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More Than My Words [Download] ➵ More Than My Words By Ann Lister – Mason Foxworth has spent the last several months recovering from injuries he received doing personal security while on tour during the horrific fire in Germany He'd been hitting his stride professiona Mason Foxworth has spent the last several months recovering from injuries he received doing personal security while on tour during the horrific fire in Germany He'd been hitting his stride professionally when he fell through the floor that night and now his life had been reduced to weekly appointments with physical therapists and various doctors while everyone else around him seemed to have moved on He More Than Epub / felt useless and alone and the worst part of it the physical scarring left behind on his legs from the burns had ruined his self esteem Who would want him now when he was so damaged inside and out and he had nothing much to contribute He didn't have a lot of friends and his co workers felt it was safer to keep Mason at a desk in the office doing paperwork rather than out in the field doing security Mason wanted to get that status changed before he lost the last threads of his sanity and the main obstacle in his way was a bum leg that was taking far too long to heal Tessler is an enigma in the sci fi literary world A young reclusive author known for the mystery swirling around him he realizes he's lost any real joy in his life when he suddenly starts to feel the strange emotion pumping through his veins Barely beyond the age of twenty five and he's already made money than most see in a lifetime but Tessler feels empty within himself and also inside his two story meticulously renovated warehouse in the burbs of Los Angeles What made him this way must remain the mystery it is or he feels he'll lose the empire he's created But meeting a man he feels could bring all his pieces together is challenging his reasons for anonymity and Tessler suddely finds himself wanting from life and from himself Mason wants his life back and Tessler is just looking to have a real life Can two vastly different men find a way to smooth out their hard edges and blend their lives to offer the one ingredient neither has love Personal growth comes in many different shapes and Mason and Tessler have a mountain of it to climb in order to find their HEA.

About the Author: Ann Lister

Ann Lister is a native New Englander currently living in Florida with her husband She has pulled details from her years living in the New England area and uses many local settings and landmarks in her novels After graduating art school marrying and raising two daughters she established her own video production company Her nearly two decades working in video production included work within t.

10 thoughts on “More Than My Words

  1. Christelle Christelle says:

    No pleasure in reading this one and tbh I finished it only because it’s part of a monthly reading challenge It should have worked I enjoyed Ann Lister’s previous series The rock Gods And this book was about a bodyguard badly injured and fighting to recover meeting an enigmatic and successful author wanting nothing than to protect his identity and private lifeBut no this time the writing didn’t agree with me the plot felt weak and the few parts that could have hold my interest were not developed There wasn't much that I liked sorry

  2. Bo Bo says:

    35 STARSThere parts of this book I really enjoyed but there were parts I thought were a little too unbelievable I find it hard to believe an author could have 2 pen names and remain almost completely anonymous Maybe I'm very wrong but that is just my opinion Also why would an author write a book and state it was based on their experiences if they were so afraid of being found out Just sell it as complete fiction? My biggest problem was how insecure Mason was throughout the whole novel I definitely sympathized with him but it become uite grating after a while This was a fucking Marine who served multiple tours in Afghanistan and he seemed overly concerned with his scars at all times I can't imagine how it would've been if his face had been scarred I loved the author's dedication to Sandrine Gas Dion in the beginning of the book who was an author I loved She will be greatly missed I normally love this author but it kinda was a miss for me

  3. Kindle Alexander Kindle Alexander says:

    My writing partner finished this story before me and her exact words were It's f ing greatAnn Lister can write We love this whole series and can't wait for Four thumbs up and everyone please leave Ann alone so she can write write write More Than My Words is sexy hot but also a tremendous story High recommend this book it can be read as a standalone but you're missing out if you haven't read the first two The storyline is Amazing So very well done

  4. Valerie Degeorge Valerie Degeorge says:

    Definitely a five star plus read This book is brilliant Ann blew it away I absolutely can’t recommend it enough This story is so full of emotions I’m absolutely in love Ann did such a brilliant job on this book I loved watching these characters grow both broken yet so beautifully put togetherWe get to catch up on Mason after he was injured in the fire guarding our favorite Rock GodsI’ve always been intrigued by Mason and in this story Ann gave us such insight into who he really is and I’ll tell you I’ve now fallen hard I cried with him I laughed with him and now I’m in love with him lolTessler what can I saySwoonHe's an introvert hiding from his past but fully successfulWait till you meet him He’s got so many layers and I loved watching them all come outI’m vague in my review and I'm sorry but I don’t want to give anything awayI’m so in love with this story It will stay in my heart foreverAnn what can I say you’re brilliant Thank you for giving us another beautiful masterpieceYou rocked this bookCongratulationsAnd look out for the Surprise to comeNow Go One Click this Now

  5. DeeNeez DeeNeez says:

    I like the very beginning and all the plot action towards the end But the middle and majority was just the two MC getting it on Too much fluff in the middle Overall a good yet predictable read

  6. Joanne Mountford Joanne Mountford says:

    I have a special place in my heart for this series The guards that have The Rock Gods backs are turning out to be just as beautiful with a burning passion that sets the pages alight Mason Foxworth was severely burnt while protecting The Rock Gods during their time on tour He’s determined to get back on his feet and return to work Whilst Doctors believed his leg to be too damaged Mason wouldn’t let it stop him from living his life just as he always had With pure grit and determination Mason fights everyday to take back his life Tessler an Author with an alias well I know a few of them It seems that Authors tend to write under different names when delving into other genres There is an air of mystery about him that definitely needs to be uncovered They do say it’s always the uiet ones to watch out for Like many people has a past his a little colourful than most I’m looking forward to reading Tessler’s journal to find out exactly what how and when he did the things he has spoken about It sounds highly erotic a little on the naughty side but who doesn’t like a little bit of naughty?Mason strikes up a friendship with Tessler actually I’m not sure who befriends who first I think it’s both The first introductions are always the worst Poor Mason who is normally a self assured man isn’t coming off all that well put together Tessler’s past catches up with him in the form of his ex agent The man sounds vile and needs to crawl back under the rock he came from Mason goes into protective mode but Tessler isn’t about to be pushed around either With two hotties steaming up my kindle it was constantly plugged into the mains until the story was over Mason and Tessler are just as delicious as the cover suggests This story was well worth the wait and I looked forward to reading so much from this Author

  7. Ashley Lambert Ashley Lambert says:

    I've been waiting ever so patiently for this book and i have to say it was definitely worth the wait I love ann lister and her books More than my words was action packed and romantic all in one i really loved it she nailed it again i always look forward to the next book 5 stars from me

  8. Lynn Michaels Lynn Michaels says:

    So good #TeamTessler

  9. Jennifer Reilley Jennifer Reilley says:

    More than words I am a huge fan of Ann's and this book met and exceeded my expectations I fell in love with these guys and story Mason works for Venture Security and we met him in previous books He was injured while working Now he is recovering and trying to get back to himself He is working hard and nothing is going to stop himHe meets Tessler which we find out is an author and initially don't hit it off but there is a definite attraction thereI loved their connection to each other and communication with each other I loved their sweetness toward each other and their protectiveness too We got to see some characters from the past and some to look forward to in the futureAnn had my heart full of love by the end These two are definitely my top of Ann's characters

  10. ReadingAllNite ReadingAllNite says:

    59% and I just can’t get into this at all Boring af and I’m not sure why Can’t say I’ve liked these books as much as the bands stories

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