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Out of His League (Briarwood High, #1) ❴Reading❵ ➶ Out of His League (Briarwood High, #1) Author Maggie Dallen – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk What's the first rule of reinventing yourself as a cool girl at a new school Steer clear of your old crush A new school means a fresh start So long Ronnie Smith invisible tomboy and hello Veronica pop What's the first rule of reinventing yourself as a cool girl at a new school Steer clear of your old crush A new school means a fresh start So long Ronnie Smith invisible tomboy and hello Veronica popular new hottie This is my chance to finally be seenand kissed Yeah that's right I've never been kissed But I mean to change Out of Kindle - all that now that I'm starting over with a new look and attitude The only problem I'm not the only one from my old school who's transferred to Briarwood High Drew Remi is here too and he's still the same wildly popular baseball star He's also the only person who can ruin my new life But he can only rat me out if he recognizes meSo why am I so upset when he doesn't have a clue who I really am.

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  1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    35 stars for this Kindle freebie high school romance novel now back to 299 It’s a uick cute read even if it’s not plowing any new ground Veronica Ronnie is a talented high school soccer player but she’s always been treated as one of the guys invisible for dating purposes So when she gets a scholarship to a private school before her junior year she sees it as a chance to remake her image and get in with the popular crowd at Briarwood Luckily she has her best friend’s girlfriend Margo to help her with the makeup hair and fashionable clothes thingVeronica’s plan is working like a charm when she literally runs into Drew Remi a hot guy and baseball player who used to be at her old school and is now also at Briarwood At first she’s afraid he’ll recognize her then she’s a little offended that he doesn’t Drew’s very attracted to the new girl at school and can’t figure out why she’s avoiding him Then one night there’s a partyThis is a cute fluffy novel for readers just looking for a uick romantic fix The writing is competent if not inspired it’s self published I think but I only noticed a handful of errors The ground here is littered with tropes and the characters are stock All the usual lessons are learned I would’ve been impressed if the plot had been a little creative It does though get an extra half star for a really satisfying relationship scene at the end I’d recommend this one to high school aged readers who love romancesContent note Mild swearing including the use of God's name talk about other students hooking up Kisses only for our main couple

  2. Alaina Alaina says:

    Out of His League was a cute and super predictable book Ronnie finds an opportunity to reinvent herself into Ronnie 20 However Ronnie also finds out that being popular isn't what she thought it would be In my opinion popularity was a joke in High School At one point I stopped caring what people thought of me and the friendships I still have with people from my High School are due to the fact that we've stuck by each other through thick and thin Those are the people I can count on to help me through anything and vice versaThroughout the book Ronnie learns about herself which was refreshing and great to read Ronnie didn't put up with anybody's crap either which I absolutely loved She definitely reminded me of myself Then there's Drew who started to open up and learn how to trust himself and other people He was an eually likable character but I don't really have much to say about him eitherOverall it was an enjoyable read Cute beyond predictable but enjoyable These two Drew and Ronnie were completely shippable too They were cute and cool together maybe even had some swoonworthy moments I honestly just really enjoyed them reconnecting in this book I can't wait to see what the next book with give me

  3. Kate McMurry Kate McMurry says:

    This is a pleasant PG young adult contemporary romance novel with a strong theme of coming of age

  4. Yoda Yoda says:

    It´s kind of an okay read Its entertaining enough for you to turn another page but never than that

  5. Georgia Georgia says:

    There was to much detail on their feeling and not enough conversation between the characters Personally I got bored of it after a few chapters Way too short felt rushed Didn’t explain the background very well they fell for eachother too uickly the side characters didn’t really bring much to the story

