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The New Husband Just Because You Love Someone Doesn T Mean You Know ThemNina Garrity Learned That The Hard Way After Discovering That Her Missing Husband, Glen, Had Been Leading A Double Life With Another Woman But Glen S Gone Presumably Drowned While Fishing On His Boat So She Can T Confront Him About The Affair Or Any Of His Other Misdeeds A Year And A Half After The Accident, Nina Considers Herself A Widow, Even Though The Police Never Found A Body Following A Chance Encounter With Simon Fitch, A Teacher From Her Daughter Maggie S Middle School, Nina Finds Love Again And Has Hopes Of Putting Her Shattered Life Back TogetherSimon, A Widower Still Grieving The Suicide Of His First Wife, Has Found His Dream Girl In Nina His Charm And Affections Help Break Through To A Heart Hardened By Betrayal Nina S Teenage Son, Connor, Embraces Simon As The Father He Wishes His Dad Could Have Been, But Maggie Sees A Far Darker Side To This New Man In Their Lives Even Nina S Good Friends Wonder If Simon Is Supremely Devoted Or Dangerously PossessiveBut Nina Is Committed, Not Only To Her Soon To Be New Husband But Also To Resuming Her Former Career As A Social Worker Before She Can Move Forward, However, Nina Must First Clear Her Conscience That She S Not Making Another Terrible Choice In A Man In Doing So, She Will Uncover The Shocking Truth The Greatest Danger To Her, And Her Children, Are The Lies People Tell Themselves

