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Third Person Singular (A Mars Bahr Mystery) ❴Read❵ ➪ Third Person Singular (A Mars Bahr Mystery) Author K.J. Erickson – Special Detective Marshall Bahr's hard years on the Minneapolis police force have taken their toll A single father he's sacrificed his marriage friendships and private life for the thrill of the hunt Special Detective Marshall Bahr's hard years on the Minneapolis police force have taken their toll A single father he's sacrificed his marriage friendships and private life for the thrill of the hunt But his flawless record is about to be challenged with a murder that cuts straight to the heartMary Pat Fitzgerald still bore traces of the beauty that made the homecoming ueen the most popular Third Person PDF or girl in the suburb of Edina the last girl anyone would expect to find with a stomach full of gin stabbed to death alongside a dangerous and remote footpath on the bluffs With no clues and no suspects Bahr's investigations is doomed to go unsolved until the similar murder of another young girl leads the detective far from his home turf and father still from the slaying ground of a mysterious killer who's orchestrating each of Bahr's moves with chilling cold blooded perfection.

10 thoughts on “Third Person Singular (A Mars Bahr Mystery)

  1. Susan Susan says:

    Minneapolis police dective Marshall Mars Bahr takes on a case of a teenager found murdered and abandoned What put her down was an artful puncture wound to her aorta And that was just the start of the mystery This is a new authort new to me anyway and she is a master at creating characters that I want to go meet for lunch I even like Mars' kid and I never like the kids She has two other Mars books already finished I love it when that happens

  2. Deidre Deidre says:

    I like it but didn't know if I could read books with a detective named Mars Bahr

  3. Linda Owen Linda Owen says:

    I picked up this book after reading an entertaining short story by KJ Erickson “Noir Neige” in the anthology Twin Cities Noir The novel’s action takes place in one of my favorite Minneapolis riverfront locales that of the Pillsbury A Mill St Anthony Falls and the Stone Arch BridgeI know this is a debut novel but I was far less impressed with it than I was with the short story whose plot turns on some wonderfully dorky characters The novel’s plot relies too much on serendipity and the characters aren’t very believable although there’s an enraged mom with a stroller at the end who rings true and made me laugh And I can just imagine what real Minneapolis cops would do with “Mars” Bahr’s favored treatment within the department and his title of “Special Detective” But I’ll give the rest of the series another chance in hopes that it will capture of the flavor of the Twin Cities and some of its colorful denizens

  4. Joan Joan says:

    I think I have found a new series to read Mars Bahr is a police detective who is given a job by the new police chief where he can be independent and has a administrative assistant named Nettie who is great with paper work and computers Together they solve cases Mars also adores his son name Chris Mars is divorced and in the divorce gave his wife everything so his son would have a good life When Mary Pat Fitzgerald is found dead everyone is shocked She is the homecoming ueen beautiful smart athletic the all American girl Of course they suspect the boyfriend first but Mars doesn't think he is guilty As they dig into Mary Pat's life they find clues but the case does not come together The author gives just enough twists and clues to allow the reader to figure out the case Mars is a good man and father as well as a great detective so we see his human side

  5. S.E. S.E. says:

    I've just discovered K J Erickson another Minnesota author Looking forward to reading another Mars Bahr mysteries

  6. Mike Miller Mike Miller says:

    For being her first novel I feel Ms Erickson did a very good job Kept my interest and had a good ending Never guessed it was that person

  7. Jenna Jenna says:

    One of the best debut novels I've read Third Person Singular is an outstanding first novel and an engrossing mystery I highly recommend itBrief overviewA smart talented beautiful teenager from a wealthy suburban family turns up dead in a scuzzy part of Minneapolis Special Detective Marshall Mars Bahr yep pun is definitely intended catches the case Bahr has the sort of 'roving inspector' assignment that makes for great tv and murder mysteries but probably doesn't exist in real police departments he operates outside the regular detective's bureaucracy reports only to the chief of police and gets to investigate just the juicy high profile murders Not many cops like him all that much but they do respect him and the uality of his police workBahr's investigation leads the reader through an intricate plot that reveals the seamy secrets of respectable society and wide array of possible suspects Of course only one of them is actually guilty though by the time Bahr finishes airing the dirty laundry you'll wish of them could go to jailBahr occasionally teeters on the edge of being a Mary Sue he's an awesome cop with an awesome job an awesome partner an awesome kid and an awesome divorce seriously but for my money doesn't actually fall over that particular brink The number of things Bahr gets wrong in the course of investigating the case is realistic theories change as the evidence changes and puts the character firmly in very very good cop territory rather than superman territory Bottom line I'm totally sold on Mars Bahr as a detective whose investigations I want to read I'm off to the library to find of KJ Erickson's work

  8. Cindy Cindy says:

    Themes crime father son relationship police work relationshipsSetting Minnesota present daySpecial Detective Marshall Bahr of the Minneapolis police force is assigned to a new case A pretty blond cheerleader type is found dead in a nasty part of town Her family have no idea how or why she got down there Bahr and his partner Nettie dive into all the secrets of the victim Mary Pat Fitzgerald and finds plenty of dirt to go around; however none of it seems to lead to a suspect Just when the case is almost cold a surprisingly lead turns up a new line of investigationI liked this one It was a good story and I liked the main character He is a good cop and a good dad with a passion for movies And I liked that there were a few twists in the story Thanks to cbltn for the recommendation

  9. LJ LJ says:

    Third Person Singular GKJ EricksonDetective Marshall Mars Bahr known to co workers as Candy Man but not because of his name reports directly to the Minneapolis police chief especially when a young woman of impeccable background is murdered near the newly renovated waterfront Suspicion falls first on her supposedly out of state boyfriend then on an unknown pick up and finally on a serial killer Despite media pressure Mars and partner Nellie ultimately prevail in this talented and exciting first novelTwo women murdered MN cop with an exceptional but not annoying 8 year old daughter

  10. Andrew Andrew says:

    A good police procedural whodunnit While I wasn't altogether thrilled with the solution to the crimes once revealed I rather liked the pursuit of the killer Some interesting characters not typical of the genre The setting was a nice change of pace An entertaining easy flowing readBest moment when you discover the reason for the title of the bookI'd read another one Three and a half stars UCBC rating 35

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