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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Power and the Passion
  • Christina Nicholson
  • English
  • 04 October 2016
  • 9780698108080

6 thoughts on “The Power and the Passion

  1. Karla Karla says:

    The most important thing to know about Christina Nicholson is that it's really a guy Therefore the romance is on the porny side a broad generalization I know but it's true often than not However the feel of the historical period is well done and factual and fictional characters intermix with no one coming out looking like a saint In that respect this book reminded me a lot of Bertrice Small's earlier titles especially Adora where a strong heroine smut and history combine into a trashy delight No deflowerings by wooden dildos however But uite a bit of lesbian action including a threesome with Peter the Great and the future Catherine I And the heroine does have armpit hair in this so while my initial reaction was Ick it is a book that addresses that carp of readers everywhere about smooth legs and pits in ye olde tymes So my hat is off to the author for thatThe heroine Lorna MacMahon isn't a paragon of virtue or even really likable She's a vain little farm girl in 1690s Maryland who longs for the high life and that wish appears to be granted upon the arrival of news that her father has inherited his elder brother's title and estates in Ireland after falling in battle But that good luck doesn't last for long as Lorna is spirited away by a greedy bastard raped and rescued by her Love For All Time a Scottish mercenary in King Charles of Sweden's armyLorna finds herself an innocent in the intrigues of William Mary's court shipped off to Russia reluctantly in love with the mad Peter the Great and finally finding her HEA on the battlefield of Poltava where the book endsDespite Lorna's trials and travails she's remarkably chaste She gets threatened a lot with dishonor but suffers it only occasionally The mistress and plaything to three monarchs on the back of the cover should really read mistress to one pawn to two But I'm not uibbling I'd never have heard about Augustus of Saxony otherwise what a guy so I'm not going to carp that there was no penetration of our poor heroine As with early Bertrice Small I loved the blend of fact and fictionThe final uarter of the book started to drag a bit and feel disconnected from the rest as the story focused on King Charles' campaign against Tsar Peter and military strategies were delved into But I put that down as a sign of the author's gender starting to get in the way However I didn't mind the sidetracking since I was avidly glued to every page of Robert K Massie's biography Peter the Great but for someone expecting a romance bodice ripper from beginning to end it might be a distractionBut have no fear if you liked Savage Surrender or those Bertrice Small tales where the heroine goes through a series of men and adventures over a period of time in this case 17 years then this book won't disappoint

  2. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    Ah The Power the Passion What can I say? DIt's a bodice ripper in every sense of the word The plot is wall to wall WTFery the Dude Author style comes through loud clear particularly in terms of the sexy times Speaking of whichthere are lots of those While not enough to label the book 'erotica' per se the lusty scenes are matter of fact lack flowery euphemisms But is it a cheesy book? No It's violent It's gritty It's un PC It's a torrid improbable irreverent novel about the heroine's adventures across Restoration era Europe I was hooked from beginning to endThe MC is Lorna MacMahon In the first few pages she's the doted upon daughter of a Maryland landowner fruit of an exiled branch of Irish aristocracy By the end of the second chapter her family is murdered she's been forced into marriage with the same villain who proceeds to rape her repeatedly lock her in his ship for a triumphant return to Ireland She manages to escape beg sanctuary but the marriage can't be annulled Instead she's rescued by a Swedish soldier Lennart who happened to meet her family a few days earlier Lennart kills the murderer in a duel allows Lorna to seduce him later that night But her benefactors won't let them marry he's Lutheran oh noes pack Lorna off to England there to claim her inheritance from King William ueen MaryBy now Lorna has become a rich widow with a baby daughter Kathleen Still pining for Lennart she has no idea that they've been sabotaged by William Mary who see a beautiful heiress as bargaining chip for future alliances After languishing at court for several years our heroine is sold to Peter the Tsar through a sham marriage to his ambiguously gay lackey Zoinks Suddenly Lorna is trying to survive ecstatic orgasms from Peter's masterly lovemaking the whims of a mad Tsar's insanity the treachery of an unpleasant royal entourage She manages to spend several years in Russia she's 32 by the end of the book during which she's had threesomes with Peter Catherine coaxed her husband into a sex life been mauled manhandled threatened with torture finally popped out a son whom she uses as pawn for her Kathleen's survival Sounds cruel yes But totally understandable under the circumstancesAnd there it is As a whole this was a great read Despite some awkward passages time jumps the historical backdrop was strong throughout So much WTFery unashamed female sexuality made a delightfully wacky time; Lorna tended toward the bitchy end of the spectrum but I liked her a lot she had a strong survivor type of bitchiness not the shrill foot stomping variety The last 60 pages dragged as the plot stagnated in a repetitive description of life with Charles XII's campaign across Russia the conclusion needed a bit fleshing out so I'm rounding down to a solid 4 stars But still great fun a keeper I'll definitely pick up books by this author The Power the Passion suick list very young heroine to begin 15 graphic rape scenes strong violencetorture bizarre femme slash moments threesome Lorna's obsession with orgasms unfaithful heroine multiple coerced marriages adultery threatened ped0bear