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    WOWWWW This is SOOOO DISTURBING, MINDBENDING This is nightmar ish, terrifying, unputdownable, sick, nasty My head is spinning My mind already left my head, running out of the town with a valise filled with my remaining grey cells This book hooked me up from the first sentence I couldn t stop reading I couldn t also bite my nails because they were too short and freshly manicured so I accidentally consumed 3 bags of doritos, 2 bags of gummy bears, 2 pounds of tomatoes I might have killed my husband s cooking tomato soap dream, but they were only eatable things on the fridge , 2 tubes of Colgate don t judge it, at least I rejected to bite lavender soaps as a result I took a nice visit to ER for stomach pumping After my lack of culinary skills, ER crew got used to our visits and they planned to give my name to the one of the hospital room But throughout the stomach pumping experience, I resumed reading thanks to lovely nurses gave their permission to use their fingers for turning the next page at my kindle They even gave audiobook services by sharing the characters to read I adored D J Palmer s spooky, sneaky, thrilling words, even though there are some missing pieces about characters motives, some exaggerations, nonsense and illogical parts, I could only cut half star and I m willingly rounding 4.5 to 5 stars again I didn t like Saving Meghan so much and had difficult time to relate with the characters and the slow paced storytelling even though I enjoyed stories about Muchausen by proxy syndrome Stephanie Wrobel s upcoming book Darling Rose Gold is an amazing example how to create so disturbing but also entertaining thriller about that subject But at this book, all characters are vivid and I liked to read their POVS, visiting their minds and learning about their struggles, motives and different opinions And pacing was incredibly fast, heart throbbing I kicked the air with my legs in excitement and fear to learn what was gonna happen next I mostly loved teenage daughter Maggie and her determination to believe in her own instincts to save her family from the danger And of course Nina, a survivor and strong character who struggles to get on her feet after her husband s betrayal, disappearance, left them penniless, vulnerable The story starts with Glen a.k.a seems like a douchebag husband deserves my ten thousand slaps or five thousand punches in the face punishment campaigns, disappears, leading a double life with another woman Two years passes and his body has never been found Nina builds a new life by moving with Simon Fitch, teacher from her daughter s middle school Simon seems like a dreamy boyfriend, financially supports to the family, having a close relationship with Nina s son Connor He is protective, romantic, caring and supportive guy But according to Nina s daughter Maggie, those dreamy attributes of Simon were not sincere Her gut tells her there is something wrong and dangerous with this guy and she still believes her father is out there, alive, coming back to them.So is Glen really liar douchebag who left his family and having a fantastic new life with his mistress Is Maggie jealous of her mother s second chance of love Is she too paranoid about Simon s motives Is Simon really too good to be true kind of manipulating, obsessive guy Could Nina be sleeping with her own enemy There are too many twists, surprises, nothing as it seems my spider senses caught them all but I still enjoyed each one the twists There are not so many things really thrill me If I listed what I really scare me below MY HUSBAND S NIGHTIME CONCERTS Most of my neighbors think our house is sound effects studio or a zoo only works at the midnight time because my husband s snoring resembling the wild animals chorus singing We re the world We re the animals just left the National Geography Wild Channel My neighborhood kids still ask for zoo tickets to visit our house and see all those wild animals I couldn t tell them only one man made all those sounds by snoring Nobody believes me Second thing is CLEANING When I see a vacuum cleaner I thought it can become alive any minute and choke me with its hose and I m allergic to bleach But this book terrifying than husband snores and acrid smell of bleach It excited me, made me sit at the edge of my seat and fall down too many times, also gave me paranoid thoughts I still give my suspicious looks to my husband with widen eyes which make him check if something are wrong with my contact lenses So I m not threatening enough I should practice my looks in the mirror I highly recommend this to all thriller lovers looking for twisty, smart, entertaining but also agitating stories.Special thanks to NetGalley and St Martin Press to share with amazing ARC COPY in exchange my honest review Maybe it s early to say but I might have read one of the best thrillers of 2020 bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Reviews are all over the place for this and I get all of them.I agree that it was a little slow to start but when it did It zooooomed and it was a really wild ride.The writing is quite good The author expertly shows us how emotional abusers ramp up gradually making their target feel crazy the gaslighting in particular was so perfectly illustrated TW here, BTW The real star of this show, however, is the characterization of 13 year old Maggie She is everything Thank you to D.J Palmer, St Martin s Press and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    CAMPY The New Husband is an over the top psychological thriller about a woman who finds love with a man who may or may not be a psychopath Nina, a single mother of two, has found love again After her husband mysteriously disappeared without a trace a year and a half ago, she began dating Simon Fitch, a teacher at her daughter, Maggie s middle school Nina s friends and Maggie have qualms about Simon, but she decides to embrace love and move in with him Nina thinks she has found the man of her dreams but is Simon too good to be true Is he hiding deep, dark secrets or is he really the man he seems to be Reading this book was like watching a Lifetime movie it was a trainwreck that I couldn t look away from The first half moves slowly and the narrative makes one question whether or not Simon is simply a good partner or a crazy, controlling a hole In the second half of the book, a huge twist is revealed that provoked me to say out loud, this is really f cking stupid I tried to explain to a friend what was going on in this book and could barely get the words out because I was laughing so hard It s not meant to be funny, but it s kind of hard not to laugh at the stupidity.I had to decide whether or not to keep on reading I wanted to give up and close this book, but I decided to turn off the critical side of my brain and see if it could coast on pure entertainment value Sadly, I was never able to give in and have fun with it the way I wanted Part of my issue was the writing, the other was the plot I did enjoy reading Maggie s perspective Ben, Maggie s best friend, is charming and Daisy the dog is awesome But the rest of the book Not so much Too much eye rolling and ridiculousness ruined this one for me This book has received many 4 and 5 star reviews I am very much in the minority with my feelings, so please don t let my review stop you from reading this book I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Nina s husband disappears and evidence leads her and the police to believe he probably abandoned the family due to secretly losing his job two years before his disappearance Within a couple of months of her husband s disappearance, Nina is in a committed relationship with too good to be true Simon, a teacher at her daughter Maggie s school Maggie is very upset about the relationship for a number of reasons and now, two years into the relationship, friction between Maggie and Simon is just one of the problems Nina is facing The story started out slowly, with Nina allowing Simon to pretty much dictate how things were in the relationship but when Nina rekindles her career, Simon starts showing his true colors Maggie blames Simon for misunderstandings, missed appointments, and other things going on in the household although Nina doesn t want to believe he s causing these problems But as Nina realizes that Simon does seem to be trying to keep Nina away from her family, friends, work, and anything that keeps her from him, she decides to look further into her husband s disappearance and further into Simon s past, a past that he doesn t want to talk about Once Nina develops a backbone and starts thinking for herself, the story got better for me Maggie is a delight, a smart, creative, young lady with a mind of her own Her father s abandonment of the family, along with schoolmate jealousies, has her being bullied at school but she s smart enough to know that she has done nothing wrong She is also smart enough to become friends with Ben, another intelligent, funny, kind, lonerthey become best friends and this gives Maggie a stability she doesn t have a home Sadly, the last part of the story had me rolling my eyes than Maggie does, behind Simon s back Nina gets dumb and I can t stand it when characters start doing dumb stuff and keep on doing dumb stuff She even knows she s doing it and says so over and over that she needs to do something differently, in italics During this time in the book, all the kudos go to Daisy and that s all I m going to say Thank you to St Martin s Press, NetGalley, and Edelweiss for this ARC.

