3. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    As soon as you grab this book you think this is just about #Metoo movement and cursing to the guy leaned on a walker throughout trails dropping his Crocodile tears But this book is beyond sexual allegations psychical and mental tortures women have been enduring to take a leading role in LaLa landThis is amazing realistic portrait of a childhood artist facing with the realities of the biggest industry of the world learning how to survive without getting any emotional support of her loved ones forming fake artificial relationships put herself on her a spiral loses in a dangerous rabbit hole of alcohol drugs self destructionThis is Grace’s heart wrenching and thought provoking story a child star became famous almost overnight You think it lasted in fifteen minutes as Andy Warhol said but unfortunately she didn’t get away so easy She was manipulated by the man she worked for and suffered from his hot cold manners instable emotional turmoil The man forced her to work on the stunts she never wanted to but she did it anyways to get his approval After her sister’s born she already lost her own parents’ interest and now she was swimming in the ocean full of sharks and she needed a life buoy to hold on to for surviving but she chose the wrong guy to trustYes the guy’s name is Able in his forties married with children playing mind games with Grace and Grace turned into mild Fatal Attraction kind of obsessive stalking Abe’s wife and children befriending themAnd of course at her 21 she is married with Dylan who is the only kind and decent character of the book One of his kind and he is hard to be found in Hollywoodland Two young guys are still children but they tried so hard to act like adults and ruin everything with their relationshipGrace gets lost and turns back to Anaheim to live with her parents that’s where the book start and we go back and forth of her journey between past and present to know how she lost herself and struggling to find her place on this earth but as you may imagine her self absorbed mom and her dad didn’t welcome her with open hands or ask her what is happening to her One year later they kick her out And she turns back to Hollywood but she doesn’t know what she’s doing how she’s going to copeI enjoyed intriguing writing realistic approach of movie industry and struggles of young actress This is amazing book how women fight for their way to land meaningful behind the camera gigs how important for them to speak and raise their voices support each other to get the praise they fully earnedThe characterization is satisfying complex layered Pacing is good keeping your interest intactThe only thing I didn’t like the epilogue and vague ending I was so ready to give five stars but that indecisive ending didn’t work so well for me And I have to admit I’m so surprised this is a debut novel but I’m also happy we have a brand new talented writer on the board By the way she has great choices about eating places at Abbott Kinney Grace meets with her friends at my favorite cafesSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for sending me this uniue ARC and congratulations to Ella Berman for her writing journey and this amazing bookbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

  4. JanB JanB says:

    45 stars rounded up At the height of her fame Grace Turner was a young up and coming Hollywood star when she disappeared leaving it all behind Holding onto an explosive secret and battling addictions she hides out at her parent’s home in Anaheim for a year Now at age 23 she’s back and ready to confront her demons and get her life back But the road is long and winding with many bumps along the way Discovered at 13 then groomed and made into a star by producer Able Yorke Grace was a child who was not protected by her parents or the adults in her life Able was a wolf in sheep‘s clothing someone so powerful that not one person uestioned what was happening as she was manipulated and abused in every way She learned she couldn’t trust anyone least of all herself This sounds like another somewhat tired #MeToo trope but it is not The author began her book before the movement began and purposefully did not make it into a story for the movement This could easily have been a formulaic story but is not I applaud the author for not detailing the intimate details of the abuse focusing instead on Grace’s emotional damage her struggles and her lack of healthy coping skills The author clearly did her research Able stole her childhood and she became emotionally stuck at the age the abuse started She was maddeningly immature and self absorbed one minute while charming and sweet the next like most teens She lacked basic skills yet so desired to be “normal” Grace was sympathetic captivating and real to me I was so emotionally invested in her story that I simply could not put the book down and read it in two sittings I didn’t think the world needed another “abuse” book but I was wrong Judging by the sheer number of passages I highlighted on my kindle what really sets this book apart is the smart writing and the deep dive into Grace’s psyche as she tries to put her life back together Heartbreaking yet ultimately hopeful this is the book I’ve been searching for all year It completely sucked me in from the first page to the last If I wanted to be nitpicky I could have done without the epilogue but it in no way detracts from my love of this book Highly recommended I purposefully went light on plot in this review because the details are best discovered by the reader But this ticked all my boxes character driven smart writing engaging damaged characters and psychological insights What an amazing debut This was a fun buddy read with my friend Marialyce one we both enjoyed For our duo reviews please visit

