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10 thoughts on “Dearly Devoted Dexter

  1. Jayson Jayson says:

    B 78% | Good Notes Charming yet gross but not disturbingly so; there's little immediacy as Dexter's never really threatened or in danger

  2. Michael Michael says:

    Dexter is an interesting character However Lindsay is not a particularly strong writer These books would probably work better as pure character studies because the thriller elements don't work Everything wrapped up too uickly and there were some big jumps Deb and Kyle? I had to go back and look to make sure I hadn't missed a few chapters where they suddenly became attached I may read the next book this summer just to see what happens with Dexter and Cody but I hope the story is better next time around

  3. Delee Delee says:

    Can Dexter come out to play? Alas no dear Dark Passenger Dexter is in time outimage error

  4. Edward Lorn Edward Lorn says:

    Second day of my Dexter Morgan marathon and Book Two is done Have I mentioned how much I love Audible's x3 narration speed? Well it really isn't x3 as an eight hour book still took four hours to listen to but it's still a uick way to barrel through a series of short books This is the point where I started enjoying the show than the novels Doakes has a much better role in the Showtime series Of course this is solely my opinion I do understand why the Showtime series decided to go a separate route There's not much meat on this bone While this book is just as long as the first significantly less happens The books get longer after this one which is a very good thing in my eyes Dearly Devoted Dexter is probably my least favorite addition to Lindsay's series Mind you I have not read Double Dexter or Dexter's Final Cut therefore I have no inkling as to the uality of those two books Sorry but the main issue I had with this book is a spoiler Click at your own riskview spoilerMy biggest problem with this one is the utter absurdity around the 75% mark You have a man who's recently had pieces of himself lopped off but he puts off medical treatment in an attempt to catch a killer I'm talking a leg From the knee down Cut off Gone We're not dealing with simply a chopped off finger though he suffers from that too or a flesh wound but the entire lower half of his leg My suspension of disbelief was skullfucked into oblivion from that moment on hide spoiler

  5. Vivian Vivian says:

    Delicious The first one was so good that I took a second helping Cheers PirateSteveIf book one DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER was an eight on the horrifying scale then turn the dial right up to eleven So what if it only goes to ten this is an eleven Just push the envelope further More suspense emotion and definitely investment in Dexter as a hero A flawed dark knight The nemesis here is uite impressive and the events are gruesome I won't lie I really liked this one What is truly a boon to the series is Dexter's developing character and his interpersonal relationships which for someone who is incapable of emotions is very interesting to watch how he navigatesThere is something sweet about Dexter an earnestness that shine through that makes him lovable He may not be capable of emotional attachments but he uses logic to validate his relationships in the finest form of rationalization I've seen in awhile I suppose being able to understand his motivations completely makes me feel an empathy for him

  6. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Dearly Devoted Dexter Dexter #2 Jeff LindsayDearly Devoted Dexter 2005 is a crimehorror novel by Jeff Lindsay the second in his series about psychopathic vigilante Dexter Morgan which has been adapted into a television series It is narrated by the title character When an unknown man is found bizarrely mutilated Doakes recognizes the work of Doctor Danco a torturer who served with Doakes in the Special Forces during the Salvadoran Civil War and has come to Miami to take revenge on his former comrades Danco drugs his victims with painkillers and psychotropics and over episodes lasting several days or weeks surgically removes various body partsDexter is drawn into the case when Danco abducts his sister Deborah's new boyfriend Detective Kyle Chutsky Amidst all the chaos Dexter finds himself accidentally engaged to his girlfriend Rita Bennett While trying to bond with Rita's children Astor and Cody he discovers that they are showing the same signs of sociopathy that he did at their age Dexter looks forward to teaching them to control their Dark Passengers as his foster father Harry had taught Dexter to control hisDexter learns that Danco's murder ritual includes a word game resembling hangman Each victim is asked to guess a word chosen for them by Danco a description of a grievous offense against Danco for which the victim is to atone Each wrong or unintelligible answer results in the amputation of a body part The maximum number of pieces removed corresponds to the number of letters in the mystery word that has been carefully chosen for that particular victim The torture is conducted patiently and methodically to allow the victim time enough to recuperate and begin healing before the next atrocity is perpetrated This devious process is designed to maximize the psychological as well as physical devastation without ever actually killing the subject