  6. Emily Emily says:

    This was just straight up Cotton Candy in book form Not in a bad way don’t worryVeronica Smith AKA “Ronnie” is a newly made over tomboy She has fully embraced the classic “invisible girl gets made over and becomes popular” trope She just got excepted to transfer to Briarwood High a exclusive school and wants to remake who she has always been seen as Plain one of the boys loves sports Ronnie She wants to be seen for than that To be seen by the popular kids and have guys actually see her as someone dateable and not one of the guysEverything is going swell except for the fact former friend and most popular guy of her previous school Drew Remi is also at this school He could ruin everything She doesn’t want him to know it’s her but she also kinda does 😂It’s really cute and predictable as you watch the two dance around each other at first The romance definitely delivered and was one I thoroughly enjoyed Drew is so cute I loved getting his POV and seeing his confusion on why the new super nice and hot girl in school seems to only not like him This was so light and cute and fluffy It was so easy to read too I finished it in just a couple of hours I definitely recommend this for a summer night read

  7. Charlotte Clark Charlotte Clark says:

    Great read —a well written teen romance that manages to be realistic and thoughtful at the same time RonnieVeronica and Drew are great characters but this is also a real homage to friendship— appreciating the friends you have and finding the ones you need It was sweet to watch Ronnie and Drew navigate becoming real friends and being themselves with each other before they shifted into romance Dallen has a keen sense of humor and a sly eye for teen rom com moves YA romance at its best

  8. Lula Pantoofle Lula Pantoofle says:

    Veronica gets a makeover tomboy jock becomes fashionable girly girl It’s a new school and a new opportunity to reinvent herself I do love me a makeover trophe I know we should all be happy with who we are blah blah but come on It’s a makeoverUnfortunately Veronica aka Ronnie has one problem Drew Remi the hotshot baseball player knew the old Ronnie from way back There is a lot of hiding hair covering and stilted dialogue as she tries to protect her identity and he tries to work out why she seemingly hates him Throw in some low level highschool angst and finally they get together This is totally a YA novel First kiss we are talking very low heat levels here teen problems and right on morals We’re always changing We’re always growing It didn’t mean that we had to be moving in different directions not as long as we support one another and give each other room to grow But the thing people don’t always understand is that Veronica helps me to be the kind of man I want to be She sees the best in me just like I see that in her When we’re together we’re the very best versions of ourselves Awww I admit I thought the whole ‘changing yourself’ thing could get a bit preachy and schmaltzy ‘just be true to yourself’ — balls to that We all know being a cooler hotter version of yourself who can do a scissor kick karate chop is everyone’s secret daydream I’m right yes? Maybe? Maybe not the karate chop? But the author reminds us not to be so shallow without being too parent lecture ish Bottom line This was a nice sweet PG13 romance which I would be fine with my daughter reading I uite enjoyed it

  9. Becky Becky says:

    Out of His League was exactly what I was looking for after coming off of several intense books A uick read Fluffy and ridiculous Fairly cleanThe story flips between Veronica's and Drew's perspectives When Veronica transfers to the private school across town she is shocked to learn that Drew her old high school's baseball star now attends the same school No worries though as her friend has made her over so well that Drew a boy she's known since kindergarten doesn't recognize her Unrealistic? Yes But still enjoyable Also I'd just like to point out here that Drew wasn't Veronica's old crush as the description states However they were good friends all through elementary schoolThere's a whole subplot about embracing who you are and allowing your friends to become the best versions of themselves but basically the book is all about Veronica and Drew falling for each otherThe story is diverting but not particularly memorable Basically I'm glad I borrowed it through the Kindle Owner's Lending Library which allows you to borrow one Kindle Unlimited book per month at no charge rather than buying itContent note There's uite a bit of swearing though they're all mild curse words There is an instance of teen drinking and mentions of hooking up The on page sexual content never goes beyond a couple semi detailed kisses Think mild PG 13

  10. Katy Katy says:

    I don't know how he didn't recognize her AT ALL when he knows where she lives maybe if it was from afar but that run in was too unbelievable Also it made you think that the transformation was TOO drastic and I don't think I liked thatOtherwise I surprisingly liked this a lot than I thought I would Nothing terribly deep but cute sweet story for a uick feel good read Sort of brought us back to the She's All That days

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