  3. Alucard Alucard says:

    This is another love novel by Christina Nicholson and she used Coconis as the artist again his style is unmistakeable The model he used was actually his girlfriend in real life

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    35 starsI do the the Russian history The story was a little thin though

  5. Isabella Chen Isabella Chen says:

    I picked this out of the bargain bin at a Catholic church fund raising when I was 12 It made the rounds in my school before being mysteriously lost ie stolen by someone's mum no doubt I remember it as being really good a page turner and a bodice ripper I've never read anything better in the genre since It's like history meets sex and submission Nice Now if only they'd put it out in e format AND if Nicholson would write

  6. Tee Tee says:

    do not loan

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The Power and the Passion➳ [Reading] ➶ The Power and the Passion By Christina Nicholson ➩ – Sweeping from colonial America to the dazzling court of St James's and the barbaric splendors of St Petersburg here are the riveting adventures of Lorna MacMahon who was pawn and plaything to three mo Sweeping from colonial America to the dazzling and the PDF ↠ court of St James's and the barbaric splendors of St Petersburg here are the riveting adventures of Lorna MacMahon who was pawn and plaything to three monarchs then risked all to be mistress of her own fate The Power Epub / — Snatched from the safe and sleepy world of her family's Maryland plantation seventeen year old Lorna whose surpassing beauty will prove at once her treasure and her tragedy is forced into a precipitate shipboard marriage and repeatedly ravished by her cruel captor turned husband Power and the PDF Î Captain James Butler But Butler's soldier of fortune savagery is no match for Lorna's cool headed strategy Once in England using a native wit she never dreamed she possessed and the sensual loveliness she knew she would never lose Lorna enchants King William claims her rightful inheritance as the Countess of Morne and rises to prominence as the richest heiress in the realmBut the beauty that gave Lorna her freedom now holds mad Peter Tsar of all the Russians in its emerald eyed thrall Determined to make her his mistress he gives her to one of his faithful lieutenants The arranged marriage makes Lorna the Princess Bogoljubov and the night Peter claims his droit de seigneur the Tsar's accomplished lovemaking and fabulous dimensions make her completely a womanA king's mistress however is never ueen of her destiny and pursuing Peter across Europe Lorna is forced to shelter in the byzantine court of Augustus King of Poland to give birth to the Tsar's bastard son Bound by no law beyond his own lust the lecherous Augustus strives to turn Poland's prize into Russia's loss and presses his ardent suit on an unwilling LornaStalked by a trio of monarchs who have sworn to possess her still dreaming of a gentler life and of a first tender love wrested from her Lorna eludes every snare set for her to emerge a woman beyond royal barter.

About the Author: Christina Nicholson

Christopher Nicole and uses several pseudonyms some and the PDF ↠ of them female Pseudonyms used include.