  5. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    June's Reading Vlog Video is up Click the link to see where this one ranks along with all my other June books The Written Review You know I don't expect you to give me any special treatment but I thought you could at least pretend to like me Grace Turner former child star current disaster girl has spent the last year away from the public eye aka hiding Looking back I felt ashamed of how much I wanted it all She's newly sober and permanently numb but for the first time in a yearshe finds herself beginning to come out of her self imposed isolationAble Yorke the man behind Grace's rise to fame is about to receive a lifetime achievement award and Grace is asked to present it and she's never felt colder I was untouchable unstoppable hurtling down a path to immortality so rapidly so immaculately that not one person stopped to uestion how it all worked so well She's confronted with the fact that no amount of hiding could cover up what happened to herand now she has a choice One that will change her life forever Are you gonna be okay? he asks after a momentI have no idea So objectively this one was well writtenThe characters felt believable and the emotions that were wrought from me were real Grace's survival was poignant and impactful The flashbacks worked really well with the story format and served to bring about emotional change within the main characterIt has an ode to the #MeToo movement and gave me serious Speak vibes However much like the original Speak the pacing felt off to me There's lot of this book is spentwaitingas Grace's character develops and as events slowly unfold I wished that there was action particularly at the end to really give that self righteous oomph that I feel would've given that book an essential lift A huge thank you to Berkley Pub for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

