A Song of Summer Lost The Magh Meall Chronicles Book 1

A Song of Summer Lost The Magh Meall Chronicles Book 1 ❰Read❯ ➲ A Song of Summer Lost The Magh Meall Chronicles Book 1 Author Sarah Negovetich – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Princess Caolainn of the Summer Court has her entire future planned out for her assume the throne marry the man her father selects and produce an heir A life that promises isolation inside the stone w Princess Caolainn of of Summer eBook ↠ the Summer Court has her entire future planned out for her assume the throne marry the man her father selects and produce an heir A life that promises isolation inside the stone walls of her castle and none of the passion she yearns for A Song MOBI :Ê When the King does an about face and approves her reuest to travel to the human realm Caolainn is granted a few short months to taste freedom and live the life she’s only ever dreamed about But when an ancient enemy threatens both realms will Caolainn choose the Song of Summer PDF Ê life planned for her or the one written in her heart.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 456 pages
  • A Song of Summer Lost The Magh Meall Chronicles Book 1
  • Sarah Negovetich
  • 24 August 2016

10 thoughts on “A Song of Summer Lost The Magh Meall Chronicles Book 1

  1. Ms. Just One More Book (Kris Miller) Ms. Just One More Book (Kris Miller) says:

    “When you’re asking Mercy to change the course of your fate it feels insincere to shove your paper boat from the safety of dry land” The last thing Caolainn DeMaire Summer wants is to be a princess let alone a ueen once she is wed As future ueen to the Fae Summer Court her life as well as her future husband have already been chosen for her When her father grants her desire to be the temporary emissary to the human world for the span of four months Caolainn sees it as a dream come true She will have the freedom she yearns for without the unrelenting demands of her station But soon she learns that no matter what world she lives in life is all about sacrifice And when an old enemy threatens both the human and Fae worlds she must decide just how much of a sacrifice she is willing to make From the incredibly creative mind of Sarah Negovitch comes her wondrous new foray into the land of the Fae Intricately woven deep into the Gaelic culture the story is both comfortably old and richly refreshing in its lore Captivating characters an engrossing storyline and an ending that begs for ensures that A SONG OF SUMMER LOST will ensnare lover’s of a good fantasy long into the night

  2. Emily Emily says:

    It took a little while to get into it as many fantasies do because you have to learn about a new world But very interesting characters and story I can’t wait to find out what happens to Caolinn and friends next

  3. Eve (Functioning Insanity Reviews) Eve (Functioning Insanity Reviews) says:

    45 Stars Caolainn the soon to be crowned princess of the Summer Court of Magh Meall wanted was to be a princess She wanted to play her music not run a realm Knowing she can’t avoid her fate forever Caolainn begs her father to make her the temporary emissary to the human realm until her birthday when she is to be crowned and take on the responsibilities of the court A temporary freedom She is granted this reuest but soon she realizes there are sacrifices to be made no matter what world you live in Caolainn has many tough decisions to make for her people and her heart So there are many things happening in this story as we travel into the world of Magh Meall There is power some powerful than others and a simple way of life protected from the human realm Still it is important to keep appraised of what happens there though most hate to be parted from the beauty of their world but Caolainn is all for it if it means a bit of freedom before her sentence I instantly liked Caolainn and her distaste for her future She has been held tight for so long it is hard to look forward to a future you get no say in but at least she has her music She fully commits to the music and the pure love of it and it shows each time she is faced with music how deep her love goes and while I am not at all musically inclined sadly each time she playedtalked about it I wanted to learn To feel that same feeling Aside from out MC we also have a very collective bunch Siobhan the mother figure who has cared for her all her life and her only real friend in Magh Meall who helps her keep her sanity when Ardan her future advisor drives her crazy and her future husband the youngest Prince of the Winter Court Mathol These we get to see in the beginning in the natural world they know but as we move into the human world Siobhan and Ardan tag along like it or not and we get to see them interact with others Kit May and David to name a few As Caolainn has to attend school in the human world while there she gets to attend a music school which is pretty much cloud nine for her I enjoyed watching her try to adapt to the different world despite studying it can be a HUGE culture shock to anyone let alone someone who is normally all to herself Friends and interactions with people her own age whom she doesn’t want to punch constantly were a real treat and fun to experience with her The story focuses on Caolainn and her journey and the sacrifices she is willing to make I enjoyed the character driven aspect and as we got to know bits of the darkness and evil in the world And how music was a such a focus in the story a character in its own right We aren't just told of the love of music but we see it even someone as musically inept as myself could feel it while reading and that is always impressive There is so much being built in this book I am excited to see where the story will go from here Some things occur in this one that I didn't expect for sure and now that they have I am thinking of all the things it could mean I am curious to see the future interactions between the courts as well as the Magh Meall and the human realm There is lots to be told for sure and I can't say without giving away some serious bits so I will have to leave it there

  4. Anie Anie says:

    Received from AuthorI LOVE anything Fae related so this book was just the right kind of story for meCaolainn is princess of the Summer Court She has little time before she is crowned ueen and she dreads it She spends a lot of time on her piano alone She has one chance of little bit of freedom so she convinces the King to let her go to the human realm In that short time she grows into amazing woman fall in love and forms friendships All that end when enemy invades her home She has to do what is right for her people and maybe not so much for herI love reading about her homeland the way they live customs royal life However I also loved reading about the way they view our human way of life and they had to adjust to very different worldWhat made the story great were the characters Caolainn I didn't like so much in the start she was a bit whiny but as the story progressed you can see her grow find herself I loved her by the end she was very strong doing what she had to in order to protect her people And I loved her brother it's amazing how they went from hate to a kind of friendship And David totally swoon worthy The romance was just so amazing One character I didn't like was Mathol something about him just irked me

  5. Morgan Morgan says:

    I was provided an ARC of this book and it is outstanding This is another must read by Sarah told from the perspective of the fae with traditional Gaelic throughout It has a similar feel to the Mortal Instruments series that totally drew me in I can’t wait for books about Caolainn and her friends There is so much to their story

  6. Lacy Lacy says:

    Between this book and the popular recent release about faeries The Cruel Prince I prefer and enjoyed A Song of Summer Lost I don't usually compare stories but they reminded me of one another Do with that what you willAlso just wanted to add that somewhere along the way Sarah has become an automatic buy for me when she releases new books 📚💖

  7. Tammy Tammy says:

    This book really had two parts one in Magh Meall and one in the real world I loved the part in Magh Meall The one in the real world was a bit drab compared to it but still good Caolainn's character was developed well and showed her growth on her way to becoming ueen Secondary characters were good and some were a bit surprising Overall it was a good fantasy read

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I loved this book Hopefully there will be

  9. Jennifer Jackson Jennifer Jackson says:

    Truly beautiful This isnt the first fairy tale I have read but it is surely one of my new favorites I do fell bad for her though she has suffered so much loss during her life and the demands of being the next ueen of Summer is truly inescapable But they say one can only appreciate utter bliss of they have known true sorrow

  10. Fae Crate Fae Crate says:

    My heart Sarah has taken it and crushed it in her hands This book was amazing and I am DYING for book 2 Literally dying This GaelicFae story of a Princess not ready for her crown will have you spinning in your chair afterwards With twists hard life lessons and a romance to die for you will be crying until book 2 is released

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