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  1. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Taking off from the book Eva Luna Eva's lover Rolf Carle A photojournalist writes to Eva asking her to tell him stories In the prologue Carle tells Eva that he thinks in the frozen images of a photograph but she Eva thinks in wordsSo while Eva is lying in bed with her European lover the refugee from Austria tells him 23 stories Isabel Allende is a 'skilled storytelling' she portrays a world in which the ordinary and the miraculous come together interweaving the real and the magical Many themes are examined love family sexuality exploitation of women domestic violence political oppression economic ineuality sympathy revenge and compassionThese are powerful fiction stories seductive sensualand like AllendeEva Luna is a feminist and 'storyteller' In Simple Mariaa prostitute believes in love yet pursues her profession as an expression for her insatiable passion In The Gold of Tomas Vargas both the wife and lover of an abusive man conspire to murder him These two women live happily together and made their way out of poverty living off the gold that he had once horded In The School Teacher's Guest and elderly school teacher uses a machete to kill a man who murdered her son In Walimai revenge is the major theme hey young women is held captive for sexual gratification working on a jungle rubber plantation In And of Clay Are We Createdit's so sad A young girl is trapped in a mudslideand Eva's lover Carle is sent via helicopter to report her rescue but is unable to maintain his photo journalist objectivity and he stays with her until she dies There's so much suffering and memories of suffering in the story Carle stays with the girl several days before she dies and his repressed memories of youthful suffering surfaces This is also being televised and Eva is experiencing both of their pain by watching the television news What really got to me is this story is based on a true story from Isabel Allende's life when she witnessed the death of Omaira Sanchez One of the thousands of victims of Colombia's Nevada Ruiz volcanic eruption in 1985 Other stories we see through romantic delusions economics sexual exploitation of women secrets and bonding of women coming together who have been tortured in similar ways by the same oppressive political regime Psychological post traumatic scars are revealed when women gather together Why is this ALWAYS so powerful and healing? Absurdities confusion in the average mind swindlers willing to take advantage of lonely heartsmixed with 'goodness' love and friendshipThese stories are seriously emotionally felt Allende not even 5 feet in height herself stands TALL in her passionate beliefs in convictions and boy what a GRAND imagination she has If this book doesn't remind us of the authors brilliance I don't know what book wouldPOWERFUL STORIES The whole damn collection

  2. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Cuentos de Eva Luna The Stories of Eva Luna Isabel AllendeThe Stories of Eva Luna is a collection of Spanish language short stories by the Chilean American writer Isabel Allende It consists of stories told by the title character of Allende's earlier novel Eva Luna The literary critic Barbara Mujica wrote The Chilean author presents her stories through the age old device used by Scheherazade the narrator tells them to her lover to entertain him Like the famous Arabic and Persian tales these stories combine fantasy with biting social satire and psychological insightStories Two Words; Wicked Girl; Clarisa; Toad's Mouth; The Gold of Tomas Vargas; If You Touched My Heart; Gift for a Sweetheart; Tosca; Walimai; Ester Lucero; Simple Maria; Our Secret; The Little Heidelberg; The Judge's Wife; The Road North; The Schoolteacher's Guest; The Proper Respect; Interminable Life; A Discreet Miracle; Revenge; Letters of Betrayed Love; Phantom Palace; And of Clay Are We Created تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز شانزدهم ماه آگوست سال 2011میلادیعنوان داستان های اوالونا؛ نویسنده ایزابل آلنده؛ علی آذرنگ جباری؛ تهران، کاروان، 1387؛ در 414ص؛ شابک 9647033613؛ چاپ دیگر تهران، نشر قطره، 1389، شابک 9786001191671؛ چاپ ششم 1395، در 476ص؛ موضوع داستانهای کوتاه از نویسندگان شیلیایی تبار امریکایی سده 20مفهرست داستانها «دو ورد»؛ «انتقام»؛ «طلاهای توماس وارگاس»؛ «کلاریسا»؛ «کاش دلم را به دست میآوردی»؛ «هدیه ای برای یک دلارام؛ توسکا»؛ و؛نقل از پشت جلد کتاب «اوالونا» ساکن شهر کوچک «سانتاآگوا»، هم‌چون «شهرزاد هزار و یکشب» لاتینی به روایت قصه‌ هایی می‌پردازد، که از گمنام‌ترین افراد تا نامدارترین مردان سیاسی را، در بر می‌گیرد؛ از دخترکی روستایی، که در محاصره ی سیل، در برابر چشم میلیون‌ها بیننده تلویزیون جان می‌بازد، تا دیکتاتور شیلی؛ ؛ «اوالونا» همانند روحی لاتینی، در همه جا حضور دارد؛ از میخانه‌ ای حقیر، تا کاخ افسانه‌ ای دیکتاتور؛ ؛ او روایتش را با این لحن به پایان می‌برد «و شهرزاد همان‌گونه که داستان می‌گفت، چشمش به نخستین پرتوهای سحرگاهی افتاد؛ و از سر احتیاط لب از سخن گفتن فرو بست»؛تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 21081399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

