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A story like the wind [Download] ➽ A story like the wind By Gill Lewis – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A masterful story about the power of hope Rami is in a small dinghy filled with strangers all of them refugees seeking a safe harbor But with no motor no oars and a rising tide their situation looks A masterful like the PDF/EPUB é story about the power of hope Rami is in a small dinghy filled with strangers all of them refugees seeking a safe harbor But with no A story Epub / motor no oars and a rising tide their situation looks bleak So Rami pulls out the only thing he brought with him—a violin—and begins to tell his fellow story like the PDF Í refugees a story through his music And his story about an indomitable white stallion and its struggle for freedom gives them all the strength to remember the past and hope for the future   A story like the wind is a beautifully illustrated fable that shows how music and stories can bring people together Readers of all ages will be entranced by this sweeping story that feels both new and timeless.

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  1. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    A Story Like the Wind is one of the best children's books I have read in ages and it is a beautiful read for adult readers alikeGill Lewis has written a beautiful very moving well crafted story and Jo Weaver has illustrated it superbly The hardback has a gorgeous cover design with silver lettering to the title and there are beautiful colour tones to the illustrations throughout the bookIt's a wonderful story that I'm rather glad I didn't know too much about going in to it It unfolded beautifully as I read and without giving anything away the storytelling is nicely done throughout and then builds very well as it comes to the end We meet a small group of refugees on a little boat with very little of anything but they still have some hope Amongst them is Rami who carries only one thing And he tells the rest of them a story in which they all can see parts of themselves and their lives And the story is magical but feels realHighly recommended

  2. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    There is a boat It isn’t even really a boat – just a toy dinghy really And in that boat a group of refugees sit It’s cold It’s dark It’s frightening The sea is rising And there is a boy with a violin who starts to tell them a storyI picked this book up on a bit of a whim really It looked somewhat magical with the beautiful illustrations by Jo Weaver The cover with the beautiful horse made up of musical notes just looked so wonderful The illustrations within are also absolutely amazingThis book is a wonderful story of hope music defiance and freedom Gill Lewis clearly wrote this book in response to the refugee crisis and it’s a really emotional read which has been endorsed by Amnesty International It’s a fabulous tale which merges one of the traditional Mongolian tales of the creation of the first violin with the tale of refugees with interjections and discussion from the refugees included in the tale It really is a story within a story in the finest tradition of the Canterbury Tales and suchlikeIt’s uite a short read and the surface story would work uite well for children of many ages However older children from age 11 and up will probably be the most likely to appreciate some of the sophisticated darker themes of refuge and war Either way – it’s a book that belongs on everybody’s shelf and would be great for anyone who enjoyed Frank Cotterell Boyce’s The Unforgotten Coat or Kate DiCamillo’s The Magician’s Elephant

  3. Jim Jim says:

    Beautiful book starting wthe coverThe first page stopped me i couldn't read any because it was a story in itself i've only read one page like that in past couple years There Was a Fire Here by Risa Nye i went back to the book after a week and read one of the loneliest stories i've ever readThe sea Cold Night Nothing around no ships no land no aircraft The only noise is the water slapping the rubber raft you and your companions?survivors? have spent all they had to be inTwo boys maybe early teens a husband wife and two children and an old man and his small dog All alone with the boy and his violin and the song And by the end of Gill Lewis and Jo Weaver's story it will be enoughA Story Like The Wind should only take a half hour to read it took me two weeks because i kept putting it down and thinking of what the boy sang to the others to give them the promise of living further and longer The song is about a horse its companions the wind and the and an evil conueror and Weaver's art is shades of blue and white pencil against a dark blue starless skyThis is as near a perfect story as one can imagineEerdman's sent me a review copy of a book i had already intended to buy

  4. Kim Kim says:

    A Story Like the Wind is an emotionally evocative book In just 80 pages one is submerged in the story of a boy his violin his fellow passengers his country and a war The language is colorful the story both tragic and hopeful Some may consider this book too intense for middle grade readers but in the hands of a precocious child it could lead to a world of understanding and empathy

  5. Annina Luck Annina Luck says:

    I wasn't sure what kind of book this was at first because it is about 70 pages but a smaller suare format illustrated and dense text I decided after reading that it is probably for middle grade readers although it is timeless in a way because of the strong folklore story that is woven in throughoutIt is the story of a group of refugees huddled in a flimsy boat in the middle of the ocean escaping persecution and how they are swept up into a folklore story told by one of them accompanied by his violin I really loved how this folklore tale about a spirited white stallion and that when the story returned to the present the reader learned about the lives of the refugeesI hope this doesn't spoil the story too much but it was also clever that the tale incidentally told of how the morin khuur the horsehead fiddle and I am thinking a cousin to the violin was inventedThe only thing I wished was that some of the illustrations or maybe even the cover could have been in color

  6. Susan Susan says:

    The words and the illustrations work so well to bring this tale to life Folktales and music give hope to refugees caught out in the open seaHighly recommended I wonder what the music sounds like in Gill Lewis's mind? Would love to hear it