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    How well do you know someone Whew FINALLY I have been reading or attempting to read some less than enjoyable books lately This was like a breath of dark, twisted, creepy air My first bit of advice is this go into this one as blind as possible The synopsis is enough Nina Garrity has moved on since the disappearance of her husband, Glen After the police came to her door to tell her that his bloody boat was found but not his body, she learned some hard truths about him Then she took a deep breath.and moved onto Simon Simon, a widower, is a high school teacher who has swooped in and swept Nina off her feet He is making a life with her even if her teenage daughter, Maggie is not okay with their romance Nina s son, Connor, enjoys his time with Simon he finally has a man in his life who is spending time with him.That s all you are getting from me folks I loved how the story unfolded and certain truths were discovered This is a psychological thriller done right I found this to be perfectly paced and plotted The pages kept turning as I desperately wanted to know not only when the truth would be revealed and how the truth would be revealed As the tension mounted and the danger level rose, I was glued to my seat, rived to the pages with a happy grin on my face What s the truth and what is a lie How do some see situations for what they are while others view them through rose colored glasses I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    This is a intense, tense and utterly twisted psychological thriller of lies and secrets by DJ Palmer Just how well is it possible to know your partner in a marriage Nina Garrity finds everything she thought she knew about her husband, Glenn, collapses after he goes missing on a fishing trip, the boat has lots of blood but questions as to Glenn s whereabouts remain unanswered Simon Fitch, a teacher, appears on the scene, a sweet, caring and kind man, the complete antithesis to the untrustworthy Glenn as far as Nina is concerned, in short he is the perfect man that she has been lucky to snag He is a grieving widower, mourning the loss of his wife who committed suicide, successfully worming his way into Nina s life Nina s son, Connor, takes to him but her daughter, Maggie, is sceptical and hostile, she doesn t buy into his good guy shtick and intuitively understands that he is bad news Nina tries to learn the lessons of her past, she begins to look into who exactly Simon is, and Simon is a man with secrets What happened to Glenn This is a well written and wonderfully plotted read, of the terrors of who you can let into your home and family, a gaslighting, manipulative and controlling psychopath, secrets and lies, and the courageous Maggie A dark, disturbing and unsettling thriller, a great read that you will have to suspend disbelief for, that fans of psychological thrillers are likely to love Many thanks to St Martin s Press for an ARC.

