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Gray Card (The Department of Homeworld Security #1) [PDF / Epub] ❤ Gray Card (The Department of Homeworld Security #1) ✅ Cassandra Chandler – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The Department of Homeworld Security Book 1Winner of Funniest Nerdgirl Love Affair in the 4th Annual SFR Galaxy Awards Is he after her heart or her planetHe's gorgeous the best friend I've ever had an The Department of Homeworld Security Book Winner of Funniest Nerdgirl Love Affair in the th Annual SFR Galaxy Awards Is he after her heart or her planetHe's gorgeous the best friend I've ever had and now he says he loves me But he has to go home in three days and I don't even know where home isShe's brilliant hilarious and she makes me feel alive in ways I never dreamed possible But if she finds out my secret than our relationship will be threatened Because where I'm from is much distant than she realizes—and my people won't let me go easily Contains a sneak peek at Resident Alien book two in.

  • Gray Card (The Department of Homeworld Security #1)
  • Cassandra Chandler
  • 08 November 2016

About the Author: Cassandra Chandler

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10 thoughts on “Gray Card (The Department of Homeworld Security #1)

  1. E.G. Manetti E.G. Manetti says:

    Fun short read with an alien general who just wants to get away from it all with a geeky earth girl Of course the galactic bureaucrats hate that idea

  2. Laz the Sailor Laz the Sailor says:

    This was a cute and uirky story of two people who don't belong together they come from different places VERY different places Given the novella length there was a solid story with only the bad guy being a bit thinly developed Sex was hot but not sizzling with the angst of we can't be together hovering over much of itBut hey HEAI'll read the next one

  3. ⚜️Trea ⚜️Trea says:

    This was a cute story but very short The characters said their “I love you”s very uickly and we don’t get to see much of the build up to that point though we are told that they’ve spent uite a bit of time together I liked how spunky Evelyn was and how resourceful as well when confronted with a dangerous situation I would have loved this to be a longer story and am interested in looking for the author’s other works

  4. Amber Amber says:

    cute uick read that I would have enjoyed had I been able to watch the romance grow instead of being checked into the story right at confession time

  5. Susan Saltos Susan Saltos says:

    A cute but short story I would have liked to have seen a bunch of scenes of their friendship The book barely starts and they jump into bed together The stuff about him investigating his liaison and about looking into getting a gray card could have taken of the book It was free and a novella though well written so I can't really complain

  6. Lexie Lexie says:

    I definitely went into this expecting a bit world building I didn't realize how short it was Evelyn was cute and Adam was ok but the description made it seem like Evelyn was in in the fact Adam was an alienIt made the drama part fall into the miscommunication category then the we need to discuss the ramifications of being together category Which was taken care of REAL UICK by the way That's what this book lacked suspense Tension Even in fluffy reads there has to be anticipation of some kind something that engages the reader to keep reading despite knowing how it ends in a general romance wayYet there was none here Evelyn wants who she wants Adam wants who he wants and they're both so self sacrificing they'll make it work Our antagonist was an interesting digression but other then menacing Evelyn not really she doesn't trust him at all and threatening Adam he's ALSO taken care of uickly while being given a one note friends in high places excuse as to why he was so corruptI was annoyed I wanted to see development and less telling about that development

  7. BookwormMomma7 BookwormMomma7 says:

    DifferentA cute and uick inter species read and great set up for the series Evelyn and Adam have something going on until he realizes he will not be allowed to stay on Earth and she doesn’t know he is an alien

  8. Jane Elizabeth Jane Elizabeth says:

    WonderfulThis is the phenomenal beginning to a series by a new to me author If the rest of the stories are as well written as this one they have to be amazing also It is also one of the few books I have read in awhile without any typos Unfortunately I am on a limited income and unable to read the rest😭

  9. AnnaM AnnaM says:

    Light Fun Science Fiction RomanceNerd girl finds the perfect man for her Evelyn has dreamt of space and sf her whole life She meets Adam awkward and uiet and gorgeous Dreams of him join the mix She didn't know he could make all her dreams come true Well written fun with nary a typo in sight this story waltzes through danger risk and sacrifices we make for love Evelyn is a different type of strong heroine She's witty and badass but also soft and girly Adam is alpha and beta simultaneously They make an excellent couple This is an excellent story

  10. Becky Becky says:

    Maybe 35 stars A bit better than average but not uite a 4 star read This was fun but I would have liked The story started on the day that Evelyn decides to try to shift their friendship to a romance and Adam finds out that he has to leave the planet It definitely plunges the reader into the story with both feet but we miss them getting to know each other initially and a lot of what could have been fun fish out of water stuff with Adam

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