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Not a Mermaid (Jake Boo, #2) [EPUB] ✷ Not a Mermaid (Jake Boo, #2) By Madeline Kirby – It’s July in Houston and when heat waves and storm warnings finally give way to flooding rains Jake Hillebrand’s strange dreams take a sinister turn When the flood waters recede the body of a youn It’s July in Houston and when heat waves and storm warnings finally give way to flooding rains Jake Hillebrand’s strange dreams take a sinister turn When the flood waters recede the body of a young woman is found on the banks of Buffalo Bayou a young woman whose life overlaps with that of Detective Victoria Perez With Perez on the sidelines maybe she and Jake can finally come to an understanding Or not Petreski's working with Not a Epub / a new partner Jake's declared a major Jennifer Katz is moving on with her life and Don has no idea that the new cat hanging around his apartment is not what she appears Contains even carbs than Not a Werewolf plus all you can eat shrimp.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 177 pages
  • Not a Mermaid (Jake Boo, #2)
  • Madeline Kirby
  • English
  • 02 May 2014

10 thoughts on “Not a Mermaid (Jake Boo, #2)

  1. Kasia Bacon Kasia Bacon says:

    Adorable and uncomplicated Perfect to veg out with after a stressful day

  2. Ami Ami says:

    35 starsMy friend who recommended the first book to me said that this second book was better in term of the mystery I definitely agreed with her The storytelling feels solid and the mystery to be better informed to us as readers HOWEVER view spoilerthe lack of explanation on why Lana is killed by Standing irritated me hide spoiler

  3. Lada Lada says:

    Still an enjoyable story with decent cozy mystery CatBoo only appeared a little; his substitution was the grumpy Snookum DoodlesThere's still no sex in the story hooray And I have to mention that Jake's parents were great So yeah there's no shitty parents or homophobia in this story There were only murders amateur sleuthing and some cats and dogs

  4. LJ LJ says:

    It was enjoyable being back with the very engaging Jake Don and Bridger are great sidekicks but there wasn't as much Jake and Boo time as I would've liked Fun series Makes me happy Though in the end I was left wanting a bit from this book Almost gave it a three star but in the end settled for four as it is much better than most And I do want Jake BooRecommended

  5. Wende Wende says:

    This mystery was so much better than book one and I loved learning about the secondary characters I am really loving this book

  6. Kris Kris says:

    the mystery was intricate though by no means twisty it was better crafted than the first book The relationships between the characters got some major development and new people were added to the castOverall it's a fast light read that won't strain any muscles but may make you crack a few smiles and give out a couple laughs Not much action the real gold of the story is the interactions between the characters and the progression of the many relationships and Bridger too

  7. Kenzi Bond Kenzi Bond says:

    I read Jake Boo books 1 to 4 back to back They were like a warm blanket on a winter’s day For readers who like the male on male action there is none This is like a feel good read where the sex is implied That doesn’t mean the stories aren’t worth the read The cast of characters are entertaining and engaging I personally find that when novels have good supporting characters it makes the overall read engaging If I had to use one word for the series I would say ‘fun’

  8. Fi Brit Fi Brit says:

    Another unsatisfyingAfter the first book in this series only vaguely solved the mystery I was hesitant about reading this book However since I liked the character and the writer’s breezy style I thought I’d give the series another chanceNope not worth it Whilst not as bad as the first book this one still ended on a pretty vague note Loose ends annoy me I won’t be reading any by this author

  9. Natalie panda eyes Natalie panda eyes says:

    A little serious than the first but still light hearted The characters have passed their introduction and settled in Jake is still a dreamer but it felt of an obligation compared to the first one Not a lot of Boo in cat form which is a shame but still plenty of animals The JakePerez thing is interesting Feels like Don and Jake should just enroll in a police academy or become private detectives Nice easy read

  10. Adele Steiner Adele Steiner says:

    I love JakeThese books are so good Jake is weird and dorky and awkward but so sociable and nosy I adore him to bits Especially for his love of trashy romance novels that put ideas in his head like werewolves and mermaidsmermen I love all the characters in this growing series

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