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    SPOILER INCLUDED NOT the major spoiler but a spoiler.I can t resist I don t drop spoiler bombshells often in reviews but I was ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING when discussing this book with my husband, Paul It s amazing how fun alive books become with buddy chats This wasn t the first time I ve laughed inappropriately actually when reading a domestic psychological thriller book The uncontrollable laughter happened to me at the end of the book, The Couple Next Door , by Shari Lapena, too So in D.J Palmer s, The New Husband..I we laughed silly about scenes in this book We are a sick human beings in this house HERE S A SPOILER A therapist gets murdered in this story you ll get details when you read the entire book Paul and I were cracking up cracking jokes REALLY the therapist has to die What did she do that was so bad THIS IS A FUN BOOK TO DISCUSS whether you like it or don t whether you find fault with it or not.Whether you like the characters or not Lying takes effort because eventually everyone gets tripped up in their deceit because secrets don t stay hidden forever The above excerpt epitomizes my over all feelings about The New Husband a domestic psychological thriller The first half of this book was both readable page turning interesting and a little boring not awful boring but familiar in storytelling Sleeping With The Enemy and familiar dialogue yada, yada, yada with typical teenage issues attitudes typical mom denials a story that started out sounding like many other stories we ve read or seen in movies But this book kept getting better original in time By around 50% into this book things became much sinister twisty Honestly, I saw problemsa few odd sentencesa little too repetitivea little draggy at timescould be classified as a young adult bookbut.overall it was mindless puzzling intense in parts entertaining reading This will be a popular book for twisty psychological thriller readers It s good It s creepy It possibly lowers our intelligence by that I mean SUSPEND DISBELIEF haha .it s got that adrenaline addictive thing going on especially towards the end.A few details BUT NO MORE SPOILERSChapter 1 The beginning It was a chilly predawn morning when Anthony Strauss eased Sweet Caroline , his seventeen foot Boston whaler, from the trailer into the water so dark it was indistinguishable from the sky Anthony thought he was alone on the water, but then saw another boat with only a dog on board A sickening realization set in when he saw the amount of blood that covered the deck NOTE Do not get hung up on the name Anthony Strauss He s only a name drop character Chapter 2 Seventeen months later We are introduced to Nina Garrity and her 13 year old daughter, Maggie a middle school aged tennis player with unmistakable hostility.MAGGIE NEVER PLAYS TENNIS ONCE IN THIS STORYShe played lacrosse until needing to wear a boo boo cast boot on her leg from an accident for a few weeks or longer.Maggie was wise beyond her years but no tennis matches are in this novelunless you think of tennis as symbolically reflecting relationships Hm Nina s other offspring is 16 year old son, Conner a High School football player not hostile like his sister NOTE don t expect much football playing either.Conner might be the wisest character in this tale I m kinda kidding and kinda not , 13 YEAR OLD MAGGIE is the wisest character Conner is not in the story very much Yet.he was cool, calm, and collective.He disconnected from the emotional heat taking place in his family every day Smart guy Daisy, the golden retriever, was easy to feel neutral about Nothing not to love about her Simon Finch he was the new man in Nina s life YIKESKeep your eye on this guySuper good cook YesSuper secretive YesSuper lier YesSuper controlling and manipulative YES Super CREEPY Yes Super DISTURBING YES, YES, YES Maggie superstar character.had many reasons to be angry Nina was partly to blame because she had opened her heart and soul to another man a man who was not her daughter s father.Nina was hooking up with Maggie s social studies teacher from her middle school Nina s divorce was not finalized yet with Glen, the missing husband seventeen months earlier , when only his bloody boat was found.HoweverShe was planning on saying yes to the marriage proposal from Simon, soon In the meantime Nina, Simon, Maggie, Conner, and Daisy, moved into a new house.in Seabury, New Hampshire,.a few miles away from where Nina and her kids had lived before with Glen Nina was no longer living near her two very close friends Susanna Garston and Ginny Cowling However Susanna and Ginny were great supporting characters women I enjoyed They contributed feelings of normalcy in a story that was everything but A favorite supporting character another 13 year old is Ben friend to Maggie Nina the character I often felt the most exhausting heartache for even with her blindspots and na vely , was dealing with a lot Her husband, Glen, was missing She was filled with confusion, anger, and shock..she was moving on pretty fast She was often in hope but not awake to her potential disasters Nina discovered Glen hadn t been working for two years She discovered his lies and secrets Readers will learn as the story unfolds Nina was an opening to receiving the sweet talk support that Simon was dishing outbut less an opening to believing he was dangerous or a lier With so many lies secrets betrayals and downright frightening unsettling situations going on in this bookfrom everyonein the very end.It s Maggie whom I d most like to see again in another novel I loved this young mature pre teen If D J Palmer writes another book about Maggie, I ll jump right in In the meantime I m happy with my old husband Thank you, Netgalley, St Martin s Press, and D.J Palmer

