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  1. Nicole Beaudry Nicole Beaudry says:

    I'm very frustrated by The Apothecary's Shop It was a well constructed mystery with occasional flashes of brilliance The prose had moments of luminous description and the characters were freuently intriguing But the translation I assume this is an issue with the translation based on the lavish prose for the source text felt clunky in certain areas There's a vulgarity to the text that often felt superfluous Edgardo and Abella were interesting but felt rather two dimensional The mystery itself had a surprising ending that I only guessed a page or two before the grand reveal but there were other minor surprises that felt less surprising and that I had guessed well beforehandHonestly the novel generally felt a bit clunky and confusing with certain things only superficially and barely explained despite their repeated mention ie what happened with Kallis twelve years ago? What exactly went on in Edgardo's past? which made the read feel a bit unfulfilling Totally worth it for the occasional lovely description but not ridiculously compelling

  2. Lucy Barnhouse Lucy Barnhouse says:

    I really enjoyed this book I loved the deliberate strangeness and fearless lyricism of its prose the exuberance of startling detail All this was impressively rendered in translation though it also left me wanting to read the original Italian; there were several points where I wondered whether startling juxtapositions of vocabulary eg one of the scariest tempests were in the original As a medievalist I did have some misgivings about the treatment of the setting and environment as inherently exotic strange and dangerous although it is Venice which perhaps always feels a bit that way And I wasn't entirely happy with the way that women's ideas roles and bodies were treated in the narrative But I'll still seek out of Tiraboschi's work; it's always a treat to find such startling intricate and engaging storytelling Comparisons to the deliberate erudition and daring fantasy of The Name of the Rose and Perfume are apt

  3. Sue Chaplin Sue Chaplin says:

    What kept me going to the end of the book just was the plot I wanted to find out who killed the sister of the rich merchant's wife but my suspicions were right and although I did not guess the reasons for the murder I found the ending a bit of a let down I found some of the writing jarring but I am not sure whether that was due to the translation or editing Some of the writing was most extraordinary the four paragraphs describing the internal examination by the doctor to find out if there was a reason for the wife's inability to conceive was fantastical; this woman had a swelling on the wall of her vagina like the head of a unicorn and another like the trunk of an elephant No wonder she could not conceive but the doctor found her fit and well I was also suspicious that I was coming across anachronisms and then one lept out of the page at me The doctor diagnoses someone with malaria and prescribes uinine In 1118 in Venice no they don't uinine comes from a tree found originally in South America so it is not discovered until the Spanish sail over there and the first sailing is 1492 The jesuits bring uinine back to Europe but that takes a while so we are probably about 500 years out here

  4. Karry Karry says:

    The story takes place in venice in the 12th century It is uite definitely an amazing read and it might even have gotten 5 stars if the author wasn't uite so into gory details of entrails medical procedures along with explicit sexual details However that being said it's still a gread book The plot is about a female physician an oddity at least in those days and a defrocked monk who work together to discover who is killing young people one a poor boy and the other a wealthy young woman What do they have in common? Not much yet there seems to be enough of a connection that it needs to be looked into When they add that there is a young man who is being accused and is likely to be put to death in the most abhorrent way possible very soon the two join together to find out who the real murderer is I loved the story and the translation is very readable

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    A merchant’s young sister in law vanishes A glassmaker’s apprentice disappears Are the two events connected? This is just one of the uestions that a former scribe Edgardo and female physician Abella intend to answerAlthough I acuired but have yet to read the first book in this series I plunged into The Apothecary’s Shop without any trouble As I progressed through the novel however my impressions oscillated widely One minute I was enjoying a medieval Venetian landscape elaborately constructed with historical detail and then I was forced to sigh at the misleading employment of addictive substances Another minute I was engrossed in an exciting investigation and then I found myself eyerolling at plot deviations Upon reaching the end I was treated to an amazing motive but found it lodged in a rushed and jumbled conclusion I gave this historical fictionwhodunit three starsI received a free copy of this book via the Goodreads' giveaway program

