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  1. Glenn Russell Glenn Russell says:

    Eduardo Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America describing 500 years of brutalization and exploitation of the peoples lands and resources of Latin America by Europeans and North Americans makes for tough reading On the other hand Upside Down A Primer for the Looking Glass World takes hard to swallow subjects such as racism sexism corporate manipulation government betrayal workplace dehumanization brainwashing of children environmental poisoning systematic jailing torture and murder and treats these subjects alternately with laugh out loud black humor out and out sarcasm and sharp steely needles of cynicism Tell us what you really think Eduardo Modern culture and society as a bushel basket of rotten apples Here’s a sample of some of those most rotten – and I’ve linked a few words of my own experience tasting these unfresh fruitThe first chapter deals with education which makes abundant sense since that is how we begin our human odyssey as children imbibing our culture’s values Galeano writes “The looking glass world trains us to view our neighbor as a threat not a promise It condemns us to solitude and consoles us with chemical drugs and cybernetic friends We are sentenced to die of hunger fear or boredom – that is if a stray bullet doesn’t do the job first” Fortunately I grew up in a shore town where I spent many hours swimming and diving at the beach and surfing at the ocean One thing I could never figure out why were all the kids I knew armed to the teeth with cap guns water guns pop guns and even BB guns When many of those same kids grew up and were sent to Vietnam I started figuring it outIn Eduardo’s chapter Racism and Sexism 101 we read “In the Americas and Europe the police hunt stereotypes guilty of wearing an unconcealed face Every nonwhite suspect confirms the rule written in invisible ink in the depths of our collective conscience crime is black or brown or at least yellow” I witnessed a white mass exodus fleeing North New Jersey for Central New Jersey after the 1967 Newark race riots If you live in the US there isn’t a hotter hot potato than race both back then and now When it comes to race all you have to do is rub people the wrong way ever so slightly and an avalanche of anger and rage can pour outOne of personal favorite chapters The Sacred Car Eduardo begins by saying “Human rights pale beside the rights of machines Automobiles usurp human space poison the air and freuently murder the interlopers who invade their conuered territory – and no one lifts a finger to stop them” Ain’t that the truth Being a walker myself as a kid and adult I’ve had an entire lifetime of playing dodgeball with cars But I must admit one good thing other than the occasional dog owner walking doggie I have the sidewalks pretty much to myself Men and women in the US taking on the role of ‘the inside people’; in other words padding from home to car to work to car to shopping mall to car back to home An entire population of ass ploppers plopping posterior cheeks in front of the TV at the computer at the dinner table at one’s desk at work and of course behind the wheel of one’s car The automobile as the noisy dirty glue fitting all the pieces together And God forbid if anybody has any doubts check out the flood of TV commercials an unending stream of handsome happy men and beautiful sexy women driving sleek shiny new automobiles Good times in the land of plenty On Commercialization and Brainwashing we read “Hours spent in front of the television easily surpass those spent in the classroom when hours are spent in the classroom at all It is a universal truth that with our without school TV programs are children’s primary source of formation information and deformation as well as their principal source of topics for conversation” As a boy I lived in a small house where the TV was king My only escape was going off to college As an adult I’ve never been a TV watcher I suspect a good measure of my modest success in creative endeavors results from freeing myself from the boob tube Come to think of it why do I no longer hear people calling that silly thing the boob tube or the idiot box?“The number of unemployment keeps on growing The world has and surplus people What will the owners of the planet do with so much useless humanity? Send them to the moon? In Mexico work is the only commodity whose price goes down every month Over the past twenty years a good part of the middle class has fallen into poverty the the poor have fallen into misery and the miserable have fallen off the charts” If anybody reading this has a steady job with good pay and adeuate benefits count your blessings But as you are counting reflect is your job empowering you to express the full flower of your creative energies or is it just a tad deadening?I’ll let Eduardo have the last word here He writes toward the end of his book “Every day the ruling system places our worst characteristics at center stage condemning our best to languish behind the backdrop The system of power is not in the least eternal We may be badly made but we’re not finished and it’s the adventure of changing reality and changing ourselves that makes our blip in the history of the universe worthwhile this fleeting warmth between two glaciers that is us”

