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Wandering Soul (The Summer Park Psychics #1) ❮Download❯ ➹ Wandering Soul (The Summer Park Psychics #1) ➾ Author Cassandra Chandler – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk She saved him from death but can he open her heart to loveDante's scars and the mask he wears to hide them have always kept him apart from others When he's suddenly transported from 1880s London to mo She saved him from death but can he open her heart to loveDante's scars and the mask he wears to hide them have always kept him apart from others When he's suddenly transported from s London to modern day Florida he finds himself surrounded by amazing technology and supportive friends—and living with a beautiful woman guarding a miraculous secretRescuing Dante was the most daring thing Elsa has ever done But ever since she discovered that he was the man behind the legend of The Phantom of the Opera she's been obsessed with bringing him to her time and giving him a chance at a better life Trouble is she desperately wants that life to be with herFighting her desire blinds her to a danger lurking in their midst—a danger Dante is determined to protect her from And when the threat causes Elsa's powers to manifest in a new and unexpected way she has to make a choice—keep her secrets or save one of her dearest friends This is the second edition of the same novel originally released in July of Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN .

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  1. Haley Nguyen Haley Nguyen says:

    175 stars What an enormous disappointment So here's a kind of summary of the opening scene An academically inuisitve masked Victorian outcast who is waiting for Death after jeopardizing his own life to save the lives of his close ones suddenly gets brought to 2015 by a mysterious and beautiful female time traveler who thinks to herself how much she has known him even before he himself knows her Yup How riveting And that's why I was clued to my e reader during the first 30% of the book even though my initial intention was to try out only a few pages But don't be fooled my dear reader friends I'm not giving this book a positive review as I'm not feeling all that positive after finishing it in frustrationWandering Soul is not abook a bout time travel where usually lie time stream splits as in Marking Time All Our Yesterdays UnHappenings or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which might result in fascinating characters from ancient times joining interesting nowadays ers or vice versa in uest of something perhaps in light of restoring the chronological order saving the world changing one's fate orand else It is in fact a 95% romance book To be fair though a good time travel romance would do just fine for me if it were somewhat similar to A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux; as I loved that sht like crazyIn actuality all you can find in this book is a dreadfully boring and frustrating love story whose main focus is put on the two leads swooning over each other The romance is just so cheesy and so underdeveloped my eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets due to rolling so hard For God's sake That was SO not what I had mind when I saw Wandering Soul classified as time travel Plus considering my recent mood and book picks it seems that my tolerance towards cheesiness has been wearing increasingly thinAnd where the heck are the necessary explanations to certain things? I thought this was a stand alone but there are still some loop holes and loose ends needing tying up Not that I care anyway Just mentioning since I probably won't pick up the next bookIf there is oneSo yeah This book opens to a scene so spellbindingly epic that putting it down was not an option for me; and it's a uite fast paced read too hence the termination But it was not what I hoped it would be hence the negative review uite unfair but it's just reality

  2. Shelly Shelly says:

    I read this in a single day I neglected my own writing and some other things in favor of reading this That should tell you how well and truly hooked I was by it I'm not normally a big reader of romance but I've been looking forward to this one since I first heard about Time travel the Phantom of the Opera what's not to love about that combination? The book did NOT disappoint I loved it There were the usual things you expect from a romance immediate physical attraction between the main characters lots of misunderstandings which serve to make them hesitant and then serve to put up roadblocks between them some jealousy and issues from their pasts which make things difficult for them But the fact that these things are an expected part of a romance didn't detract from how enjoyable the read was Elsa and Dante are well drawn characters fully fleshed out and believable Their attraction never felt forced Their difficulties felt genuine Watching them overcome their obstacles was immensely satisfying The book ended on a VERY intriguing epilogue and I understand this is the start of a series I can't wait to see where it leads I hope it will offer us time with Dante and Elsa as well as giving us a chance to get to know about the other characters Jazz Garrett and Winston They were supporting characters but I loved them and can't wait to know about themThis was a fantastic read and I loved it I'm just sad that I've finished already

  3. J.R. J.R. says:

    Anyone who liked the Time Traveler's Wife and Outlander will love this romantic tale of a woman who will do anything to save a man from the past I hope this will be the beginning of a series I will be reading this one again

  4. Sara Sara says:

    Chandler does a great job in pulling the Phantom of the Opera into a creative romance novel Her characters are well developed and multifaceted in a genre that doesn't traditionally ascribe a lot of depth to the them The relationships are believable and real and leave you rooting for the good guys all the way through

  5. Angel_gidget Angel_gidget says:

    Even if I hadn't read the 2nd book of this series first it still would have been clear from the get go that the villain around the corner is in fact the villain around the corner I wasn't sure if that would be played up as a mystery or not but he is 100% creepy and clearly up to no good when we meet him I liked thatBut I also enjoyed that he gets minimal screen time and that our heroine Elsa mostly spends time helping her time displaced darling Dante adjust to her little self contained world in the modern day That doesn't sound thrilling when I put it like that I suppose but the story still feels pretty fast paced without feeling rushed I enjoyed swimming around in the world these characters make for themselves Very cute

