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Lunar Park [KINDLE] ✽ Lunar Park By Bret Easton Ellis – Bret Ellis the narrator of Lunar Park is a writer whose first novel Less Than Zero catapulted him to international stardom while he was still in college In the years that followed he found himself adr Bret Ellis the narrator of Lunar Park is a writer whose first novel Less Than Zero catapulted him to international stardom while he was still in college In the years that followed he found himself adrift in a world of wealth drugs and fame as well as dealing with the unexpected death of his abusive father After a decade of decadence a chance for salvation arrives; the chance to reconnect with an actress he was once involved with and their son But almost immediately his new life is threatened by a freak seuence of events and a bizarre series of murders that all seem to connect to Ellis’s past Reality memoir and fantasy combine to create not only a fascinating version of this most controversial writer but also a deeply moving novel about love and loss parents and children and ultimately forgiveness.

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  1. Nikki Nikki says:

    I read several reviews of this book before reading most of which denounced it as being awful and I have to say I'm surprisedI tore through it in 3 days I saw it as a near brilliant bit of mind fckery so many psychological themes and commentary on modern life for me to gleefully go searching on Google to tear up and figure out All that and horror too I read somewhere that he was influenced by Steven King in writing this one Indeed I have to say I like the Ellis version of King even betterI don't necessarily agree with those that say Ellis clearly hates himself He might Or he might also just have had an idea for a book like this and is a brilliant writer with a very interesting shall we say mindBut I go back to the commentary on modern life Having recently become a member of the suburban parent crowd I had a great time reading his descriptions of the very sort of parents parenting style I'm avoiding There was one uote in particular that I loved What happened to just wanting your kids to be content and cool? These parents were scientists and were no longer raising their kids instinctually everyone had read a book or watched a video or skimmed the Net to figure out what to do I also found it incredibly clever to write a novel based on or rather heavily referencing your previous novels in this way I'm one of those people who after watching movies sometimes before likes to tear the plot apart and understanding the meaning where it all came from In some ways this felt like a very trippy readers guide to American Psycho It's Cliff Notes on steroids American Psycho just became that much interesting to me and I plan on going back to not only read it again but watch the movie again as well given this new insightYes I'm a little confused and unsure of some parts I've come to expect that from Ellis But I like a book or movie that has me researching and discussing with other readers trying to figure it all out To me the books that deserve bad reviews are those that I've forgotten the moment I close the cover and put it downI can see how this is definitely not a book for everyone For me there were many of my favorite elements There were several passages that had me thinking I really wish they'd make a movie out of this just for the visuals I'm a big fan of psychological horror with lots of blood and gore Dare I say this almost falls in line with the J Horror genre?

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    How lonely people make life But also I realized what I hadn't learned from him that a family if you allow it gives you joy which in turn gives you hopeI’m a pretty big BEE fan and I love his cool detached writing style and how all his books are slightly deranged I love how the protagonists are always a bit off – a big part of you detests them a little bit of you feels sorry for them and a tiny piece of you is jealous of the seemingly glamorous lives they live the sex drugs parties dining at Spago with supermodels stuffnot the ax murder Patrick Bateman stuffLunar Park is a bit different because while I felt the expected pity and disgust toward the main character in the beginning of the novel toward the end he made a turn for the better and I found myself somewhat invested in him The story follows an accomplished and somewhat unhinged author named err Bret Easton Ellis as he tries to settle into a “normal life” of marriage and fatherhood The book is semi autographical in that the background of the main character is based on the author’s real life several references to and uotes from BEE’s past novels are cited; but the story itself is mostly fictionalThe satire and social commentary BEE is known for is definitely not missing from the book Whereas his past books commented on the casual drug abuse in the 80s and 90s by social upscale slackers I found it interesting that the most shocking form of drug use abuse? in Lunar Park is by children by prescription But this is just a side note to the main story of Lunar Park which is basically a ghost story And it’s really uite scary – complete with ghosts stalkers poltergeists a demonic Furby like doll coming to life and an appearance of Patrick BatemanOverall there were parts that didn’t seem to fit together uite right and the ending left me slightly confused about certain things but the story kept me riveted It was almost refreshing to read BEE’s writing after having a break from him for so long I hadn’t read one of his books since college and I think he has a truly original voice