  2. BlackOxford BlackOxford says:

    In Memoriamhttpsshareicloudcomphotos0yi0AJust as I was finishing this book today my closest friend David succumbed to the virus at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford The two events completing the book and David’s death reinforced the simple reality that there is no cure for the human condition We are bound together by the facts of suffering and death something we may only be aware of during a crisis such as the one we are now experiencing collectively And isn’t this condition as Galeano writes paradoxical in the extreme? As we are compelled to distance ourselves from one another we become closer Perhaps therefore his hope can infect us all “the despairing shall be paired and the lost shall be found for they are the ones who despaired and lost their way from so much lonely seeking” David had devoted his entire life to this same hopehttpsshareicloudcomphotos0GChttpsshareicloudcomphotos0w34vhttpsshareicloudcomphotos0ZuWT

  3. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly says:

    This goes on and on and on and on about what is wrong with the world today and yesterday and its grim prospects tomorrow the seeming hopelessness of the future so that there was a point where I felt I couldn't take it any shocked that I live in this planet and looked at my two children as mistakes I felt my whole being weakening like I was in an onset of a fatal food poisoning that will lead to my death in a couple of hoursA world turned upside down A relentless cruel oration explaining why I live in hell Then towards the end the flagellation abruptly ends and my tormentor announces that he might probably allow me and my family to live after all in another possible world where the air shall be cleansed of all poisons except those born of human fears and human passions; in the streets cars shall be run over by dogs; people shall not be driven by cars or programmed by computers or bought by supermarkets or watched by televisions; the TV set shall no longer be the most important member of the family and shall be treated like an iron or a washing machine; people shall work for a living instead of living for work written into law shall be the crime of stupidity committed by those who live to have or to win instead of living just to live like the bird that sings without knowing it and the child who plays unaware that he or she is playing in no country shall young men who refuse to go to war go to jail rather only those who want to make war; economists shall not measure living standards by consumption levels or the uality of life by the uantity of things;cooks shall not believe that lobsters love to be boiled alive; historians shall not believe that countries love to be invaded; politicians shall not believe that the poor love to eat promises; earnestness shall no longer be a virtue and no one shall be taken seriously who can't make fun of himself; death and money shall lose their magical powers and neither demise or fortune shall make a virtuous gentleman of a rat; no one shall be considered a hero or a fool for doing what he believes is right instead of what serves him best; the world shall wage war not on the poor but rather on poverty and the arms industry shall have no alternative but to declare bankruptcy; food shall not be a commodity nor shall communications be a business because food and communications are human rights; no one shall die of hunger because no one shall die from overeating; street children shall not be treated like garbage because there shall be no street children; rich kids shall not be treated like gold because there shall be no rich kids; education shall not be the privilege of those who can pay; the police shall not be the curse of those who cannot pay; justice and liberty Siamese twins condemned to live apart shall meet again and be united back to back; there will no longer be censorship and paid reviews at goodreads for here liberty shall meet his sister honesty and be reunited with her too; the Church holy mother shall correct the typos on the tablets of Moses and the Sixth Commandment shall dictate the celebration of the body; the Church shall also proclaim another commandment the one God forgot You shall love nature to which you belong; clothed with forests shall be the deserts of the world and of the soul; the despairing shall be paired and the lost shall be found for they are the ones who despaired and lost their way from so much lonely seeking; we shall be compatriots and contemporaries of all who have a yearning for justice and beauty no matter where they were born or when they lived because borders of geography and time shall cease to exist; perfection shall remain the boring privilege of the gods while in our bungling messy world every night shall be lived as if it were the last and every day as if it were the firstI tell you if you read this after you've read what comes before it you might tear up a little