  3. Tamara Witika Tamara Witika says:

    Lusciousif I only had one word to describe this novel it would be luscious The life fragrance colours excitement love and pain dripped off the page when I first read this book as a fifteen year old kid living in suburban Melbourne I’d never encountered anything as beautiful as the completely fascinating and magical world of Eva Luna I was scared that no experience I had would ever compare with the fantastic portal that I passed through via Allende’s poetic imagery of life and love The pain of life depicted in Eva Luna is this novel’s eually beautiful counterpart with all of the attendant drama and heart wrenching sadness that make you value the excruciatingly great moments that happen to Eva Rereading Eva Luna 15 years after my first encounter was like a return to home No longer a misunderstood teen I could see how much I had grown changed and experienced Eva was still breathtaking but this time I did not fret that my life would not be as colourful exciting heart stoppingly painful and filled with love that would fuel adventures Eva and I were comforting friends eual in life and love

  4. Lana Rigsby Lana Rigsby says:

    In the Prologue to this wonderful collection Eva Luna's lover urges her to tell me a story Tell me a story you have never told anyone before Make it up for me And Eva Scheherezade like complies with twenty three short vivid tales that are each exuisite than the last The stories are sensual and richly descriptive and they deal with eternal themes greed revenge the memories of first love suppressed aging death They're written in the magic realism style of Gabriel Garcia Maruez but through eyes that are unmistakably a woman's My favorites The Little Heidelberg about El Capitan who wordlessly loved his dancing partner for 40 years before proposing marriage; And Of Clay We Are Made a tragic tale simply told; Toad's Mouth; a delightfully erotic tale of prostitutes and sheep herders in the cold south country; Walimai about well you have to experience these stories for yourself They are stories for reading aloud over a glass of wine

  5. aleks aleks says:

    So basically I've decided to change my rating from 3 to 4 stars because well a funny thing happened I'm writing an essay on this book for uni and basically in it I defend Allende with one cuento which I really really despised and am uite disgusted by Initially I didn't think much of it it is the best story to defend my thesis and if I hate it who will know? And yet how talented Allende is and what a master of nuance she is if I can write paragraph after paragraph finding gold in a story I thought rotten So yeah 4 stars it is Some of these stories are great and all of them are page turners The writing is amazing too And I a person who usually dislikes short stories was really invested However Allende's feminism speaks to me only half of the time and perhaps this is an unusual complaint the amount of sex in this book made me feel almost repulsion It's not even that there are lengthy graphic descriptions of the act but sometimes the language was too much for me in that regard I'm not sure how to describe it I've read many things in my life and some of them could probably be classified as pure porn but somehow Allende's sensual descriptions make my skin itch a hundred times and not in a good way Sex is also extremely important in most of the stories and it is either their focal point or their resolution I get what Allende is trying to say with all this sexual liberation but while reading I was like DEAR GOD ENOUGH SURELY YOU CAN SHOW THAT THIS WOMAN IS STRONG WITHOUT MAKING HER SLEEP WITH SOMEONE It's just that when I recall this book I think of rotting fruitThe Schoolteacher's Guest the abandoned palace but also above all else of nakedness and sentences like Elena followed them up the stairs noting the new guest's intense appraisal of the cotton skirt clinging to her mother's sweaty buttocks or she was transformed into a round rosy moaning opulent siren an undulating sea anemone all tentacles and suckers all mouth and hands and legs and orifices rolling and turning and cleaving to the large body of and so on Maybe I'm just too childish but it was too much for me It's a shame because Allende's stories are very not obvious Oh well Maybe I'll read this again in a few years' time and won't mind For now I'll just try to forget all the moaning opulent sirens and live in peace thanks

