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Resident Alien (The Department of Homeworld Security #2) ➠ [Epub] ➚ Resident Alien (The Department of Homeworld Security #2) By Cassandra Chandler ➪ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk He reached for the stars—and touched her heartWhen Brendan Sloan sends transmissions into deep space he never thinks his dream of contacting aliens will come true The sultry voice that responds is s He reached for the stars—and touched her heartWhen Brendan Sloan sends transmissions into deep space he never thinks his dream of contacting aliens will come true The sultry voice that responds is something out of his geeky dreams He’s convinced Kira was sent by his government to keep an eye on him while he’s on vacation—that is until she shows up on his doorstep in a silver spaceshipTo escape the vicious Tau Ceti Kira had to destroy the listening station where she's been observing Earthlings for two years—alone She should never have responded to Brendan’s broadcasts but something about him drew her in Now he's the only person she can turn to for help because the Tau Ceti aren't done with her—or EarthWorking together they may be able to protect Brendan’s homeworld but can they also save their love This is the second edition of the same novella originally released in April of Approximately wordsAlternate Cover Edition for ISBN .

  • Resident Alien (The Department of Homeworld Security #2)
  • Cassandra Chandler
  • 07 March 2016

About the Author: Cassandra Chandler

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7 thoughts on “Resident Alien (The Department of Homeworld Security #2)

  1. Laz the Sailor Laz the Sailor says:

    This one is even better than the first Nice swap with the nerdy guy and the stronger gal The story is compact but not simple and the sexy bits are hot The overall plot arc is now visible which will help tie the future stories together

  2. ⚜️Trea ⚜️Trea says:

    This book was ok of a 25 star read for me It focused on the hookup and sex than on developing the relationship Suddenly Kira and Brendan love each other so much that they can't live without each other and they're changing their lives to match it It didn't ring true for me The developments that happened at the end of the book with this couple and the one from the previous book hold promise so I'm not abandoning the series just yet Hopefully the next book will be better

  3. Susan Saltos Susan Saltos says:

    Eh Just okay The first one was better

  4. Annie Annie says:

    Loved Kira and BrendanKira's genetic manipulation was supposed to make her a diplomat She was classified as a glitch with no stand out talent She was implanted with nanites in her brain and placed on a listening post Her current assignment over Earth has been the longest 2 years Hearing Brendan Sloan's broad casts into space Looking for contact with a aliens but through loneliness She broke protocol and reached out to him Their daily talks mean everything to herBrendan Sloan is a multimillionaire A tech Geek at heart he has been working for the government Almost losing his environmentalist sister had him taking a mental health break at his cabin His daily talks with Kira have been a life savior She has hinted at being an alien He suspects she is a handler Then Mira shows up at his door She is in danger and so are the people of EarthVampire Space Frogs are taking up residence While all Kira wants to do is stay with Brendan she and the people of Earth need the Coalition help A fun fast paced and steamy SIFI romance

  5. Shelly Shelly says:

    Kira is an alien orbiting a listening station above Earth Brandon is a nerd broadcasting into deep space in the hopes of contacting an advanced civilization that can cure his loneliness Kira intercepts his messages and responds breaking the rules she is supposed to live by When hostile aliens invade the listening station she has to make an escape in a matter of seconds and she goes to the first place that comes to mind Brandon's cabin They both have a lot to learn about their respective societies and in the meantime those hostile aliens are still out there and there's the distraction very pleasant distraction of their immediate physical attraction to one another It's a very entertaining read

  6. Kacey4kc Kacey4kc says:

    Really enjoyed this story I read it twice in a row I liked it so much I really liked that there is an established relationship between the two main characters as it made the speed of the physical romance work better for me I also enjoyed finding out about what is going on with the vampire space frogs

  7. crashmstr crashmstr says:

    Fun and sexy sci fi romp Can't wait for the third book

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