  4. Jason Jason says:

    As other reviewers have noted Galeano doesn't provide footnotes to back up his assertions which makes this book a rant and not a treatise It is a breathtaking rant though with language as beautiful as the world it describes is ugly Plus Galeano does provide a list of sources at the end if the reader needs further convincing that Galeano's description of the Looking Glass world is spot onHere are some of Galeano's own wordsThe killer instinct is an essential ingredient for getting ahead a human virtue when it helps large companies digest small and strong countries devour weak but proof of bestiality when some jobless guy goes around with a knife in his fist 6The world economy is the most efficient expression of organized crime The international bodies that control currency trade and credit practice international terrorism against poor countries and against the poor of all countries with a cold blooded professionalism that would make the best of the bomb throwers blush 6The looking glass school teaches us to suffer reality not to change it; to forget the past not learn from it; to accept the future not invent it In its halls of learning impotence amnesia and resignation are reuired courses 8What schools and media teach as the only possible way of remembering the past simply passes on the voices that repeat the boring litany of power's self sacralization Exoneration reuires unremembering 34No judge can send a global system to jail for killing by hunger but a crime is a crime even when it's carried out as the most normal thing in the world 154Just as smart bombs killed Irais in the Gulf war without anyone except the dead finding out 'smart money' earns 40 percent profits without anyone finding out how 157The development of technology leads not to free time or freedom only to unemployment and fear 164Saving the environment is turning out to be the most brilliant enterprise of the very companies that are destroying it 191Ineuality before the law lies at the root of real history but official history is written by oblivion not memory We know all about this in Latin America where exterminators of Indians and traffickers in slaves have their statues in city plazas while streets and avenues tend to bear the names of those who stole the land and looted the public purse 201Impunity is crime's reward openly promoting and encouraging of the same And when the criminal who has raped robbed tortured and murdered without answering to anyone happens to be the state a green light is flashed to all of society to rape rob torture and kill The same society that uses punishment like a scarecrow to frighten criminals at the bottom rewards them at the top with a lifetime get out of jail free card 207 Can anyone really argue with these last two uotes after watching the banksters on Wall Street destroy the global economy and then give themselves record bonuses free from any oversight or prosecution? No matter how much they burn it break it and lie about it human history refuses to shut its mouth Despite deafness and ignorance the time that was continues to tick inside the time that is The right to remember does not figure among the human rights consecrated by the United Nations but now than ever we must insist on it and act on itWhen it's truly alive memory doesn't contemplate history it invites us to make it 210Impunity is the child of bad memory 211If we behave ourselves it will come to pass We will all see the same images and hear the same sounds and wear the same clothes and eat the same hamburgers and enjoy the same solitude in our houses all alike in neighborhoods all alike in cities all alike where we will all breathe the same garbage and serve our cars with the same devotion and carry out the orders of the same machines in a world that will be marvelous for all who have no legs or wings or roots 233Like so many other symbols of consumer society cars belong to a minority whose habits are parlayed into universal truths obliging the rest of us to see cars as the only possible extension of the human body 241Modernization motorization the roar of traffic drowns out the chorus of voices denouncing civilization's sleight of hand that steals our freedom then sells it back to us that cuts off our legs to make us buy running machines 243The consuming masses take orders in a language that is universal; advertising has achieved what Esperanto could not 257Free time time imprisoned the homes of the very poor have no beds but they have TVs and the TV has the floor Bought on credit this little beast is proof of the democratic nature of progress It listens to no one but speaks for all Poor and rich alike thus learn the virtues of the latest car and poor and rich alike discover the favorable interest rates offered by one bank or another 257I've always heard that money can't buy happiness but every poor TV viewer has ample grounds for believing money can buy something so close to happiness that the difference can be left to specialists 259The global mass media have set the price of freedom of expression in the clouds; the opinionated who have the right to listen are ever numerous while the opinionators who have the right to make themselves heard are ever fewer 276Technological diversity is said to be democratic diversity Technology places images words and music within the reach of all as never before But this marvel becomes a dirty trick if private monopoly ends up imposing a one image one word one tune dictatorship 278In their speeches politicians are prepared to die for education and in their acts they proceed to kill it 293In the name of justice so called socialism had sacrificed freedom The symmetry is revealing in the name of freedom capitalism sacrifices justice day in day out Are we obliged to kneel before one of these two altars? Those of us who believe that injustice is not our immutable fate have no reason to identify with the despotism of a minority that denied freedom was accountable to no one treated people as children and saw unity as unanimity and diversity as treason 318In the language of Castile when we want to say we have hope we say we shelter hope A lovely expression a challenge to shelter her so she won't die of the cold in the bitter climate of these times 320Truth lies in the voyage not the portLiving wherever living however living whenever each person contains many possible persons Every day the ruling system places our worst characteristics at center stage condemning our best to languish behind the backdrop The system of power is not in the least eternal We may be badly made but we're not finished and it's the adventure of changing reality and changing ourselves that makes our blip in the history of the universe worthwhile this fleeting warmth between two glaciers that is us 329If the world is upside down the way it is now wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight? 337