  6. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    Maybe my mom was right about me when she said I wasn’t happy but what she doesn’t understand is that since the age of fifteen I’ve never even dared to want to be happy I’m just trying to stay alive Take a London thirteen year old transport her to the Hollywood dream machine where she is made one of the stars of a wildly successful film series Put pretty much all decisions about her life in the hands of a controlling manipulative director Separate her as much as possible from her family who move to Anaheim to be nearby and almost everyone else for that matter making her totally dependent on the director not just for her career but her own sense of worth And subject her to the predatory game of Survival Hollywood in which every star particularly when young and pretty is stalked by a relentless jackal mob of paparazzi and preyed on by a plague of only everybody in the business and not with a phone and a desire to get a few likes the mortifying the post the better and diverse low lifes trying to find a way to take advantage of her youth and unworldliness What could possibly go wrong? Ella Berman image from her Twitter pages We meet Grace Hyde as she is driving a car off a cliff to her likely doom Bonus points for taking out the evil doer in the passenger seat From this point we look back six weeks to unravel the events leading up to this dire event the present of the novel Fans know her as Grace Turner Turned out she had actual acting talent yielding eight years as a childteen star It is after she has begun her turn as a grownup actress to the point of a Golden Globe nomination that she crashes and burns To be followed by rehab for alcoholism and a year out of the spotlight living with her parents in Anaheim So a second point from which we wonder backwards What led Grace to her earlier albeit less literal cliff dive? After her year of laying low Grace is trying to restart her acting career as long as it is not with Able Yorke the director who had Svengali’d into her adolescence and molded her life to his needs It is from this present that Grace remembers back to her early days in the industry and the events leading up to her rehab Through it all is her relationship with her family not a pretty picture and in the present her intense relationship with her sister Esme Through it all is Grace’s attempt to cope with the fact that Yorke had used her not only to bolster his own professional credentials but as someone he could dominate and abuse emotionally and otherwise Through it all she is struggling to define herself for herself while staving off the worst of her self doubt and self recriminations with whatever worksGrace’s mission is about finding within herself the strength to take power over her life after having had none so far at least as far as she thought She endured so much gaslighting as a child actress that she should have had a PGE meter installed in her brain It’s tough to get your bearings when people who matter to you have been telling you up is down and east is west for years particularly when you are dependent on them for your livelihood Able did uite nicely with the series the core of his oeuvre and is in the present of the story about to receive a prestigious lifetime achievement award Surprisingly given her recent hiatus Grace has been asked to present it to him It makes her ill even to think about it Building back her career is no simple task with spoiled personal and work relationships to repair and a reputation deserved or not as a difficult on set persona to overcome She faces the celebrity challenge of trying to re build while to the public she is click bait on feet again always having to look out for the next person looking to take her picture video an embarrassing moment or tape record her saying anything at all She is a young woman in a glass bowl with no way outA reporter from Variety pops by working on a #MeToo story about Able wants Grace’s input Grace keeps putting her off Her sister Esme who has sought help from Grace with a problem of her own wants Grace to nuke Able at the award show presenting the audience and him with something than just his lifetime achievement award But if she does there is a very real possibility that her career may get nuked along with her abuser She would always be identified as a “victim” And Emilia Able’s wife who has been so nice to her trying to help her get back on her feet How painful would this be for her and her children?Berman brings in a supporting crew that helps cast some back fill and key light on Grace’s life and challenges Her ex is certainly far too good to be true Cut Dylan open and he will bleed America and maybe some puppies but is a lovely presence on the page Her assistant and maybe bff Laurel is a wonderful manifestation of support and love despite not always having been seen or truly appreciated Esme Grace’s sister is a teenager and can be as pushy and obnoxious as Grace had been at her age But there is real affection there too a literal sisterhood however strained to build on Able is a baddie from the Creeps ‘R Us factory The verbal psychological emotional abuse to which he subjects the teenage actress will make you clench your teeth and channel the rage we all feel toward the Epsteins and Weinsteins of this world He persuades Grace that he knows her and her needs and capacities better than she does herself Hear the lie often enough and you do not have to be a vulnerable teen for it to have a major impact For my money the most interesting supporting character is Emilia Able’s wife who is trying to help Grace in her attempt to rebuild her life How much did she know when it was happening? Is her affection for Grace real? Or is she secretly allied with Able in trying to fend off trouble the best way she knows how? She will keep you guessing Berman began this story before the reporting on Harvey Weinstein hit the presses so there is no mention in the book of the ongoing #MeToo movement This individual tale is however reflective of many stories that we have heard in the years since the abuse revelations began flooding out of Hollywood In showing how another director treats Grace Berman makes a case for the pervasiveness of the abuse problem what happens when the powerful and connected exercise their power over the powerless and isolated Berman had worked for years in the music industry in the UK and came across plenty such odious behavior there It is impossible to read this book and not think of My Dark Vanessa There are obvious similarities teen girls sexually exploited by much older men in positions of power over them Able’s control was a lot complete over Grace Vanessa could have theoretically at least just picked up and gone to another school to get away from Strane Whether she was mature enough to be responsible for her actions or not Vanessa sought out the relationship Grace did not get into her career looking for the sort of sexual adventure that Vanessa had so is even of a victim Vanessa keeps trying to contact her abuser Grace has complicated ties to connected people but wants nothing to do with Able Both novels portray adult women Vanessa in her thirties Grace only twenty one trying to cope with the impact on their lives and on their sense of self of years of abuse during their adolescence Both are faced with an opportunity to go public with what they experienced which prompts an internal conflict on what to do While they have obvious similarities the books differ considerably in their feel Vanessa seems a literary approach setting itself in an academic milieu offering a host of literary references and consideration of sexuality in classic books Grace’s struggle has a mainstream feel and is set in Hollywood Both are wonderful but in different waysThis is not a 100% evil abuser well he is but vs saintly child story Grace is portrayed as very human character an obnoxious teen reveling in her newfound fame while looking down her nose at her family She abuses substances legal and not and does not treat the people around her all that well Some of that may be the result of too young stardom from her adolescence having been stolen from her and a reaction to the abuse and trauma she has suffered and from which she continues to suffer but some of it is pure Grace Despite the fame and fortune that came with it Grace had been severely broken She is trying to mend the relationships she has damaged and remake her life whether she will ultimately succeed or not on her own termsIn short Ella Berman has written an engaging effective narrative of hope emerging from a long dark damaging experience in a toxic world It should have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame For a moment everything is calm and I face the horizon I watch a monster wave gathering power until it looms five feet above me hissing I hold my breath as the wave crashes over me and then I am plunged into darkness Now I am just one other small thing among a million other things spinning and twisting beneath the water’s surface The water isn’t so blue under here it’s blacker and murkier and I’m drifting and my lungs are bursting and it’s simultaneously the most alive and the closest to darkness that I’ve ever been Review posted – September 4 2020Publication date – August 4 2020I received an ARC of The Comeback from the publisher I accepted it freely There was no manipulation involved And thanks to MC You know who you are EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter Instagram and FB pagesBerman’s Instagram page shows images that she found inspirational in writing the book Check it out Interviews Curtis Brown Creative Ella Berman ‘I always try to find the humour wherever I can’ By Katie Smart Shondaland With 'The Comeback' Ella Berman Takes Hollywood’s Abusive Power System to Task By Katie Tamola August 5 2020Similar to her novel’s protagonist Berman grew up in both London and Los Angeles While in London Berman worked in the entertainment industry for Sony Music where she admits she observed first hand the abuse of power among those at the top “I saw examples of ‘casual’ everyday sexism” she says “The particularly pervasive type I didn’t even always register at the time right up to much sinister behavior that was swept under the carpet and I knew that this must also be happening across every industry in the world” SongsMusic Tom Petty Free FallingItems of Interest Today 12 uestions to consider as you finish 'The Comeback' by Ella Berman by Stephanie Larratt My review of My Dark Vanessa

  7. Michael David Michael David says:

    Grace Turner is living with her mom and dad in a California suburb just trudging along in her current day to day life A year ago she was a Hollywood actress at the height of her careerjust about to break into the elite A List What made her walk away from all of that? Answer Director Able Yorke the man who emotionally manipulated and sexually abused her for years Now back in LA Grace is getting a second chance to re establish her career As opportunities arise for her to get back at the man who stole her happiness she has to decide if it’s worth itand what’s best for her to move on and reclaim the life she lost This “ripped from the headlines” story probably feels familiar to all of us these days I could feel how broken Grace was and felt like I could see her eyes that no longer held light in them There was definitely a feeling of anger as I read about a young girl turn into a young woman who no longer felt she had any power Kudos to author Ella Berman on her debut She brings the characters to life You will feel many emotions with many of them I liked a great deal of them and appreciated the sometimes darkly humorous commentary that Grace and the others made in a story with a very non humorous subject Will Grace find the happiness she lost years ago and get to a place of healing? You can find out now as the book is available everywhere

