Texas Literary Outlaws: Six Writers in the Sixties and

  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • Texas Literary Outlaws: Six Writers in the Sixties and Beyond
  • Steven L. Davis
  • English
  • 11 May 2016
  • 9780875652856

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  1. Howard Howard says:

    Texas Literary Outlaws Six Writers in the Sixties and Beyond published in 2004 is a survey of the lives and works of six writers all friends who put their state on the literary map for the first time and had a rip roaring good time while doing it It seems that the only things they took seriously were friendship partying and writingSteven L Davis’ account is thoroughly researched and well written Even though it is a scholarly work it reads like a good novelTHE WRITERS1 BILLY LEE BRAMMERGiven the fact that this group of good ol' boys burned the candle at both ends it is difficult to believe how they were able to accomplish much writing But they did with one exception Billy Lee BrammerBorn in Dallas in 1929 Brammer published his only book The Gay Place in 1961 when he was only thirty one years old Although the word gay was beginning to take on a sexual connotation at the time it was used here in its traditional sense Brammer’s writing was greatly influenced by F Scott Fitzgerald and the title comes from a Fitzgerald poem “I know a gay placeNobody knowsDepicting life in Austin during the fifties it has been called Texas’ first urban novel It consists of three novellas that are linked together by the character of Governor Arthur “Goddamn” Fenstermaker who was obviously based on Lyndon B JohnsonAs the years went by Brammer became and addicted to hard drugs and though he was able to write an occasional magazine article he was never able to finish another book He died from a drug overdose in 1978 He was forty eight years oldIt was a tremendous waste of talent but as Davis writes it was Brammer who showed the way for his five friends2 DAN JENKINSBorn in Ft Worth in 1929 Jenkins is the most famous of the six He left Texas and took a job with a fledgling sports magazine called Sports Illustrated and stayed with them for twenty four years He specialized in stories about golf and college football and eventually became the magazine’s star writerIn 1972 Jenkins published his first novel Semi Tough a comedic romp about the adventures of two NFL players It became a bestseller and was later made into a hit movie starring Burt Reynolds and Kris KristoffersonNow retired from SI Jenkins has written than twenty books his latest being His Ownself A Semi Memoir3 LARRY L KINGNo not that Larry King I’m talking about the writer you know the talented Larry KingHe was also born in 1929 but way out in the western part of the state near the little town of Putnam His only novel The One Eyed Man – based on a character similar to Louisiana governor Earl Long – did not receive many good reviews and did not do much business I read it years ago and remember liking it I have a copy and hope to re read it in order to see if I missed somethingKing made his mark originally as one of the country’s most respected magazine writers However he is the only writer to be nominated for a National Book Award for non fiction a Broadway Tony and a TV EmmyThe play for which King received his Tony nomination was “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” He protested the fact that it was turned into a musical he lost the argument and he protested when Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton were cast in the lead roles when it was filmed by Hollywood he lost the argumentTo his dismay it also became his best known work He knew that it probably would be the lead when his obituary was written It wasKing died in 2012 at age eighty three4 GARY CARTWRIGHTHe was born in Dallas in 1934 He began his career as a police reporter before becoming a sportswriter At one time the Fort Worth Press employed Cartwright Dan Jenkins and Bud Shrake in their sports department under the leadership of another legendary Texas sportswriter Blackie SherrodAfter he left the newspaper business Cartwright became a freelance writer whose work was primarily published in magazines His novels were not critical successes but in later years he published two successful true crime books set in Texas Blood Will Tell and Dirty Dealing5 PETER GENT pronounced ‘Jent’George Davis Peter Gent is somewhat of an outlier For one thing he was born in Michigan not Texas He was a four sport star in high school and was later a star basketball player at Michigan StateAlthough he was drafted by the NBA’s Balti Bullets he accepted a try out invitation from the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys Despite not playing college football the Cowboys signed him as a wide receiver Ironically he played opposite Bob Hayes who also did not play college football but was an Olympic sprinter Also on the team was another basketball player Cornell Green who played defensive backGent’s NFL career primarily because of injuries lasted only five years But after his retirement he continued to make his home in Dallas and he became friends with the five writers Because of their encouragement especially that of Shrake he decided to write a football novel Five years after he played his last game he published North Dallas Forty which was a critical and commercial successWhereas Dan Jenkins had approached the game with a whimsical eye Gent took off the gloves and blasted the Cowboys and the NFL in general for what he felt were dehumanizing practices that drove players to drug addiction in order to fight the pain they experienced The two main characters in the novel are a pass receiver based on Gent and a uarterback based on his buddy Don Meredith They are the good guys The bad guys are the coach based on the legendary Tom Landry and the general manager based on Tex SchrammIn 1979 the novel was filmed with Nick Nolte as the wide receiver and singer Mac Davis yes Mac Davis as the uarterback Not only was it a hit but the game action scenes are some of the best Hollywood ever produced – perhaps the best everAfter his huge success with both his novel and film Gent continued to write and later published three novels but none enjoyed the success of his debut Eventually Gent returned to Michigan and died there in 20116 EDWIN BUD SHRAKEBud Shrake was born in Ft Worth in 1931 He attended high school with Dan Jenkins and they became friends while writing for the school newspaper Shrake followed Jenkins in the newspaper business to Ft Worth and Dallas and then to Sports IllusrtratedShrake an extremely versatile writer was a sportswriter police reporter magazine writer biographer screenwriter playwright and novelist Davis also gives him the highest marks among the six when it comes to talentNone of his ten novels experienced commercial success but two have become cult classics Blessed McGill published in 1968 was his third novel and is considered to be his best The story is narrated by one Peter Hermano McGill a half Irish half Spanish adventurer who roamed the American southwest and Mexico in the years after the Civil War Although McGill is self educated he is a good writer and a great storyteller who weaves his life story through flashback episodes that are not always related in chronological order True that narrative device has the effect of keeping the reader in the dark and guessing at times but in the end everything falls into place and the reader learns why the nickname Blessed is bestowed upon him; but I'm not tellingIn his review of the book Larry McMurtry called it a “black humor” WesternThe other cult favorite is Strange Peaches Published in 1972 the semi autobiographical novel is set in Dallas just before and just after the assassination of JFK The two main characters are patterned on Shrake and his friend Gary CartwrightI also recommend Shrake’s The Borderland and Custer's Brother's Horse

