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In the Dark A Secluded Mountain Lodge The Perfect Getaway So Remote No One Will Ever Find YouThe Promise Of A Luxury Vacation At A Secluded Wilderness Spa Has Brought Together Eight Lucky Guests But Nothing Is What They Were Led To Believe As A Fierce Storm Barrels Down And All Contact With The Outside Is Cut Off, The Guests Fear That It S Not A Getaway It S A TrapEach One Has A Secret Each One Has Something To Hide And Now, As Darkness Closes In, They All Have Something To Fear Including One AnotherAlerted To The Vanished Party Of Strangers, Homicide Cop Mason Deniaud And Search And Rescue Expert Callie Sutton Must Brave The Brutal Elements Of The Mountains To Find Them But Even Mason And Callie Have No Idea How Precious Time Is Because The Clock Is Ticking, And One By One, The Guests Of Forest Shadow Lodge Are Being Hunted For Them, Surviving Becomes Part Of A Diabolical Game

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    I love knowing when I open a Loreth Anne White book, I m in for an intense, highly atmospheric experience as her uncanny ability to totally engage readers in a story is nothing short of brilliant Appreciating this, I settled in to read In The Dark and quickly became enthralled by this extraordinarily addictive, richly detailed suspense thriller Unraveling the mystery that is presented in this book became an obsession that had me eyeing each character with suspicion as I continuously changed my mind about who was trustworthy and who was not I urge readers to avoid spoilers like the plague and allow yourself a chance to experience this heart racing thriller first hand I promise you ll become totally immersed in the dark, twisted plot of vengeance as you search for a common thread uniting this group of misfits the one that landed everyone on a depraved killer s radar In The Dark is a compelling, beautifully crafted, fast paced mystery suspense thriller After abandoning a diverse group of characters in a beautiful but remote wilderness with a cunning, vindictive killer, White masterfully manipulates one against the other while meticulously stripping their masks of humanity off to expose the dark, ugly secrets hidden beneath Take note of chapter headings as the story unfolds through different points of view a great opportunity to peer through the hazy window into each character s mind as layers are peeled away, exposing identities and revealing the hand each plays in this deadly game of retribution White flawlessly shifts time periods between events that occurred at the lodge over a ten day period and the present day search and rescue effort led by RCMP Sgt Mason Deniauld and SAR leader Callie Sutton, granting readers the ability to sense both groups increasing trepidation as time runs out This author s expertise at creating a dark mood and urgent tone of malice early on is evident, only growing stronger and louder as the story progresses Until finally, the monster lurking in the darkness within each individual surfaces to stalk the dark of night and the others They can t outrun the truth as the day of reckoning has arrived Will anyone survive As always, I immensely enjoyed White s potent, visual, trademark writing style in this book I consider it a bonus that I finished reading In The Dark feeling this one is extra special methodical even among the panic and chaos that ensues as the plot thickens, lives unravel, and bodies minds reach their breaking point I couldn t turn pages fast enough even though I was almost fearful of what the next page would bring in this heart pounding suspense story I challenge fans of mystery, suspense, and psychological thrillers to grab In The Dark as soon as it becomes available, and carve out time to read it with the lights on because interruptions will NOT be welcome until you finish this thriller And by the way Loreth this book left me wanting of Mason Callie and the possibilities surrounding them Great potential for a series Just sayin A special thank you to the author for a personalized arc of this book Reviewed at Cross My Heart Reviews