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    A round of applause for Ella Berman 👏👏👏👏A tale all too common This book is absolutely enthralling and I couldn't look away Grace Hyde was only 14 years old when she auditioned for a role in a movie To her surprise legendary director Able Yorke sees something in her and decides almost immediately that she will be his muse Her and her family relocate from their home in England to California so Grace can film a trilogy of movies with Able Over time Able's controlling and manipulative ways isolate Grace from everyone even her family The only person she has in the world is Able He is emotionally abusive to her and gaslights her any chance he can get to keep a firm grip on her Over time his motives become sexual in nature and Grace doesn't understand what is happening and thinks it is all her fault Over the next few years Grace relies on drugs and alcohol to numb her mind from the dark thoughts that spin round and round After hitting rock bottom she returns to her parents house in Anaheim to get sober “I was his muse and he was my Svengali I was untouchable unstoppable hurtling down a path to immortality so rapidly so immaculately that not one person stopped to uestion how it all worked so well a fortysomething man and a teenager being so inextricably linked” One year later now sober Grace reappears to the world the media is going wild wondering where she's been all this time Slowly but surely Grace starts to get her life together and in doing so she forms a plan to take down the man that destroyed her life “I know that somebody hurt you Now it’s time for you to fuck shit up baby lion” Let me just say that I was team Grace all the way She is so funny and caring but because she was abused for so long and because she believes it was all her fault she has terrible self esteem She thinks she is unworthy of love from anyone and despises being touched in any way To watch Grace evolve from a broken young woman to one of courage and determination was so compelling to read about For a debut novel this is uite impressive Elle Berman is the real deal and I am so excited to see what else she has in store for us All the stars I would like to thank Elisha Katz from Berkley Publishing who was kind enough to reach out to me to review an early ARC edition of The Comeback This is my honest opinion

  9. Brenda - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews Brenda - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews says:

    Grace seems to have it all in Hollywood style and people see her as spoiled and entitled They see her as they want to see her but underneath that glamour there is to Grace Behind all that she is vulnerable lost and alone with her secrets Secrets that have rocked her sense of safety and self worth She tried to leave it all behind and now she has come back and must confront her past and what she has left behind I went excepting this to be a suspenseful thriller and that it is not It has some suspense to it and the story starts with a scene that left me with many uestions I was turning the pages as fast as I could to find some answers At times I was a bit frustrated waiting for those answers and wished the pace was faster however through Grace we learn about her past as she confronts her past at her own pace and struggles with finding herself I loved that dynamic to the story There is some behind the scenes writing here and Ella Berman leaves it up to us to piece together the trauma that has left Grace feeling alone and wanting to hide from the world The focus is on Grace's eternal struggles while not exploring the details of her trauma She gives us enough to know what is going on to allow us to form our own thoughts I instantly connected to Grace and her vulnerability and loneliness tugged at my momma heartstrings and I wanted to protect her Grace's relationships with the other characters are complicated and I wished that they were fleshed out than they were I uestioned the motivations of the other characters that created some tension to the story for me however I wished there was depth to them I did feel a little letdown to the conclusion to the climax to the story and I loved one twist to the story that did give it a clever thrill to the story for me I loved the way things wrapped and Grace's comeback was rewarding I highly recommend it Talking about my shelves or maybe to myselfI have added this one to my feminism shelve because I thought it gives awareness to the systemic abuse of power against women and is a voice for the me too movement I thought the author did a good job representing Grace and her trauma with sensitivity and gave a stand against abuse I stand with her I received a copy from the publisher

  10. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    A couple years ago I reviewed Rose McGowan’s Brave I listened to the audio narrated by the author and the first thing that struck me was how real she was about every aspect of her life she shared I felt that same raw honesty in this fictional story of Grace and I absolutely loved it Teen star Grace Turner is nominated for a Golden Globe when she disappears She put herself in exile and now she’s back and sober She seeks a private life and knows it won’t come easyGrace is asked to present an award to a director who controlled her life for a number of years and her best laid plans may come crashing downGrace’s story feels so real and well portrays the plight of childhood actors Drugs alcohol and self destruction are vices she desperately wants to put behind her The writing is strong and engaging and I just loved this powerful story Ella Berman has penned a remarkable memorable debutI received a gifted copy All opinions are my ownMany of my reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom and instagram wwwinstagramcomtarheelreader

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