  7. Andrew Davies Andrew Davies says:

    This is a dramatic story full of imagery and parallels with challenges facing our modern world Inevitably for Lewis it's primarily a tale about animals in this case the story of an orphaned white foal found huddled next to his dead mother on a rugged hillside at the start of winter and Suke the Mongolian shepherd boy who saves nurtures and raises him Lewis however does not appoint herself as the storyteller nor her readers as her intended audience instead the story is told within a story by Rami a thirteen year old orphan himself travelling on a flimsily groaning dinghy with a ramshackle band of other refugees escaping Middle Eastern civil war which has ravaged all they know and left them homeless bereaved and traumatised Rami's only remaining possession apart from the clothes he wears is a violin with which he depicts the story to his fellow travellers to calm their fears as the dinghy is buffeted by the rough rising sea heading to nowhere As we follow Suke and his white stallion's oppression by an evil ruler Lewis interjects the story with testimonies from some of Rami's fellow refugees helping us realise that the horse is in fact an analogy for each of the refugees themselves victims of human greed and violence fleeing as the book's title suggests like the wind The book is fairly short in length and very atmospherically illustrated by Jo Weaver using a mixture of blues greys whites and silver to reflect the snowy winter in Rami's story and the night sky above the boat from which he tells it However the themes of the book confirm it is intended for a UKS2 audience every character is the victim of material and emotional loss and if the horse's story is analogous of the refugees' future like it they will only find true freedom in death when they are no longer bound by the cruelties of other humans in this life The theme of human migration to escape war could link to PSHE history or geography whilst the extensive poetic language of description Lewis uses could inspire any young writer to fill their own work with simile metaphor personification and allegory There's a beautiful musical link in the horse's spirit living on through song and the replication of its mane in the neck of a violin maybe a class could write their own lyrics or even melody to create their own similarly themed song as a book can describe it of course but not sing it to us 'A Story Like the Wind' is endorsed by Amnesty International and just as we have the opportunity to help those around the world in need Lewis leaves her refugees at the end of Rami's story still floating 'in a rising wind on a rising sea' hoping against hope for freedom and salvation Maybe their fate both in creative writing in class to carry the story forward and in their real life refugee compatriots around our current world seeking a welcome elsewhere as they travel to escape devastation lies in the hands of ourselves and our children as readers

  8. Adelee MacNevin Adelee MacNevin says:

    A Story Like the Wind is a story unlike any other I’ve read in children’ literature The lyrical language of the story transported me to the tastes smells and sounds of the streets of Syria and the Mongolian desert as a small band of refugees floating in a dinghy at sea at night remember their homes that are no longer and a small boy recounts and sings a tale to keep the darkness at bay It had me in tears by the end It captured the sense of grief and loss but still carries a flag of hope and determination This is an important story It is a story that immerses the reader into the life of a refugee making it accessible to children and adults too It’s a great way to start a conversation with your child about refugees war and loss but hope and freedom too It also talks about the importance of remembering making it a great book to read during Veterans Day USA or Remembrance Day Canada This book would also make an excellent book study as part of a school or homeschool curriculumunit that is learning about war veterans current events refugees or the Syrian conflict The book format surprised me in that it’s not a traditional picture book length at 80 pages rather it’s like a cross between a picture book and early chapter book and that’s perfectly ok as it works for this story I read the book aloud to my 7 year old daughter It provided me with an opportunity to discuss hard topics like refugees and war I appreciate that while the refugees’ story doesn’t come to a “happy” conclusion the book ends with a note of hope and the story within the story of the white stallion and the boy Suke does come to a satisfying conclusion of the evil being vanuished from the land and the village celebrating We don't tend to shy away from hard topics in our family because I would rather we create a safe place in our family and home for discussing all topics at an age appropriate level than for my children to be discussing and getting their information from peers I received this book as a gift with a reuest to review

  9. Tasha Tasha says:

    A haunting look at the plight of refugees this short piece of fiction will work well for children and adults alike Rami floats in the water in a small dinghy with seven other people All of them are fleeing their homeland in the hopes of finding shelter elsewhere But the boat motor has broken down and they are now adrift Rami is alone except for his violin and he begins to weave a tale filled with music to keep their spirits up It is a tale of a young man who rescues an orphaned colt from the snow and grows to be able to ride the stallion because he respects the horse’s freedom As the tale is woven it is not just a story about horseriding but also one about power brutality and the cost of freedomLewis has written a book that dances the line between children’s book and adult book very nicely It can also seem almost a picture book as the illustrations sweep across the pages Lewis’ writing is beautiful and filled with emotion The dangers of the refugee experience are shown tangibly on the page as are the stories of what they have lost from war The story of the stallion is given eual weight in the book rounding out the book and offering another angle from which to view the same story in the end It is a story that arcs around and creates a whole out of two separate tales wrapped in songThe illustrations by Weaver are breathtaking woven from blues and whites They fill with light and dark playing against one another and revealing images built from luminescence music and wind The illustrations suit the dark tale so perfectly that the book is one cohesive storyA dramatic and human look at the refugee crisis and its many victims Appropriate for ages 9 and up

  10. Wendy Wendy says:

    A STORY LIKE THE WIND by Gill Lewis illustrated by Jo Weaver Eerdmans 2018A STORY LIKE THE WIND has all the makings of a classic storybook At first glance it looks like a small picture book but the text inside is geared to middle grade The illustrations frame the story with a monochromatic palette and the small trim size makes it less likely to be a read aloud though the poetic language is well suited for it We start with a boy Rami floating through time and space a spot on metaphor for a refugee who ends up “in a small boat with a small hope in a rising wind on a rising sea” He meets each of the seven other passengers and we learn a bit about each of their stories before Rami uses his prized violin the only thing he took with him on the boat to tell a story He tells it to distract them all from the wind and cold and in the case of one very seasick passenger the story seems to cure himOn the surface the story within the story is about the origin of Rami’s violin but it’s also an allegory about obtaining freedom from an oppressive government We don’t uite know the significance of this story within the story until the end where it ties both narratives together beautifully A STORY LIKE THE WIND is an important look at refugees on a journey of hope and a necessary if gentle call to understand how freedom for all people must be regained and maintaineda copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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