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    In the Dark is partially homage to Agatha Christie s And Then There Were None and possibly TV shows such as Survivor and The Bachelor come on, isn t The Bachelor a fight to the death But the story is a so much , a darker, twisted and terrifying riff on which is better, forgiveness or revenge.Maybe In the Dark is also a backward rewrite of Elizabeth Barrett Browning s most famous sonnet, Sonnet 43 How many ways can I kill you Let me count the ways I hate thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach when feeling out of sight Oh, In the Dark does not lack in dark inventiveness Nor does it lack in enthralling details of Search and Rescue operations SAR So much so that I absolutely knew author Loreth Anne White must have training in the field.A group of people are delivered to a luxury wilderness lodge But wait, this must be the wrong place Although the location, deep in the woods, far from civilization is as advertised, nothing else is right No problem, they will just fly out tomorrow, back to their starting point Oops, a missing plane and a dead pilot make that impossible.The plane and the dead pilot turn out to be their only chance for rescue, for a group of hunters discovers the plane After it is determined from where the plane and pilot came, the local SAR rescue team is called out.On the team is RCMP homicide cop Mason Deniaud who has just transferred to the little isolated Canadian town of Kluhane Bay trying to escape his own demons and SAR expert Callie Sutton Callie and her young son are in Kluhane Bay for the opposite reason their dark tragedy doesn t allow escape from the area.Deadly circumstance make the guests at the lodge attempt their own rescuing, heading through the unforgiving woods back to their starting point, hoping that someone has reason to be already searching for them Each person has an ugly past and someone has a bitter idea of vengeance as reason for having gathered the group together The story begins almost at the end, and is then unwrapped for us in various time lines a clever way to enthrall the reader from the beginning Who is this person stuffing their pockets with cream and sugar and why is she doing this The differing POVs slowly peel away the characters sins and defenses but White never makes it too complicated to follow what seems to be an intricate story of retribution, but at heart is a simple story of grief White keeps the reader guessing and at times shaking their head at being wrong again I followed the two journeys, one of escape and one of rescue with total fascination I have already learned from another Canadian author that the wilderness isn t actively trying to kill you, at least I don t think so but does it make it very easy to die Watching what the SARs and the survivors go through held me spellbound for hours and just reinforced my fear of trees This is not a romance suspense thriller This is thriller all the way There are hints that a friendship formed may later develop into a romance.White never falters in her sharp skills of drawing us in, fascinating us, teaching us, and scaring us with the depths to which a person can fail and fall I thank Loreth Anne White for sending me an ARC for review in exchange for a fair and honest review I know I sound like a gushing fan girl, but trust me, she deserves every accolade One last comment on In the Dark, from a rework of Sonnet 43 I shall but hate thee better after death.

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    Loreth Anne WhiteI was lucky enough to receive an Advance Reader Copy of In the Dark by Loreth Anne White in exchange for this HONEST review of the book I was even luckier to receive a paperback copy, with a personal note from Loreth thanking me for my support of her work If the description of the book doesn t pull you, please let her incredible human nature and relatability make a fan out of you I digress on with the review I was not previously a fan of Agatha Christie, and had not read any of her books I was a long time fan of Loreth Anne White though, so when I heard that her newest title would pay homage to Agatha Christie, I knew I had to check it out I read Agatha Christie s And Then There Were None and I had fun with it, but I wasn t still thinking about the characters days later I m not sure I could recall any of their names to be honest When In the Dark arrived, I was so excited School took priority though so it took me a week or two until I had time to sit down and read it By then, Agatha Christie was not fresh in my mind Loreth Anne White s version begins with subtle references to the Christie version, and an in tune reader can pick up on it and start to make inferences of what s to come My initial thought was disappointment that I wouldn t be as surprised or as thrilled by the story line if it followed one I already knew Remakes are never as good as the original right Well that s exactly why I m so fortunate that Loreth Anne White is nothing but original This is NOT a remake This is a homage It respects and follows along certain plot lines, but it is not the same Do not be fooled into thinking you have it figured out As for me, I could not put the book down I stayed up until 4am reading one night with two toddlers and a midterm waiting for me bright and early that morning It was that good, it had that much of a pull on me I immediately posted to Loreth s facebook that I couldn t wait to get back to reading about it and spent the next two days itching to climb back into the story and finish it The conclusion did NOT disappoint and now, even a week later, I m still wondering about Callie I m still thinking about each and every one of those characters I won t say anything to spoil it, but if you re like me you ll find yourself wondering how else their lives were impacted beyond this one glimpse into the story, and hoping to hear from Callie again Masterfully done, I loved this book and I sent it on to my Nana to read and return to me because I cherish it Add it to your wishlist it comes out in December and you will NOT want to miss it

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    Loreth Anne is one of my favorite thriller writers, but this book is one of her best The twists and turns had me second guessing everyone and everything right up to the end Just when I thought I had it all figured out curveball from out of nowhere So beautifully written, the setting so wild and mysterious, I felt as if I was in the book, right alongside the characters as they fought the elements while trying to piece together the puzzle before becoming the next victim in someone s deadly game I could not put this book down and was so sad when I reached the final page, wanting the story to go on and on and on Highly recommend

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    Review to follow at AAR.

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    I would have finished this novel much sooner but I did not want it to end A seemingly random group of adults meet to go into the wilderness on a retreat Promises of a fantastic lodge and a weekend of fun, with some networking Upon arrival via an 8 seat plane, it s clear something isn t right The lodge looks nothing like the pamphlet Soon guest start realizing they all have something in common Something they will go to any lengths to keep from unraveling I absolutely adore how Loreth Anne White was able to build up suspense in each chapter and how emotionally connected I started to feel to everyone I couldn t turn the pages fast enough to uncover the connections and man oh man did I not see the person responsible coming

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    She does it again This book has it all Intrigue, murder, mayhem, survivalism Every page was full of detail and kept you guessing until the last page Every piece of the puzzle fit perfectly until the whole piece was laid out Dark, eerie, and remote Perfect, novel Thank you Loreth for the ARC

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