  7. Trin Trin says:

    Oh why do I do these things to myself? I knew from reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter last November that I really preferred the TV show to the books but curiosity won out and I read the second novel anyway Big mistake While Dearly Devoted is actually in many ways a better book than Darkly Dreaming—it’s way less rushed for one and funnier—it is so deeply disturbing that I’m still feeling freaked out several days after finishing it And not in a fun way The show yes is also disturbing—but it’s an interesting disturbing What makes Dexter the way he is and the ways in which he interacts with other people are fully explored—interesting uestions are raised and there is emotional development even if it’s in Dexter appropriate tiny stunted sick amounts The books thoughthey’re disturbing to no purpose All the characters besides Dexter are cardboard thin which may be in part due to the limits of the books’ first person POV but is especially frustrating if you’ve watched the show and are used to the rounder versions And the violence is excessive and meaningless people are reduced to meat Maybe that’s the point—our little peek into how people like Dexter see the world—but if so that would be interesting once As part of a series where things would I would hope change and develop it’s just gratuitous slaughter and it made me feel icky I’m still eagerly awaiting the start of the show’s 2nd series but I don’t think I’ll be reading the third book

  8. Vikas Vikas says:

    Now that I have finished this tale for the second time last time via an audiobook a long time back I can say that I liked this story then I like this story now Dear Dangerous Dexter is in some other bounds as he faces against a ruthless man who loves to reduce human beings to a pathetic lump of meat with nothing to look forward too This is the point where the TV series started to differ from the books and this particular story was never put on the screen though some elements were woven into the second season but I believe that the books would be fairly different from the TV series and it's not a bad thing at least now he have faces to attach the names to and enjoy the story So pick it and pick it soon and enjoy the TV and the Book and then just Keep on ReadingPeople who don't read generally ask me my reasons for reading Simply put I just love reading and so to that end I have made it my motto to just Keep on Reading I love to read everything except for Self Help books but even those once in a while I read almost all the genre but YA Fantasy Biographies are the most My favorite series is of course Harry Potter but then there are many books that I just adore I have bookcases filled with books which are waiting to be read so can't stay and spend time in this review so remember I loved reading this and love reading you should also read what you love and then just Keep on Reading

  9. Lou Lou says:

    Dexter the man who finds it hard to feel in this story Dexter does not get down bloody and as dark as i have seen on the tv series or read in Darkly Dreaming Dexter He plays the role well as a caring brother and as a family man and loves kids but as he tries to keep up with the crowd his sociopath personality is dying to kill To kill those who hurt children and the rest of the scum that live on the grid He is a superhero of modern times a sort of Robin Hood that robs the evil from the street His arch enemy Doakes is a pain in Dexters side in this novel him and Dexter find themselves in a jam The hunt is on for a killer who dismembers bodies This story serves up some ramblings of Dexter's mind and dark humour its not a tense or gripping thriller but provides a good dose of entertainment in Dexter trying to keep the Dark passenger at bay

  10. Ashley Daviau Ashley Daviau says:

    While I did very much enjoy this book and the first in the series for me this is one of those rare cases where I enjoyed the tvmovie adaptation I do think if I had read the books first that I would have enjoyed them I just couldn’t get the tv show out of my head while I was reading and it kind of spoiled it for me There’s no denying though that Jeff Lindsay is a phenomenal writer and came up with a truly fascinating story and characters

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Dearly Devoted Dexter[EPUB] ✹ Dearly Devoted Dexter ✼ Jeff Lindsay – Life’s tough for Dexter Morgan It’s not easy being the world’s only serial killer with a conscience especially when you work for the Miami police To avoid suspicion Dexter’s had to slip deep i Life’s tough for Dexter Morgan It’s not easy being the world’s only serial killer with a conscience especially when you work for the Miami police To avoid suspicion Dexter’s had to slip deep into his disguise spending time with his girlfriend and her kids Dearly Devoted PDF or slowly becoming the world’s first serial killing couch potato Then a particularly nasty psychopath starts cutting a trail through Miami — a killer whose twisted techniues leave even Dexter speechless When his sister Deborah a tough as nails cop is drawn into the case it becomes clear that Dexter will have to do come out of hiding and hunt the monster down Unless of course the killer finds him first.

About the Author: Jeff Lindsay

Jeff Lindsay lives in Florida with his wife author Hilary Hemingway daughter of Leicester Hemingway Ernest Hemingway's brother Lindsay is best known for writing the Dexter series of novels Several of his earlier published works include his wife as a co authorJeff graduated from Dearly Devoted PDF or Middlebury College Vermont in and Celebration Mime Theatre's Clown School the same year He received a doub.