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    There are times when a book calls to you and says why not take a chance and see how it goes For this reader, that chance paid off I was ready for the typical story about a missing husband and the man who comes to take his place But this book was deliciously devious and offered a few heart racing moments.Poor Nina Garrity Not only is her husband missing, but it seems as if he was a two timing embezzler who had her fooled from the get go So much for wine and roses However Nina has a new man in her life, and although her daughter is bitterly opposed to this new match, Nina plows on ahead moving in with Mr Right and taking her two children with her.There s a lot going on and most of it is basically lies and rumors that are sending rippling effects into Nina s family As the story continues, we find out, as usual, things we thought we knew about the people we love are often not really so Yes, Simon Fitch is the perfect man making Nina, a year and a half after husband Glen went missing, presumably dead, jumping at the chance to become a couple and move him with him Simon is a teacher, a catch really, but Maggie, Nina s teenage daughter sees something in Simon that is off Perhaps it s jealousy that her mother has moved on, but there is something sinister in Simon and Maggie is determined to make her mother see the Simon that Maggie views.It s a game for Simon as he tries to ingratiate himself into the family, but with Maggie he has a capable adversary As the secrets are revealed, we find once again what appears to be real is further from the truth than anyone thought.This was a fine psychological thriller that had me wondering if all the pieces would finally come together wondering if Nina would eventually realize that all that glitters is not gold.Thank you to D.J Palmer, St Martin s Press, and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this exciting thriller due out April 14, 2020

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    Reviews have been mixed on this onewhich always makes me curious to find out which side of the fence I will end up on It wasn t a favorite for me Glen Garrity went out fishing one morning and never returned His boat was floating, the deck covered in blood, but no body was found Did he drown Or did he run off with another woman, as a certain photo might suggest His wife, Nina, has moved on with Simon Fitch, a teacher from her daughter Maggie s middle school Nina is amazed that she has found such a thoughtful and caring new partner..but Maggie sees a darker side of himNina and Maggie both narrate, though in this ARC, the chapters were not labeled as such, and I would be a paragraph or two into the chapter, before I would realize we had switched from one to the other, and I had to backtrack and reread from the top That was annoying but, maybe it will be different by publication dateThe author definitely created an ick factor, as I wondered how Nina could even be attracted to this man who said things like Dang and My Bad , and who called her at work seven times a day And, then there was the telling instead of showing which always removes me from the story as well, as summaries of what happened as opposed to the characters actually doing these things, just don t work for me Excerpt Example Later that evening, when the kids had gone to bed, after giving Nina a foot massage, preparing her lunch, consulting with her on day two s outfit, and refilling her glass of wine, Simon took her in his arms and made love to her with exquisite tenderness The book got a little bit better in the second half, when Nina finally looked past Simon s charm and started to question his intentions..I wasn t bored, and I loved Maggie but because of the flaws mentionedjust from me If you think the things that bothered me, wouldn t bother you, pick this up on April 14, 2020 Thank You to Edelweiss, St Martin s Press and D J Palmer for the ARC I received in exchange for a candid review

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    New Hampshire An unmanned boat.a barking dog.blood.and the mystery of a missing husband This is how it all begins.

    THE NEW HUSBAND to be .devoted new beau or too good to be true

    The answer seemed obvious to me early on.But what is this dude s agenda

    I had to keep turning the pages to find out as Nina continually questions her memory, her conversations, her hostile daughter Maggie and her rather quick decision to move her two children into a new home with a new man when husband Glen is still missing.

    As the story progresses, we see conniving and controlling become dark and unsettling, but still Nina proclaims they all need to work harder to get along and make their new family work.until Maggie s big scare.

    There are secrets, there are lies, even intensity in the storyline at times, but there are also times you ll shake your head not believing the inane actions of a mother Really good characters in thirteen year old Maggie, friend Ben such a good guy and Daisy the dog

    Many thanks to St Martin s Press via NetGalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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