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Find Me Their Bones (Bring Me Their Hearts, #2) No One Can Save HerIn Order To Protect Prince Lucien D Malvane S Heart, Zera Had To Betray Him Now, He Hates The Sight Of Her Trapped In Cavanos As A Prisoner Of The King, She Awaits The Inevitable Moment Her Witch Severs Their Magical Connection And Finally Ends Her LifeBut Fate Isn T Ready To Give Her Up Just YetWith Freedom Coming From The Most Unlikely Of Sources, Zera Is Given A Second Chance At Life As A Heartless But It Comes With A Terrible Price As The King Mobilizes His Army To March Against The Witches, Zera Must Tame An Elusive And Deadly Valkerax Trapped In The Tunnels Underneath The City If She Wants To Regain Her HumanityWinning Over A Bloodthirsty Valkerax Hard Winning Back Her Friends Before War Breaks Out A Little HarderBut A Heartless Winning Back Prince Lucien S Heart The Hardest Thing She S Ever Done

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    I seriously loved the first book Loved Zera s personality and loved her growing bond with Lucien So I was ready to see how after the cliffy where Zera s character would go from there I hate to say it but this second story very much felt like a middle book I liked that Zera was trying to find herself and didn t always trust easily, but this was a long book and the back and forth with her an Lucien was driving me up the wall bananas The scenes that were between them were lacking something And honestly, Lucien just kind of felt like a filler this time and I was so disappointed by that I just didn t connect with Varia s character either but I really liked the addition of Yorl I found him incredibly interesting There were some great action scenes with wonderful world building and Zera s personal struggles The writing and dialogue were also just as great as in book one Even though there were some bumps in the road, I m ready to see where book three will take me because I have a feeling that one will be great

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    5 22 19Not sure how I feel about this cover, but at least it s better than the first book 4 23 19Wait, this was pushed back again From May June November No So excited for this one I hope we get a synopsis soon D

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    Ah Sara Wolf, a nice author that I like in contemporary romance, but especially in fantasy.Sara Wolf had left us on a good cliffhanger at the end of Bring me their heart and this second volume resumed immediately without any pause time Find Me Their Bones will introduce new magical creatures, there were witches, heartless, but the author goes back in history and brings us a beautiful mythology I do not want to say too much, because it is a key point, but I really appreciated this new contribution This book will also prove that the conflict with the witches is far from over, tensions rise over the volume and the third volume that should be the last will be epic, I feel good about this one.We continue to follow Zera in this sequel and she is always pleasant and funny to read She is not going to live simple things, but she has kept her party But this second volume brings us a new central character, V I must say that she redistributes the cards and her character is complex, her evolution is not surprising in itself, but it gives a completely different dimension to the story, it is a good idea for the author to bring her in And for the one who wanted angst between Lucien and Zera you will be please For the plot, there are codes specific to a second book in a serie, especially on the transition part of the story I find this sequel well conducted, the characters are still as well written and the alchemy in Zera and the prince is there So this is a solid follow up and the end, I think the third volume will not disappoint me either.