  2. Brooks Brooks says:

    This was a great stroll down the streets of Austin in the 70s when I was an undergraduate These guys were the coolest hippest writers around Wow the underbelly is ugly and fun

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Texas Literary Outlaws: Six Writers in the Sixties and Beyond[Reading] ➱ Texas Literary Outlaws: Six Writers in the Sixties and Beyond ➹ Steven L. Davis – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk At the height of the sixties a group of Texas writers stood apart from Texas’ conservative establishment Calling themselves the Mad Dogs these six writers—Bud Shrake Larry L King Billy Lee Brammer Outlaws: Six eBook ☆ At the height of the sixties a group of Texas writers stood apart from Texas’ conservative establishment Calling themselves the Mad Dogs these six writers—Bud Shrake Larry L King Billy Lee Brammer Gary Cartwright Dan Jenkins and Peter Literary Outlaws: Six Writers in PDF \ Gent—closely observed the effects of the Vietnam War; the Kennedy assassination; the rapid population shift from rural to urban environments; Lyndon Johnson’s rise to national prominence; the Civil Rights Movement; Tom Landry and the Texas Literary Epub / Dallas Cowboys; Willie Nelson Jerry Jeff Walker the new Outlaw music scene; the birth of a Texas film industry; Texas Monthly magazine; the flowering of “Texas Chic”; and Ann Richards’ election as governorIn Texas Literary Outlaws Steven L Davis makes extensive use of untapped literary archives to weave a fascinating portrait of writers who came of age during a period of rapid social change With Davis’s eye for vibrant detail and a broad Literary Outlaws: Six ePUB ´ historical perspective Texas Literary Outlaws moves easily between H L Hunt’s Dallas mansion and the West Texas oil patch from the New York literary salon of Elaine’s to the Armadillo World Headuarters in Austin from Dennis Hopper on a film set in Mexico to Jerry Jeff Walker crashing a party at Princeton University The Mad Dogs were less interested in Texas’ mythic past than in the world they knew firsthand—a place of fast Literary Outlaws: Six Writers in PDF \ growing cities and hard edged political battlesThe Mad Dogs crashed headfirst into the sixties and their legendary excesses have often overshadowed their literary production Davis never shies away from criticism in this no holds barred account yet he also shows how the Mad Dogs’ rambunctious personae have deflected a true understanding of their deeper aims Despite their popular image the Mad Dogs were deadly serious as they turned their gaze on their home state and they chronicled Texas culture with daring wit and sophistication.

About the Author: Steven L. Davis

Outlaws: Six eBook ☆ Steven L Davis is a PEN USA award winning author of four books and the editor of two His new book co written with Bill Minutaglio is THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA Timothy Leary Richard Nixon Literary Outlaws: Six Writers in PDF \ the Hunt for the Fugitive King of LSDHe is the current President of the Texas Institute of Letters founded in with an elected membership consisting of the state’s most respected writers.