  6. Franz Franz says:

    Overall I liked this installment of the medieval Venice murder series and clearly a third book is planned As observed by others the book is reminiscent of Umberto Eco's The Name of The RoseMedieval Venice must have been a dark and disturbing place Strengths of the book are the capture of the poverty of regular people and their widespread ignorance and their belief in a form of Christianity that incorporates plenty of elements of the supernaturalThe book introduces a female doctor who stands for reason clarity of thought and scientifically based knowledge; attributes that are rare and easily overpowered in medieval Venice especially as they come from a woman

  7. Marsha Lambert Marsha Lambert says:

    The Apothecary’s Shop by Roberto Tiraboschi is a terrific mystery set in 12th century Venice A tale that draws the reader to medieval Venice with authenticity The cast of characters are well written with human failings kindness and triumphs Journey alongside Edgardo a merchant’s scribe as he tries to solve the mysterious disappearance of a young girl Constanza his benefactors sister in law Supported by some impeded by others Edgardo must see through emotions and motivations to find the truth A book that kept my interest engaged from page one till the end

  8. Melody Melody says:

    This was HORRENDOUS The translation is indeed a translation and it completely loses the flow of what is a pretty pathetic story anyway Sudden modern turns of phrase leave you puzzled at the stumbling pace Summary idiotic unsatisfying deus ex machinas over and over characters out of the blue who make ZERO sense and a 5 paragraph description of a vaginal exam written by a man who has maayyyybe seen a vagina but probably only read about them

  9. Tina Tina says:

    A page turner for sure Interesting details about Venice in the 12th century I liked the characters but did not know it was part of a series The ending left an opening for another book so not complete closure at the end Some gross descriptions of Carnival excesses and a bit flowery but that could be the translation I did enjoy the story but did find it a bit odd

  10. Jackie Rogers Jackie Rogers says:

    This an Italian book translated by Katherine Gregor Is a medieval novel taking place in Venice I struggled through this book due to gross scenes of violence Very graphic and disgusting at times Is a book of mysteries and political intrigue Thanks to Goodreads

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La bottega dello speziale. Venetia 1118 d.C. ➵ [Read] ➯ La bottega dello speziale. Venetia 1118 d.C. By Roberto Tiraboschi ✤ – In a medieval Venice ravaged by famine and orgiastic revelries the protagonists of The Apothecary’s Shop explore the depths of the city and the paths to the supernatural in their search for a missin In a dello speziale. Epub µ medieval Venice ravaged by famine and orgiastic revelries the protagonists of The Apothecary’s Shop explore the depths of the city and the paths to the supernatural in their search for a missing child La bottega Epub / The young Costanza of the noble Grimani family has disappeared Edgardo the family scribe vows to return the girl to her family an ambitious enterprise considering his failing eyesight Physical ailments and emotional torment hinder Edgardo’s search bottega dello speziale. PDF/EPUB å for as he undertakes this perilous investigation images of his own lost love—Kallis a slave from the Far East who disappeared in a storm bottega dello speziale. Venetia 1118 ePUB í years ago—are resurrected Help arrives in the form of Abella the only female bottega dello speziale. Venetia 1118 ePUB í doctor in Venice From her Edgardo learns of occult medical practices and of Sabbatai’s Apothecary where the city’s most desperate citizens seek heretical remedies and concoctions to sooth their suffering It is here however where the secret of Constanza’s disappearance may lie     Venal physicians and legitimate healers unscrupulous relatives mystics and apothecaries wealthy nobility and the wretched poor undertakers Eastern merchants African slave traders each plays a role this ingeniously constructed mystery set in the busy and licentious trade port of Venice   The Apothecary’s Shop is an erudite literary thriller in the vein of Umberto Eco’s  The Name of the Rose and takes readers on an astonishing voyage into a city both distant yet familiar.