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The Property of Hate [Epub] ➟ The Property of Hate Author Sarah Jolley – From TvTropes A young girl is suddenly awoken by a strange man who refers to himself simply as RGB He is formal in speech and odd in the head or in the television set where his head should be He asks From TvTropes A young girl is suddenly awoken by a strange man who refers to himself simply as RGB He is formal in speech and odd in the head or in the television set The Property Epub / where his head should be He asks her if she would like to become a hero and though she answers with gusto she doesn't have any knowledge of what will be expected of her as she leaves her home for a world in the skiesThe journey across the clouds takes her to a world badly in need of a hero where lies and fears are very real and very dangerous The hero's courage helps her survive her first encounter with fear itself but her very young age — and RGB's refusal to explain anything — make it a difficult and dangerous journey for herVolume includes The Hook Rushes Soft Focus Diegesis Suture Negative.

  • Paperback
  • 124 pages
  • The Property of Hate
  • Sarah Jolley
  • English
  • 27 July 2015

About the Author: Sarah Jolley

Sarah Jolley is a cartoonist currently based in Greater Manchester.

10 thoughts on “The Property of Hate

  1. Chloe N Chloe N says:

    The most amazingly uniue webcomic I've read to date Even now I don't know if I understand it but it's strange and wonderful and good Mysteries appear and disappear if you only look closely enough to catch them Every detail is planned The art the characters the story and the world itself are simply delightful and of course we mustn't leave out the wordplay

  2. Mikhail Mikhail says:

    Reminds me rather of the Phantom Tollbooth This is good

  3. Emma Emma says:

    Much like romantically apocalyptic I found this web comic via fanart cosplay In this comic you follow a little girl who’s wisked away to the land of dreams make believe led by a mysterious tv head named RGB The comic art is very uniue vibrant the use of the visual medium is pushed to make a truly beautiful immersion I like how they describe emotions with physical manifestations it’s very abstract yet realistic in the depictions I like the running theme of change as well The comic much like romantically apocalyptic is still on going so I guess now I have to wait for updates

  4. KappaBooks KappaBooks says:

    This is honestly one of the best graphic novelscomics out there It's so vibrant and imaginative and wild and it keeps you on the edge of your seat and there's so much CHARMEveryone should read it and support the artist

  5. Mook Mook says:

    I just binge read all of The Property of Hate that is available online It's a uick fun read with a very adorable Hero and an interesting 'Monster' guide Assock is possibly my favourite character at the moment The artwork is lovely

  6. Aya Aya says:

    adorable and beautiful to the eyes It could do with structure and consistency but otherwise enjoyable

  7. Mary Catelli Mary Catelli says:

    Tentative rating Very odd little webcomic still in progress

  8. Kyle Kyle says:

    What a lovely little web comic Now technically this is a live series so I haven't TRULY finished it but I've read all that is available at this point We meet wonderful characters my favorite is Assok with delightful art However there's something sinister going on in this world that RGB and the Hero are just barely keeping ahead of or not uite able to catch up with Where the series has stopped at this point has left me with far uestions than answers but I get the feeling that Jolley has something concrete here and just drops us morsels of information at her own pace This is to uite commendable because the characters and art keep the story moving in it's own regard while the backstory slowly creeps into full picture In some ways it reminded me of The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles but maybe that's just because it was an internet read that I devoured in one day when I was supposed to be doing homework

  9. Tori Hopkins Tori Hopkins says:

    Ingredients one adorable little girl in green boots; one coward with a telly for a head and a mysteriously angsty past; oodles of artisticstorytelling talent; a rainstorm of wonderfully subtle wit; and one sock thing Mix thoroughly and bake for two years The result pure magicDo you want to be a Hero? It is not certain what most people upon being asked this uestion by a man with a telly for a head would have done but our protagonist's yes delivers us with one of the most fantastic adventures ever set to paper It is so fantastic that you won't even notice that you still after almost two hundred pages know basically zero concrete facts about it RGB I'm looking at youAmong the best bits of storytelling I've ever read in my life If I could write characters this compelling I would probably be drinking champagne right now

  10. Mary Catelli Mary Catelli says:

    This is a weird one Also still in progress see linkA little girl is asleep in an upper bunk when she's asked whether she wants to be a hero by a figure with a TV for a head She nods and goes off with him Up some smoke to a doorway and a very strange land Lies ideas trees made of stuff the uestion of the sun fears and many other embodied and outlandish dangers More like The Phantom Tollbooth than Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass but not really like either of them

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