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    ARC PROVIDED BY THE PUBLISHER VIA NETGALLEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Is there a light in the world strong enough to shine through the dark things I ve done This book ouch.I took this sequel like a shot and finished it in less than twelve hours And let me tell you, Find Me Their Bones is the definition of epic Sara Wolf has upped her narrative arc game to such an extend that the beginning and ending of this installment mirror those of the previous one, making me appreciate her brilliance as a writer all the .While Zera and Lucien s relationship was the heart of its predecessor, Find Me Their Bones feels much like Zera s book Suffering from the negative consequences of a choice she is now convinced was wrong, our heroine is determined than ever to win her heart back, no matter the cost to her former friends Taking center stage in a plot to rally the dragon like valkerax to Cavanos side in the impending war between humans and witches, she explores her moral grayness while attempting to sever her ties with Vetris nobles once and for all Previous and current events are analyzed in conversations and internal monologues in a deceptively straightforward way, inspiring readers to look between the lines to discover what is real and what is false As always, Wolf s ability to introduce side characters who feel completely fleshed out despite their modest role in the story and brilliantly develop their relationship with the protagonist shines The history and mythology of the world is also given development and weight in this installment, which feels like a high fantasy with a romantic subplot than a fantasy romance like its predecessor Zera and Lucien s relationship in Find Me Their Bones is the epitome of Margaret Atwood s line If I love you, is that a fact or a weapon Viewed from a myriad of angles, from infatuation to lust to love, their relationship is equally pursued and exploited by each of them in turn, making their interactions both delightful and painful to read Admirably bent on their diametrically opposed goals, Zera and Lucien use every trick up their sleeves physical desire, dishonesty, court intrigue, magic to realize their intentions, inevitably hurting each other in the process But in the rare moments when their masks slip, they re utterly incapable of fooling themselves, much less the reader, that their emotions are entirely fabricated Can we please call it even now and have a heart to heart pun intended about this hot mess of a relationship Thanks.As exciting as this book was, my four star rating marks it as a slight letdown from the glorious Bring Me Their Hearts In a word, the plot lacked a world turning twist and continued firmly on the path it had set out from the beginning, somewhat diminishing the effect of the ending climax Nevertheless, instead of being merely a set up for the grand finale, Find Me Their Bones is a marvelous story in its own right with a just the barest hints of future events sprinkled here and there Finally, I d like to take a moment to appreciate Wolf s subtle development of certain elements from Bring Me Their Hearts, such as adding depth to Gavik s motivations and gender bending Zera and Lucien s true names Her heart warming attention to detail with sadly surprising feminine pronouns, her nods to the Multiverse Theory with Zera s parallel timeline fantasies, and the tongue in cheek meta awareness of both her language and her narrative make this book a real treat for an analytical reader such as myself It is truly a gift when you can see yourself reflected in fiction so clearly that it makes you feel real Find Me Their Bones is sure to win the hearts of both whole and half hearted fans of Zera s story Even those bothered by her previous choices are sure to firmly side with her this time around.Read my review of Bring Me Their Hearts More of my reviews can be found on my book blog, Valley of the Books pre review FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS GLORIOUS COVERTHIS TITLE OH MY GOSH I CANNOT WAIT

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    September 2018OMG THERE S A TITLE AND I LOVE IT Screeches

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    HOLY SHIT ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER I need book three now review to come Thank you Entangled Teen for the ARC

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    Thank you to NetGalley for the chance to review this title ahead of its release date.BRING ME THEIR HEARTS was a gem in a mess of fantasy that all looked alike Here we had a heroine who was not a heroine and also really sassy in a laugh out loud way I loved it That being said, FIND ME THEIR BONES took a different path from the first and focuses on Zera s road to get her heart back which I guess is like the first, but it s than that This time, some people know she s Heartless, and she s now controlled by a new witch, which happens to be the prince s sister returned from the dead Zera is tasked with teaching a valkerax how to Weep so they will side with Cavanos If all of this makes zero sense to you, it may help to read, at least, the end of BRING ME THEIR HEARTS You may need a refresher With how strong and determined Zera is, I was disappointed with how much she obsessed over Lucien I mean, I get it In the short time she d known him, he grew on her and may even love him, and she feels a ton of guilt for lying to him and the such But almost every time he was on screen it kind of got old, and some scenes like Lucien lying shirtless in the moonlight just weren t cutting it for me I wanted Zera to focus on , and I knew she did, but it wasn t coming across very well.This sequel still has that sass that I loved Zera s inner monologue had me laughing With its nonstop action and world building, it marks itself as a serious contender to the first But as most sopho works, it misses the mark just a bit, but I am confident that the third is going to blow it out of the water.

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    Oh my god the TITLE OF THIS

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    I just started reading Bring Me Their Hearts and I already want the sequel Eagerly waiting for the synopsis and the release date so I can finally get my hands on this book.

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