  3. Kendare Blake Kendare Blake says:

    I saw a guy on the tube in London reading this and noticed he was near the end I wanted to stand up and say Hey it's creeping you out isn't it Isn't it? ISN'T IT? But you just can't live your life that way It's inappropriateBret Easton Ellis on the other hand can do whatever the hell he wants And he does Putting yourself in a novel is either the ballsiest thing you can do or the assy est In this case both But let's put aside the fact that Ellis is writing a tale about semi pseudo Ellis It's also a damn disturbing ride and the fact that he had the nerve to treat himself the way he treats all his other characters facing off with self disemboweling dogs and the world is horrible than we pretend madness is just cold man Cold

  4. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at “You dream a book and sometimes the dream comes true When you give up life for fiction you become a character” What is Lunar Park???? Brett Easton Ellis claims it to be his homage to Stephen King and you will see later in this review that it did indeed bring to mind one particular King character – but when I really need to break it down to basics I’m going with Lunar Park is what would happen if American Psycho and Fight Club and The Amityville Horror and Cujo all had a babyThis book is Ellis’ “memoir” if you will The story begins with a review of his uick rise to the A List with the release of Less Than Zero and follows with the recognition of the almost immediate downward spiral that came with that success and which Ellis found himself looping through for years Ellis takes ownership that American Psycho was a sort of “beginning of the end” with respect to his mental state For the haters of American Psycho he issues an apology of sorts “I was not about to put myself through that experience again – of revisiting Patrick Bateman Exploring that kind of violence had been “interesting” and “exciting” and it was all “metaphorical” anyway – at least to me at that moment in my life when I was young and pissed off and had not yet grasped my own mortality a time when physical pain and real suffering held no meaning for me” For the lovers of American Psycho aka MEEEEEEEEEE Ellis confirms the argument we’ve been making about the book for eons “The murders and torture were in fact fantasies fueled by Patrick Bateman's rage and fury about how life in America was structured and how this had – no matter the size of his wealth – trapped him The fantasies were an escape This was the book’s thesis It was about society and manners and s and not about cutting up women How could anyone who read the book not see this?” Ha Take that suckersOnce Ellis is done summarizing his past he takes us to the near present Now attempting life as a not so straightlaced married man and father of two Ellis lives in the ‘burbs of the upper East coast and is starting a new novel which from its description sounds like Chuck Palahniuk’s latest Ellis knew it would be a struggle to go from ultimate sinner to wanna be saint but he had no idea what ghosts would come back to haunt him – morphing Lunar Park from a “Where Are They Now???? to a tale of true horror “I was living in a movie in a novel an idiot’s dream that someone else was writing and I was becoming amazed – dazzled – by my dissolution” If you want a book that comes out of the gate revving its engines and raring to go Lunar Park probably isn’t what you’re after However if you want a slow burn that is the reading euivalent of a full course meal I highly recommend this one Ellis proves that when you get rid of all the hype and hoopla surrounding his books he is above all else a master wordsmith I was glued to this one to the last page and delighted in trying to figure out “who was the bad guy?” dun dun dunnnnnnn Was it a ghost? Patrick Bateman?? The author himself??? Or could it be the most horrific creature of all the FURBY????? You’ll have to read it for yourself to find outMy endless thanks go to Snotchocheez for the recommendation You did good

  5. Rachel Louise Atkin Rachel Louise Atkin says:

    Lmao what did I just read This was a complete fiasco This was like if you smushed every Bret Easton Ellis book into one and then added a sprinkle of Stephen King weirdness and timesed the metafiction by 100 Bret was the main character but he was also the writer but he was also interacting with characters from his books who were both real and fictional on very different levels And he was also being haunted by a demon And there was a rabid dog And a lot of themes about being a parent Oh and Jay McInerney was in it tooBasically this book started out really good and then it was a mess but it was a good mess

  6. tee tee says:

    I feel funny now No this novel wasn't a how to be a comedian manual under the guise of some kind of fucked up deranged horror I feel FUNNY funny strange funny like someone touched me inappropriately and I don't know how I feel funny Halfway through the book I put it down and eyeballed my partner and started throwing existential crisis theories at him I have this problem with depersonalization and derealization where in heightened states of anxiety you detach from your reality or your sense of self Mostly it's triggered by standing in shopping centres and being overwhelmed with rage disgust fear and hunger but sometimes it's triggered by someone fucking with my head As Bret Easton Ellis did with me with Lunar Park Is this real what is real that's not real is he in a psychotic meltdown oh fuck what's going on somebody GET MY DAUGHTER'S FURBY OUT OF THE FUCKING HOUSE No just joking I have taste than to buy my daughter a furby let alone fill it with my haunted past so that it turns into a soul sucking demon bird crazed fuck what is going on here Alternating fear discomfort and amusement I didn't know how I felt My confusedness is showing in my review Okay if you're a parent one of your kids probably has a toy that creeps you the fuck out You can't get rid of it because that would just be reinforcing the fact that ayou are insane and bgutless My daughter has this troll in a pink princess dress that creeps out anyone who touches it My sister in law visited recently and she picked it up thinking it was some type of obese barbie doll but upon flipping it over she was faced with the horrors of all horrors and she promptly dropped it This doll definitely does things to me in my sleep it probably watches me shower swims in my urine when I forget to flush the toilet is that little tickle on my foot at night that I imagine is the cat WHEN I KNOW IT REALLY ISN'T You may have thought I went off on a tangent there You were right but a problem shared is a problem halved and now I feel better

