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Scrapping Plans (Sisters, Ink #3) [Reading] ➿ Scrapping Plans (Sisters, Ink #3) ➶ Rebeca Seitz – Scrapping Plans is book three in the SISTERS INK series of novels for women At the heart of each story are four unlikely sisters each separately adopted into the loving home of Marilyn and Jack Sincla Scrapping Plans is book three in the SISTERS INK series of novels for women At the heart of each story are four unlikely sisters each separately adopted into the loving home of Marilyn and Jack Sinclair where they still meet as adults in their late mother’s attic to work on scrapbook projects and work through life togetherThe focus moves now to youngest sister Joy who was adopted from China as an infant Always the uiet one she and her husband’s struggle with infertility is being drowned out by sister Kendra’s wedding day her daddy’s new romance and another Sinclair sister who may see that double pink line on a pregnancy test before Joy doesWill a trip back to China help Joy understand that God’s timing is perfect and His plans are the ones to follow.

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  1. Holly (2 Kids and Tired) Holly (2 Kids and Tired) says:

    The 4th book in the Sisters Ink series by Rebeca Seitz This one centers on the youngest sister Joy who was adopted as an infant from China She is the uiet sister the Martha Stewart wannabe with control issues Joy desperately wants to have a baby but fertility issues put a stress on her marriage The side plots include her sister Kendra's pending wedding and their widowed father's new romance with a woman very much unlike their mother The sisters are close sharing all aspects of their lives and having their traditional scrapping nights where they talk and conspire Kendra and Tandy plot to run off their father's potential new wife and they all conspire to find out why Joy is withdrawn I really struggled with the writing and the lack of editing The back cover blurb wasn't proofread either The first sentence had an error in it and the remainder was made up of short incomplete sentences Blatant proofing errors really detract from the storyLike the other books this one is a light chick lit story However it has some sober overtones as Joy and Scott work through their fertility struggles The book alternates with first person journal style chapters from Joy's point of view and third person narratives I found Joy's insights interesting but somewhat melodramatic Like the other books in this series it's predictable with Christian faith based lessons to be learned I liked it I didn't love it I'd give it 25 stars if I could

  2. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Four girls of various backgrounds were adopted by a minister and his wife They're all grown and very involved in each other's lives too involved in my view They're also on the immature side driving away a woman who their father now a widower was going to propose to because they didn't want her in their mother's house I understand jealousy and anxiety and concern and sadness I would imagine its difficult to have a parent find happiness with a person other than the parent you grew up with but to actively hurt this woman's feelings and sadden their father is just ridiculous especially since their plan was to essentially be mean to her What are they in kindergarten? Then their remorse seems staged and too easily come by Where's the depth of feeling? If the author's intent is to make us identify with the main characters and then she makes those main characters so uniformly childish she's not going to meet her goal There's another storyline that I have a lot sympathy for One of the sisters the only sane one it seems is having trouble conceiving She and her husband work through their issues with only some annoying involvement from the other sisters and all ends happilyThis is a series I would not read of them

  3. Stephanie A. Stephanie A. says:

    Youngest sister Joy has been largely uiet and in the background so far but this book lets us see the tsunami of worries and doubt running through her head about her fertility struggles It's heartbreaking but in the best way I love that this series showcases the most traditional gender roles and stereotypical Manly Man traits and absolutely revels in them while maintaining that there's nothing a good marriage can't fix provided its members utilize proper communication skillsThis book is actually a mash up of that plot where Meg also hovers around the edges to talk about parenting and what amounts to a fluffy YA novel where Tandy and Kendra run around like middle school partners in crime scheming to break up and then after they succeed guiltily fix their father's relationship I grow weary of the focus on the supremely annoying Zelda and am ready to run her out of town myself but otherwise I enjoyed the lightness read utter ridonkulousness of this storyline

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    Scrapping Plans is the third book in the Sisters Ink also called Scrapbooker's series about four women from different races who grew up as adopted sisters This book features Chinese sister Joy Joy was left on the door of an orphanage in China as a baby and doesn’t know anything of her family and background She’s the ultimate hostess and most organized of the group described as a Martha Stewart rival She and her husband have been trying to have a baby for over a year with no success and her husband is resistant to testing She and her husband take a trip back to China to explore her rootsI liked the play on words with the title fitting into the scrapbooking theme yet also illustrating the need to realize that God’s plans might be different from ours I also appreciated the facets of Joy’s experience in grieving over not conceiving then becoming obsessed with the desire to have a child and how that impacted her husband

