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Twisted Secrets Twisted Minds #3 ❮Reading❯ ➸ Twisted Secrets Twisted Minds #3 ➰ Author Keta Kendric – Megan Have you ever fallen so deeply for someone that you'd be willing to do anything for them I was willing to do anything for Aaron including leaving him if it meant keeping him from getting tangled Megan Have you ever fallen Twisted Minds PDF/EPUB ç so deeply for someone that you'd be willing to do anything for them I was willing to do anything for Aaron Twisted Secrets PDF \ including leaving him if it meant keeping him from getting tangled up in my past Aaron wasn't going to let me run even if there was an Secrets Twisted Minds PDF ☆ army after me he'd gather arms and prepare for a warAaron Letting Megan go wasn't an option She'd become a part of me that I couldn't live without Some of the horrifying secrets from her past had been revealed but I believed Megan's final secret had the power to rain down hell fire on my MC and I'd been right When my father went behind my back and called my cousin Ansel for back up I knew that all hell was about to break loose and I ended up preparing to fight an adversary so dangerous my life teetered on the brink of extinction.

10 thoughts on “Twisted Secrets Twisted Minds #3

  1. Dee& Dee& says:

    What a finale Boy this story kept me on pins and needles WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE This is a must read

  2. Rosie J. Rosie J. says:

    This finale did not disappoint I hope to see all the ladies of Twisted in a story together where they front a rescue mission These aren't damsels in distress by a long shot I loved it

  3. Michaela Michaela says:

    Can I just say how explosive literally this book is The journey of hell and hot fire Megan and Aaron have been through has been well worth the read In this finale which starts out hot in the first few pages the level of danger and trust these two have for each other is heartwarming and a little bit of that crazy love we can't get enough of Aaron is willing to die in the name of setting Megan free from the men hunting her and Megan is prepared to sacrifice herself to keep him safe And I enjoyed every heart stopping second of it Then there's crazy cousin Ansel that was a twisted delight making me want to plead for him to have his own story If you haven't already GO READ THIS BOOK

  4. Nene Nene says:

    Loved itI hate to see this story end I also can see stories being developed by other characters from this book I would recommend this book

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    Violent vicious and virile are just some of the words that pop up in my head to summarize this book Disturbing is another but overall it had me on the edge of my seat Before I dive into this I wanna say I was geared up to give this 5 stars It's at a 47 for me now and the reason for that is thisviolence its pretty much inescapable in this crazy world we live in unfortunately but there were certain parts in this story that were gory and turned my stomach and made me wish I could turn away but nope it was too late The imagery had already formed in my head and there was no unseeing it Keta Kendric can give Bret Easton Ellis a run for his money when it comes to describing vividly graphic scenes I haven't read a lot of books about motorcycle gangs but this series did not flout or gloss over how truly dangerous the men and women who live in that world can be That I give Keta mucho props for She didn't fold back All of that said let me just break down how I felt about the charactersAARON He is still the hard as brass balls mean mf'er you do not want to mess with for any reason Loves his woman and doesn't care who knows about it There was a moment that had me wondering if I could finish the book but I soldier thinking to myself nah it can't end like this and yep it involved ole Aaron ANSEL Aaron's crazy af messy as hell cousin I LOVED Ansel He provided humor tension lust UST all of it He was virtually Aaron's twin in a sense only he preferred to rock suits and living in various California mansions when he wasn't going around murdering people for fun and business purposes I suppose and engaging in his BDSM lifestyleDR REGINA I really liked Regina When she popped up on the scene I was of course thrown and automatically suspicious but once the writing was on the wall I uickly figured out where things were going to go She was a chick who kept a leveled head Finally we have MEGAN sighs In the previous books Megan got to showcase her intelligence resourcefulness penchant for living off the grid and having a sick fascination with the state of dead bodies and had no issue in getting rid of them In this final installment she was reduced to a side character which was a letdown I was hoping she might get to unleash her inner Okoye but I guess not She had her moments of toughness and a very real and visceral reaction at a devastating point however she wasn't utilized in the way I thought she might be Final thoughts The action built and built and built There weren't too many dull moments I had to suspend my disbelief at a certain part of the book which I won't reveal but if you read you'll understand why Needless to say this was a very heart pounding nail biting end to a very ambitious undertaking Standing ovationLast point I may have inappropriately laughed after finding out what the special ingredient was in the DG6's meth Bring on Ansel's story I know things aren't finished with him and Dr Regina and I can't wait

  6. Nicci Nicci says:

    “They die or we die” The MC mottoRevenge and Retaliation is the theme for this fast paced high octane violent installment Twisted Secrets answers all the uestions I had from the first two books Answered with a degree of violence I haven’t read in a book in a long time I thought I was watching a movie I must not be reading the right booksWhat I love● Shark Shark is cool grumpy and 150 year old Ansel’s assessment bad assed old man ● The repetitious writing of ideas phrases and internal thoughts plaguing the first two books disappear in this installment● The introduction of Ansel I do feel Ansel was the flip side of Aaron● Introducing Regina who is as different from the other females as day is to night That thing about Aaron almost made me stop reading It throws me completely out of the storyHow about the ending When the war concludes I thought “Is that it” It left me slightly unsatisfied as I would’ve loved an “Ayra Stark” confrontation with DG6 A in your face see me now I have survived confrontation Of course the author has the right to write and publish what they will As this is the author’s first booktrilogy she did well

  7. Karen& Karen& says:

    Wow What a great end to a fantastic series If you have been following along with Megan and Aaron then you know these two have been through it but in this last book of the series I just didn't think that these two would make it This book really had me on the edge from beginning to end I just couldn't put it down There were so many ups and downs twist and turns and tears and cheers that I thought this would never end well for these two I'm so glad that I was wrong If you're looking for a fast paced riveting series suspenseful romance you're going to love The Twisted Minds series

  8. Alicia Pressey Alicia Pressey says:

    FantasticI wanted to say Hot Damm This book is outstanding this whole series was fantastic Not once did I want to put to this book down I was all in my emotions reading this book Reading this book there are so many characters Keta can write about to continue this series As bad as I want to read Sharks story pease give Ansel and D a story why do you give all the men in both crew a story I would definitely recommend the whole series

  9. Paganalexandria Paganalexandria says:

    I was all in until the last 30% when the focus leaves the couple and begins spin off series baiting hardcore

  10. Gina Martin Gina Martin says:

    That was awesomeI really enjoyed the finale to Aaron and Megan’s story I really was on an emotional roller coaster while reading this book I was ugly crying and everything I enjoyed all the action too I hope to read Ansel and Regina’s story soon That Ansel is a mess Great job Keta Kendric

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