The Go Girl GuideSurviving Your 20s with Savvy Soul and

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  1. Alysa Alysa says:

    Perhaps I would have enjoyed this book when I was in my early 20s and this book was only a few years old Now I found it to be not very relevant to me as well as rather outdatedTo start I have spend most of my 20s in Americorps and graduate school the first of which doesn't uite follow the same entry level job rules she discusses in this book and the second of which is barely mentioned But both are different life paths than the one the author focuses on in this book and I conseuently had some difficulties relating to the situations she describedSome of my other difficulties with the book The book is very heteronormative and assumes that every girl is looking for a guy and that is a major and specific goal in her life There are also several assumptions about shopping girls like to do it and shoes and clothes are super important and lifestyles of course every girl wants to go out dancing and lose weight and hates her body shape or size There are also several things that were pretty true in 2000 but have changed 15 years later ie credit card debt was a bigger burden to 20 somethings than student loan debt IUDs were not recommended for individuals who were nonparous and not everything was on the internet uite yet The tone is upbeat to the point that it can be annoying The language used to support this tone sometimes ends up being jokey insulting which is then followed up with apologetic language This kind of passive aggressive language pattern is not unusual among American women but it undermines the go girl speak up for yourself attitude she is trying to promoteAnnoyed though I am with this book the advice isn't necessarily bad An updated edition could certainly make it relevant to young and not so young 20 something women of today

  2. Amanda Amanda says:

    Maybe I would have been able to be generous when this book came out but an advice book for twenty something women written in 2000 gifted in 2010 and read in 2020 has not aged well

  3. Elisa Elisa says:

    If I was trying to get rich have as much safe sex as possible and diet like crazy this would have been the perfect book for me However I am not It gave a bit of good advice consolidate Student loans and some fishy advice travel the world on your credit card Cute idea bad book

  4. Sara Sara says:

    This book is a little silly but I absolutely love it And it makes a great gift too

  5. Emily Collins Emily Collins says:

    There’s some really good advice in this book; then there’s the many parts that made me cringe For instance the author talks about how it’s important to take time for yourself and that it’s okay important to try a different career path if you feel you need to She then interviews one woman who got her graduate degree but took some time off and decided to work in retail How empowering and comforting Kudos to her right? Well in another section about identity crisis the author continues to write “And you know you’re definitely not your best friend from high school who dropped out of college and delivers pizzas for a living” That’s so incredibly degrading and elitist not to mention goes against everything else the book is saying I only read a few sections of the book that I felt applied to me but in those sections my mouth literally dropped at some of things that were written I understand this book is pretty out of date but come on How hypocritical can it be?

  6. Sri Sahiti Velamuri Sri Sahiti Velamuri says:

    Not for me

  7. Kristyn Kristyn says:

    Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book I think it's for women who are just graduating college or are in their mid 20s I'm new to this decade in life and couldn't exactly relate to all that Bourland was talking about However I did enjoy the vast array of topics she discussed including our careers our love lives our body and soul our support group as well as our finances and other loose ends Bourland gives honest advice and doesn't sugar coat anything She uses comparisons in order for readers to better understand what she's saying; for example she compares getting a job to getting a date having your first job to being in a tribe She also uses humor when discussing the sensitive subjects like dating Bourland even includes uotes from movies such as Jerry Maguire Not only is this book filled with advice from cover to cover but the author also throws in Go Girl Resources in the back of the book that has suggestions on other things whether it be books or websites to read My favorite part about this book was the Top Ten List of Things to Do in Your 20s10 Learn to guffaw9 Have a wild and passionate fling8 Travel far and wide7 Fulfill those lifelong fantasies6 Run a marathon do a triathlon or bike a century ride5 Take a women's self defense class4 Reform dietary inadeuacies3 Keep in touch with at least one high school friend2 Don't work too hard1 Dig on these timesOverall this book was very informative and I even took several pages of notes on the book but I won't bore you with those If you want help in this turbulent decade of mood swings body demons careers and relationships I definitely suggest this book for your

  8. David David says:

    I'm not the target demographic but picked this up at a book swap and enjoyed it Breezy upbeat tone throughout as she gives advice dishes to her fellow 20 somethings girlfriend is the addressee for most points about basically everything dating finances career separation from parents living on your own date rape prevention sexual functioning hair careThere's a fair amount of projection I had a good time and learned a lot when traveling abroad everybody should travel abroad in their 20's and many of her friends who contributed uotes and advice seem to have similar circumstances white heterosexual women in grad school or professional jobs with boyfriends but not husbands or children with good relations with their parents living in big cities But she does try to acknowledge diversity from time to timeOther than people like me who will read or less any nonfiction one thing I couldn't decipher was who would buy such a book I can imagine being flummoxed about the job search OR about how to meet the right boyfriend OR about money management but it's a little hard to picture someone's thinking I'm struggling with everything about being a woman in my 20's and could use some advice unless she were depressed in which case most of this advice is neither here nor there until she gets treatment

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    I found this book at a used bookstore when I was 21 years old I was about halfway through college I had a boyfriend I'd been breaking up with for two years I was still fighting with my parents like I was a teenager and I had a lot of uestions I didn't feel like I could ask anyone I don't have an older sister or anyone who really fills that position in my life I am the older sister who do I turn to?Along came this bookI LOVED this book I read it over and over again I cried at some parts I've memorized others When it came to fights with roommates or how to decorate the tiny apartment I once had to myself or whether to hang on to a relationship that didn't seem worth it any or a practical health related uestion grey hairs at 26? are you kidding me? I could almost always find the answer within the pages of The Go Girl GuideI haven't found myself consulting this book lately I'm in the last weeks of my twenties and I'm looking forward to my thirties I honestly credit some of the success of the last decade to my repeated re readings of The Go Girl Guide And I have found myself wishing than once that Julia would write a guide for the next ten years

  10. Loryn Loryn says:

    I enjoyed this book for what it's worth additional perspectives on matters that people face post college age It was published 15 years ago so the content at times was irrelevant now actual phone calls ha I've been reading bits and pieces of this book for months now and I did take bunches of information away as good reference points and snippets of advice that may serve me well one day I like that it was written to be a pretty comprehensive guide for a gal just graduating college and facing the rest of her 20s While for me personally I knewwas aware offigured out much of the information prior to reading this book I know there's many a gal who may be pretty clueless maybe 1 thing in this book was talked about in high school or college especially finance and personal health info about these topics and would find a book like this pretty helpful I'm all for getting advice where you can get it and this author had some perspectives on things I hadn't thought about It's also one of those books especially with her contributing authors that makes you feel like you're not in it alone Would be better served if she wrote an updated version

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The Go Girl GuideSurviving Your 20s with Savvy Soul and Style ⚦ [PDF] ✎ The Go Girl GuideSurviving Your 20s with Savvy Soul and Style By Julia Bourland ✶ – A woman's 20s are a roller coaster of highs and lows unseen twists and frustrating turns Irreverent yet helpful and information The Go Girl Guide covers everything from dating to climbing the career l A woman's s are Girl GuideSurviving PDF/EPUB Â a roller coaster of highs and lows unseen twists and frustrating turns Irreverent yet helpful and information The Go Girl Guide covers everything from dating to climbing the career ladder to dealing with a body that has packed on some pounds exactly what girls just entering or already swimming in this brave new world The Go PDF/EPUB ² need to know Julia Bourland's straight talking survival guide puts the entire decade in perspective giving you a sense that the uncensored insider's scoop from an older worldly sister.

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