  6. Kristina Kristina says:

    Wandering Soul by Cassandra Chandler starts out in London 1881 Dante Lucerne just helped save his friends Mary and Edgar from a burning theater Dante gives his mother’s ring to Edgar and tells him to use to sell it for Mary and Edgar to start a new life Dante insists on going back in to try and save his brother and sister in law though they are very nasty to him Dante finds both of them dead they were trying to get the contents of the safe before leaving the building and his exit blocked Then a beautiful light and woman appear to Dante Elsa holds tight to Dante and whisks him to 2015 Elsa Sinclair is a time traveler She has been working uite a while to go back in time and save Dante One of the first things Elsa does is give Dante back his mother’s ring but with no explanation Elsa tells Dante that she has brought him to Summer Park Florida in the year 2015 After arriving at Elsa’s home Elsa collapses Evidently this is a side effect of time traveling While Elsa sleeps for the next two days Dante explores the special set of encyclopedia’s that Elsa has made for himWhen Elsa awakens she gets to know Dante She is very attracted to him but she wants him to love her for herself not because she saved him from the fire and brought him forward in time Elsa also has someone bothering her Elsa was set up on a blind date with Michael by her friend Jazz Elsa did not like him very much Now Michael is going out with Rachel Jazz’ assistant Michael is very controlling He keeps showing up unexpectedly as Elsa’s house What is he up to and what does he want? Will Dante be able to keep Elsa safe?I was disappointed with the lack of time travel in Wandering Soul This book mostly consists of 66% of foreplay between Dante and Elsa 2% mystery with Michael 2% time travel if that and the rest is Dante and Elsa having sex confusion because of their lack of communication and then of course the making up We are never given complete information about Elsa’s time travel abilities I was looking forward to a paranormal mystery and got a romance book instead I give Wandering Soul 25 out of 5 starsI received a complimentary copy of Wandering Soul from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The review and opinions expressed are my ownhttpbibliophileandavidreaderblogs

  7. Jess Jess says:

    WANDERING SOUL is the first book of the Summer Park Physics series and has already left me eager for As a lifelong fan of the Phantom of the Opera tale in its various incarnations I was very eager to read WANDERING SOUL when I first heard about it It did not disappoint in the slightest I was delighted to hear the love story about the many behind the legend and to see him find the happy ending I'd always thought he'd deservedIn WANDERING SOUL Dante Lucerne is the damaged man who spawned the story of the Phantom of the Opera While he is the sort of darker hero that I am helpless for he is also kind and gentle especially in his actions toward the heroine While he is protective he does not fall into any of the abusive or controlling tropes that turn me away from this sort of hero He wants to be there for Elsa but he does not think her incapable of saving herselfAnd Elsa certainly does not need saving in fact she's the one who continually rescues people in the novel It takes absolute physical exhaustion for her to initially accept Dante's help She is a woman who's had to always take care of herself keeping even her most trusted friends and loved ones at an arm's length She's a fighter and a survivor I admit I immediately adored her because she's a romance writer with a very special gift a gift that allows her to save those she cares for but also one she is terrified to reveal to anyone because of her painful pastThere is a whole host of secondary characters surrounding the couple that are also a joy to read about There is reliable handsome Garrett dutiful and fiery Winston the cheerful whirlwind that was Rachel and her mysterious boss Jazz I felt attached to each and every one I was happy at the very end to see that two of these characters are implied to be the focus of the seuel WHISPERING HEARTS I can't wait to return to the world and characters that Cassandra has beautifully crafted I give this book a 55 and recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance read wrapped up in mystery legend and lovely writing

  8. Les Romantiques Les Romantiques says:

    Posted on Les Romantiues Le forum du siteReviewed by RinouReview Copy from the PublisherThose who know me know that I love time travel stories with their fish out of water moments Unfortunately that’s what I missed in Wandering SoulDante is about to die in the fire of a theatre when the one he first thinks is an angel comes and takes him But instead of an after life it’s in a modern world he’ll have to find his footing while discovering the legend of the Phantom of the Opera which was built around himWe don’t know much about Elsa the heroine apart from the fact she can travel through time using the emotions of a piece of art and that she uses it to do researches for her books and those uite till the end In spite of this she’s uite likeable and eager to do what she thinks is right toward Dante However it would have been better she asks his opinion instead of deciding for him especially as that means she tends to go back and forth between attraction and keeping a distance and Dante doesn’t understand what’s going onDante is a endearing character understanding and patient He suffered a lot of his past and his scars and he finds it difficult to accept that Elsa and her friends don’t pay a great deal of attention to them I found surprising that he gets used so easily to the modern world even if the author put emphasis on the fact the modern turns of phrases perplex him and on some of his manners from another time he must learn to control We are said he discovers everything through an encyclopedia and TV but I’d have liked to see of itThe secondary characters are pleasant realistic and bring some scenes light and funny while allowing the couple to evolve especially Elsa who must learn to open up and trust others The little suspense plot is too light for the romantic suspense lover that I am but as it wasn’t the theme of the novel I’ll be lenient LOLTo conclude even if I found it a bit light on time travel on suspense and on explanation about the how and the why of the heroine’s capacities I must admit all the same that Wandering Soul is in spite of this a enjoyable romance easily read

  9. Eva Millien Eva Millien says:

    Elsa Sinclair has a secretshe can travel back in time and when she stumbles across the man behind the legendary Phantom of the Opera she can’t leave him to his fiery fate in this bewitching paranormal romance Who isn’t fascinated by the story behind the Phantom of the Opera? Well Cassandra Chandler has put a uniue and fascinating spin on the legend and brought it to life in a powerful and gripping story that had me falling in love with the Phantom all over again“Copyright Night Owl Reviews”©4 ½ STARSSee my full review at

  10. Kacey4kc Kacey4kc says:

    I enjoyed reading this As other reviewers have mentioned there isn't a lot of time travel but I found the mechanism of how the time travel for worked fascinating I am not very familiar with the Phantom of the Opera beyond seeing the play once and hearing the music but discussions of Dante's history made me want to do research I did find Elsa annoying at times but I appreciated that there was some conseuences to her habit of making assumptions instead of talking to Dante The secondary characters were great particularly WinstonLooking forward to the next one

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