  5. Carmen Carmen says:

    ParadiseIf we behave ourselves it will come to pass We will all see the same images and hear the same sounds and wear the same clothes and eat the same hamburgers and enjoy the same solitude in our houses all alike in neighborhoods all alike in cities all alike where we will breathe the same garbage and serve our cars with the same devotion and carry out the orders of the same machines in a world that will be marvelous for all who have no legs or wings or rootsAmazing I' loved this book from the firts page to the last

  6. jeremy jeremy says:

    Journalist historian poet author — there is no other writer whose style is comparable to that of Eduardo Galeano The Uruguayan penner best known for his acclaimed Memory of Fire trilogy further indicts our culture of privilege in Upside Down Comprised of a series of illuminating vignettes Galeano with his trademark wit sarcasm and adroit phrasings turns his unerring critiue onto the vapidity and shallowness of our modern world Whether decrying violence consumerism ecological degradation imperialism or our car obsessed culture Galeano's humanity and heartbreak is evident on every page Illustrated with the engravings of Jose Posada Upside Down will lacerate while enchanting dance you silly while shaking the daylights out of you

  7. Sachi Sachi says:

    One of the boldest books I have ever read Galeano writes about issues that plagued society centuries ago and continue to haunt our lives today with spectacular sarcasm and wit Cannot recommend it enough

  8. Kirti Upreti Kirti Upreti says:

    What happens if you're able to figure out all the tricks up the sleeves of all the illusionists? Should you then play God and turn the tide of every sea in your favor? Or should you take a deep breath and watch the magic show sitting behind the fourth wall?Let's say you choose the second option You see the audience being mesmerized or tortured by the illusions You sit there for years and years witnessing the same show being run by fresh faces before an ever amnesiac audience Ultimately you get bored Earlier you felt empathy but the prolonged observation has ultimately made you feel helpless and your sentiments futile The boredom pushes you to do something to pass time and you start analysing the entire act along with its audienceYou have to pen down what you now know by heart You know there's no fun in it Sarcasm and metaphors become your new best friends that add some zing to an otherwise bland concoction that you're making only for yourself And you keep doing this all your lifeSometimes you eavesdrop on the conversations among the audiences the democratic crusaders the comrades the nationalists the loyalists the conservatives the liberals and many and the perspective of those living and fighting for their illusions gives you a much needed comic relief You have already given up on them because they've bought the tickets to the show themselves and are deeply encumbered by the sunk cost fallacyBut there's to it Such a state of mind gives you freedom too Freedom to not let your own life be governed by the diktat of the imposing world around you Freedom from pursuing idols and ideologies And most importantly freedom to speak the truth that no one wants to hear unabashedly and unapologetically The world would call it dark humor and ironically also pay accolades to your sense of humorBy now it must be clear why I love Eduardo Galeano

  9. Reid Reid says:

    This is definitely good if you want a reminder of how unjust and brutal the world is with the focus on Latin America Money and power rule and woe to those that get in the way or even woe to those that don't add value I thought perhaps this would be a good uicker substitution for his Open Veins and perhaps it is but the loose format and rant style is not what I prefer It's a bit depressing too and he doesn't present many specific causal facts just the broad descriptives of a world gone mad where lives mean nothing when money and power are at stake To end on a lighter note I'll uote DylanWell my telephone rang it would not stopIt's President Kennedy callin' me upHe said My friend Bob what do we need to make the country grow?I said My friend John Brigitte BardotAnita EkbergSophia LorenCountry'll growNow the man on the stand he wants my voteHe's a runnin' for office on the ballot noteHe's out there preachin' in front of the steepleTellin' me he loves all kinds a peopleHe's eatin' bagelsHe's eatin' pizzaHe's eatin' chitlinsIf you want a listen I Shall Be Free

  10. Marce Matamoros Marce Matamoros says:

    Galeano offers us this devastating reflection of how today's world seems to be constructed from an upside down perspective where people's main nurture comes from fear and how the system manipulates masses into thinking there is no other way around as this is how it has always been in terms of injustice consumption predation of nature racism male domineering dependence to machines and mass media power Anyone who prides himselfherself on having critical thought has to read this book Few lectures will leave you thinking so much about today's world and the decadent system like this one It was written in 1998 but given the recent history it is still pretty relevant Is this everything we have? Haven;t we got to say and do? Dont we have the right to dream about a different world?

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