  7. Tyler Tyler says:

    355I'm not the most well read guy on Bret Easton Ellis not by a long shot And I should be better read considering I enjoy the guys writing style uite a bit I like the minimalist style and I enjoy his brand of satire But it was interesting to me how he made a memoir that was mostly fiction and used that to examine a bunch of different themes such as family or even writing That he made it a suburban gothic horror makes it even fascinatingI won't pretend to understand everything as it's a bit of a psychological mindfuck but I got the general idea I enjoyed the beginning where he looked back at his career and enjoyed it the entire way through I wouldn't say I was really grabbed most of the time but I was also never bored As a horror it mostly succeeds There were actually a couple scenes that I really liked that scared me When he goes on his computer and finally watches the video that was the high point for me It creeped me out It's obvious Ellis is a talented writer because he pulls off psychological horror satire and a memoir all in the same book It's true that most of the book isn't really true but it's still cool to think about what part is drawn and clearly exaggerated from his real lifeLunar Park isn't a favourite of mine but it was a good read and the mish mash of genres especially appealed to me Check it out it's not nearly as bad as some of the reviews here say But keep in mind that I also liked Glamorama

  8. Supreeth Supreeth says:

    2018 is the year where I graduate and become a faux adult or whatever but I'll probably remember it as the year I read the whole bibliography of Bret Easton Ellis Other than Imperial Bedrooms and Informers most of his works seem to work well with me Lunar Park starts as a honest memoir and then turns into a freakshow and then clusterfuck of bunch of random clusterfucks This is his only book written in past tense and it certainly feels a bit deviated from his other works But did I really like this book? I'm not sure It was chaos forced all over the place But again it's Bret Easton Ellis and I'm biased One can call Lunar Park a satire like his other books but it reads like a vague apology with fake nonchalance for American psycho which wasn't necessary anyway Unlike his other books this one does have a plot and things happen in every page and there's not a single boring moment But I'd still pick LTZ over middle aged BEE any given day

  9. Eliza Victoria Eliza Victoria says:

    There’s a story behind the film Adaptation scriptwriter Charlie Kaufman had a hard time adapting The Orchid Thief so what did he do? He wrote a film about him having a hard time adapting The Orchid Thief writing himself into the script creating for himself a twin brother dedicating the finished piece to the sibling who didn’t exist Author Bret Easton Ellis creator of American Psycho and other “transgressive” novels wrote himself into his novel Lunar Park conjuring for himself a family a film actress wife a uiet neighborhood in the suburbs a son A series of brutal murders a haunting a loss I write stories but I could never imagine writing myself into one of them even as an exercise Of course every writer writes himself into his stories his fears his joys but how terrifying to see your own name on a page to see yourself as a fictional character running away from fictional horrors Honesty can be very frightening so with Lunar Park Ellis was being very brave Ian McEwan asks How can a novelist find atonement when in his novels he is God? But Ellis found atonement There was one long passage in the novel that ends with From those of us who are left behind you will be remembered you were the one I needed I loved you in my dreams Writing these words would it be too much to say that Ellis found freedom? Perhaps upon finishing the novel he had forgiven everyone and everything that had to be forgiven and in the process also found absolutionI think this is a remarkable book

  10. Mary Lou Mary Lou says:

    Brett Ellis’ explosive entry into the celebrity spotlight provides him with a charmed and enviable lifestyle This begins to sour as his excesses in drugs drink and sex take holdWhen he tries to get clean marries his old girlfriend and struggles to establish a relationship with her daughter and his own estranged adolescent son that’s when the fun starts He is haunted by the ghost of his tyrannical father and by the serial killer in American Psycho his first novel Patrick Bateman who has taken on a shadowy human formIn this roller coaster ride complete with many horrible events it may be hard to know who is what and what is really going on but it doesn’t matter This novel is impossible to put down The last three beautiful lyrical pages had the desired effect and justified reading the rest

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