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You Have to Believe Me She Has Every Reason To Hate Her Ex It Doesn T Mean She Wants Him Dead Every Day On Her Way Home From Work, Dove Damiani Drives Past Her Ex House, Where Her Ex Husband Lives With Her Ex Dog And Her Ex Yoga Instructor, Next To Her Ex Neighbors And The Ex Life She Once Affectionately Described As Frighteningly Perfect To Outsiders, Dove Is Bitter And Resentful The Divorce Left Her Alone, With Nothing But A Set Of Car Keys And % Of A Paltry Savings Account So When The Lifeless Body Of Her Former Husband Is Discovered In The Birch Grove Outside Dove S Apartment On What Would Have Been Their Fifth Wedding Anniversary, Investigators Waste No Time Making Dove A Person Of Interest She Swears She Didn T Do It She S Never So Much As Killed A Spider In Her Thirty Four Years But As Evidence Mounts Against Her, Dove Finds Herself Questioning Her Memory, Her Sanity, And Finally Her Innocence

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    I am SUCH a sucker for an unreliable narrator and a classic whodunnit and, oh boy, does this one deliver both Filled with well written characters, any one of which could be the killer, and red herrings galore, Sunday Tomassetti writes a great book I could hardly stand to put it down.Thank you to the publisher for this ARC, the rest of you can grab it on September 19th and you absolutely should

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    You Have To Believe Me has plenty of mystery The characters were imperfect and that s somewhat refreshing I could understand Dove s anger and fears after what she d been through But can she really do it, kill her ex husband The story moved along at a nice pace and it had some twists and turn that I couldn t foresee coming that keep this story interesting The ending was thorough and the unexpected revelation of the truth that won t leave you frustrated I really enjoyed it and not to be missed Note ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Do You Ever Really Know Someone This suspense will keep you constantly guessing I read it in one sitting because I just had to know the ending Everyone is a suspect Things aren t what they seem People let you see what they want you to see.Finding your ex husband s dead body in the wood s behind your home, on what would have been your fifth wedding anniversary, was not something that you ever expected would happen Dove is the most likely killer or is she Do you ever really know someone Once Dove decides she s going to find out who killed Ian, everyone becomes a suspect She s determined to find the truth even if it s hard to hear.This story will have you questioning everything and everyone The man she thought she married had secrets Now Dove is on the police s radar for his murder It s up to her to prove she s innocent Nothing is cut and dry Even friends begin to look like they may have had a motive.Don t try to guess You ll never be able to figure it out Get sucked in to the story and let it lead the way.

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    This author kept me on the edge of my seat right till the end of this book I thought dove was a well written characters.

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    A refreshing change to the books I normally choose, I really got lost in this book and couldn t put it down I mean who doesn t love a good who done it story From the beginning I really felt for Dove she just seemed like a lost soul to me and as much as she should have been the logical suspect I had a feeling it wasn t her who murdered her ex husband Although the further the story went on I did start to wonder if she had serious mental issues I loved that literally everyone could have been a suspect and the reader is kept guessing until the end, it made it all the exciting to keep reading The way the story was told and the writing style also hugely impressed me I liked that Dove was telling the story to Ian A really good suspenseful murder mystery.The discussion questions at the end1 I felt sorry for Dove and didn t ever believe she had murdered Ian, I felt the only way it could have been Dove would have been if she had a mental episode where she didn t know she had actually done it.2 I think she had to convince herself that Ian was coming back to her in order to survive in life I think her medication played a huge part in the decisions she made and they prevented her seeing things clearly.3 I initially thought Noah was in love with Dove.4 I thought she was desperate to prove her innocence but also a little crazy to park in the garage and expect not to get caught.5 I think you always remember your first love but if it s ended then there is a reason for that and you move on I don t believe first love is the most magical.6 I think Ian was clearly very emotionally manipulative and as a good looking man he knew he could draw the attention of women and prey on them He made them feel as though they needed him.7 I think anger and hurt took over for David although I m not convinced he was a good guy I had a feeling he was involved Although I also think as a parent he would do anything to protect his children and it spiralled out of his control which made him desperate.8 I found Doves journey to be quite amazing she truly fought to prove her innocence and to prove she wasn t the crazy lady everyone was making her put to be Her selfless decision made her the bigger person I think she did the right thing.

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    You Have To Believe Me by Sunday Tomassetti is a full length, standalone novel with thriller elements.You Have To Believe Me is a book that s not easy to review I loved the storyline and the excellent writing The author kept me in suspense from page one and I was sitting on the edge of my seat from start til the end I literally just finished You Have To Believe Me and now I m sitting here with a major bookhangover and find it difficult to process Dove Damiani is a divorced 34 year old and she lost a lot Her husband, her home, her dog, her old life and last a good friend And she s still in love with her ex husband When he shows up murdered she s determined to find out who did it But quickly she becomes a suspect herself and the time s ticking.You Have To Believe Me is a story full of twists and unexpected turns, a not a love story with thriller elements.I will not spoiler here, only so much, this is a must read A story excellent written, a wicked ride where nothing is as it seems, literally nothing This end I never ever saw coming I recommend the book and give 5 Stars.

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    You Have To Believe Me words of desperation Let me tell you there is a combination of psychological, physical, and heartbreaking desperation going on throughout the pages of this dark, mind whirling, thriller of a mystery.So many captivating characters, and a stellar plot it I was all in theories came and went, wanting to scream at characters to stop acting so crazy and others to get their heads out of the sand It is one helluva ride I almost did not want to see end If you enjoy a thrilling who dun it, then this is the book for you

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    Such an intriguing mystery that will having you guessing until the very end It has a darker vibe, but not in a evil sinister way Just the overall feel of the book It s written in a way that the Protagonist is mentally talking to to victim her ex husband, in a diary sort of way Narrating the story There are many suspects and every time you think you know who dun it, another person with even motive pops up You ll be constantly second guessing yourself It does alternate POV s but it is primarily that of the ex wife of the victim For the most part it is a clean read No sex and very minimal violence, but there are some heavier and sensitive subject matters splayed throughout the book It is a well written and beautiful in a poetic way The characters themselves are well written as well, thus never knowing who or what to believe, aiding to the guessing game My only complaint was the ending, after all was said and done It wasn t a bad ending at all, quite nice actually, but it leaves you wondering I received a ARC of this book.

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    This was an excellent suspense that kept you guessing until the end Ian Damiani s murder rocks the small town of Lambs Grove In a place where most people don t lock their doors, who could possibly want him dead This story is told in dual POV by those closest to him Was it the ex wife that couldn t seem to move on or is there something sinister going on I don t read suspense thrillers often because I get disappointed if I can guess the mystery easily You Have To Believe Me did not disappoint This is a voluntary review of an advance reader copy.

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    I just had the opportunity to read this new book by Minka Kent, one of my favorite authors, who writes under the pen name of Sunday Tomassetti This is a story about friendship, love, betrayal and how people react when life digs in deep.I really enjoyed reading this one as the characters were real to me Did not see the end coming until very far into the book The book will be released by sept 19.Thanks to the author for this ARC

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