  6. Sonia Gomes Sonia Gomes says:

    Stories of Eva Luna introduced me to Isabel Allende and for me there was no looking back I love every short story but I do have my favouritesI love ‘Two Words’ because it showed the Power of the written word if only I had my two words I would have a better bet at going through this World‘Clarissa’ is another favourite her kindness and her hilarious conservation with the robber who had come to rob her The fact that he brought her a gift every year for Christmas restores my faith in people‘Toad’s Mouth’ raunchy as hell but what would we do without some raunch if not in real life at least in booksWhat had me cheering was ‘The Gold of Tomás Vargas’ sometimes a little murder is reuired‘Our Secret’ was heartbreakingSometimes the entire pueblo shares a delicious secret as in ‘The Schoolteacher’s Guest’ How do we get to the top of the social ladder? Get some tips from ‘The Proper Respect’ These are my favourites but you may like the others

  7. Francesca Forrest Francesca Forrest says:

    I've been talking about these as I read along The last two were not to my taste and that's true for a few others as well but overall the stories were compelling and vividly told From a writer's perspective I appreciated that these were told as tales I see a lot of focus these days on character development interiority etc and that's great we're interested as people in other people's interior lives and how character is defined and so on But I have a great love of plain old storytelling too and these stories show that you can be a powerful writer have a lot to say about life and the world and do it through storytelling rather than character development That's not to say that the characters weren't developed they were but they developed within the context of a set of generally unusual events My favorite stories were Clarisa The Gold of Tomas Várgas and Tosca A story I found deeply interesting and engaging but also problematic on multiple fronts was WalimaiI wasn't fond of how many stories involved sexual violence and the romantic appeal of a victim but that unfondness was overcome by how much I loved the evocation of place and the truths about human nature that the stories opened upI want to try reading her in Spanish if I ever make my way to the end of Leidy Tabares La Niña ue Vendia Rosas

  8. Onceinabluemoon Onceinabluemoon says:

    45 not a fan of short stories I tend to lag behind on the previous characters as we move on to others I like one continuous plot but some of these stories were so lyrical I am glad I broke my rules and read this

  9. Naurin Naurin says:

    The book The Stories of Eva Luna by Isabel Allende was amazing I loved how the author divided many short stories and put it all in one book These stories gave me various and mixed emotions However my favorite story Wicked Girl was in the beginning of the book This story shocked me because I never thought of any conflict in a relationship the way the author described it The conflict in this story was that a man stayed over a hotel and was sensuous with the owner The daughter of the owner however did not like the man but after her mom passed away and she became mature she met this man again and this time she liked a person whom her mother has slept with The thoughts of being in a relationship with whom your mother has slept with disturbs me very muchMy mother is married however if she was to date other men and if I thought of dating them as well if my mother wasn't going out with them any just the thought of it would make me look like a pathetic person But I guess there comes times when it's hard to decide things for your self Therefore what the daughter in this sotry have done I won't criticize her for it but I still think it's a mistake

  10. Seonaid Seonaid says:

    Eva Luna in bed with her lover is asked to tell him a story 'you have never told anyone before' and thus starts a series of 23 stories told by this South American Scheherazade I find Allende to be a compassionate writer often humorous often magical but always humane The stories are peopled with an eclectic variety of characters – guerillas and tyrants peasants whores doctors teachers – who suffer find and lose love are disempowered and ignored and who experience hardship and sorrow Yet Allende never slips into sentimentality and the sense of magic lifts many lives from the mundane to the mythological Houses and entire groups of people slip into the jungle never to be seen again and remembered only in legend; tyrants find love if not forgiveness; lives are wasted neglected ignored and yet through all the stories weaves a belief in the power of the human heart to survive and the importance of love Despite the chaos and the cruelty the poverty and the bitterness of life it is Rolf's desperate attempt to rescue 13 year old Azucena and his genuine assurances of how much he loves her that soars above the base self gratification of the politicians and remains in the mindBeautiful poetic and recommended

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