  5. Kathy Kathy says:

    One of a series about 4 inter racial sisters adopted as young children Each book highlights one of the sisters and how they rely on each other during good and bad times

  6. Ernie Gilbert Ernie Gilbert says:

    Book 3 Scrapping PlansAnother winner Rebecca hits every emotional point The good the bad nd the pains off life are all described in a precise way Loved this book

  7. Margaret Chind Margaret Chind says:

    I love the play on words with this title because it really means many different things At least it did to me One thing with this book that I would preface is that I would definitely say it is for an older audience college age and married I would not give this one to a teen girl because I feel the marital bliss although wonderful and fully appreciated would be out of place for a young reader Earnestly I could hardly put the book down even in the sad parts This is the third book in the Sisters Ink Series Reading the back cover or description blurb you know that it is about Joy Sinclair She is the sister with Chinese ancestry From the previous books you know that she is married and shy Reading the pictures and description you know that she is having a bit of an issue with infertility you know one of her sisters gets pregnant and you know that she debates a trip to her home land What you do not know is all of the twists and turns and amazing depths and insights that the author takes you on Bits of the book are written in a journey or thought like entry from Joy's deepest thoughts Going with her on this journey is incredibly moving and educational As a reader you think one thing is going to happen and then something entirely different occurs At first I was unsure if I was happy with the change but Rebeca's writing guides you to a point without manipulation or controversy of your thoughts It is a fabulous story I recommend it for a read but I do recommend that you read the series in order to fully appreciate what occurs in the lives of the Sinclair sisters As a person who has dealt with infertility and some of the almost same issues of the heart that occur in this book with sisters and other things this book was an incredible piece to open into my heart and I feel extremely blessed that God brought it to me at this point in my life Go read it read them all I cannot wait for the next one later this year

  8. Janna Ryan Janna Ryan says:

    I have really enjoyed the Sister's Ink series by Rebeca Seitz and was thrilled when the 3rd book arrived at my house In the first book we met Tandy and then in book two we got to know Kendra now in book three we are getting inside Joy's head Now in each situation you must remember that these gals are sisters by adoption They are all from different backgrounds but with a common adopted mom and dad Their mom has now passed away and they are all living in the little town of Stars Hill where their dad still lives and the room that they used to go to with their mom to scrapbook in is still where they converge when any of them is dealing with a dilema in life that they need each other's support in In the first book Tandy finds love in the second book Kendra finds love in the third book we have Joy who is already married wanting to have a child so badly that she can't think about anything else literally Who's fault is it that she and her husband can't get pregnant? Will her marriage withstand getting pregnant? Will she go visit her homeland of China? What about the families there adopting Chinese babies? And in the middle of all these issues her sisters lives aren't perfect either Oh and what about dad dating Zelda??? And that ring he bought??? Hold up This book is a wonderful addition to the Stars Hill saga and if you like scrapbooking then it will be a bonus to you that scrapbooking is what the sisters use to bond and resolve issues I can't wait to really get to know Megan in book 4

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I normally really enjoy the sugary sweet Sinclair sisters despite their tendency to be to good to be true I'm not sure what changed with this book but I found myself constantly rolling my eyes at how incredibly perfect the four sisters are Perhaps it was because this book was told from Joy's perspective Joy does tend to be the most perfect of the perfect Some of the dialouge in this book was absolutely groan worthy particularly when Joy declares that her Southern sensibilities could not allow her to describe the IVF process As always the book neatly wrapped up with Joy beating infertility and welcoming a perfectly healthy little girl into her family In a totally predictible twist Tandy also welcomed a child into the family The constant use of preggo and preggers was particularly annoyingPerhaps a little unexpected were the hints at marital troubles between Mr Sinclair and his new bride Zelda The sisters outrage that Zelda allowed their father to fend for himself for dinner were downright laughable The guy can't teach himself to slap some peanut butter on some bread and call it a day? Give me a breakI hope that the next book in the Sinclair sisters series is a tad less sugary sweet I'm particularly looking forward to finally finding out what is wrong with Meg as it has been not so subtly hinted at for the last two books

  10. Sharon Sharon says:

    A jumped into this series with this book Got it after a scrapbooker recommended it I'm a scrapbooker and enjoyed the wholesome kind of sisterly relationship portrayed in the book and the fact they used the hobby as their way to connect and help each other through their troubles I think it was well written and I'm interested in reading from this author Easy relaxing and entertaining read in my opinion

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