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Archaeology of Ritual and Magic ➩ Archaeology of Ritual and Magic Ebook ➯ Author Ralph Merrifield – Like all human activities ritual customs intended to gain advantage or avert disaster by supernatural means have left their mark on the archaeological record Yet archaeologists are often reluctant to Ritual and ePUB ↠ Like all human activities ritual customs intended to gain advantage or avert disaster by supernatural means have left their mark on the archaeological record Yet archaeologists are often reluctant to recognize evidence of behavior that has no obvious material purpose Even where they realize that something unusual has occurred they will put forward every other possible explanation in terms of accident or functional utility however improbable For the first time Ralph Merrifield systematically looks at the evidence for European ritual from prehistoric times to the present day In examining different Archaeology of Epub / kinds of ritual superstition and magic whether animal sacrifice offerings to earth and water spells and charms or antidotes to witchcraft he shows how common patterns of activity have continued with little alteration over the centuries Through fundamental changes of religious belief from primitive animism to developed paganism from paganism to Christianity from traditional Catholicism to Protestantism and even from religious faith to scientific rationalism the same kinds of simple ritual have survived to give comfort and a sense of security Profusely illustrated this provocative and readable study will not only of Ritual and Epub Ü be reuired reading for archaeologists at all levels but will also appeal to all those interested in folklore and the oddities of human behavior.

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  1. PJ Who Once Was Peejay PJ Who Once Was Peejay says:

    Back in 1988 when Merrifield wrote this book the study of ritual and magic in academic circles was rare frowned upon even Now it's become something of a cottage industry but this slim and approachable volume was an early precursor of current fields of study The author studied inventories of archaeological digs stretching back many years looking for the odd bits that archaeologists either didn't know how to interpret or interpreted in a prosaic way things like bent pins or animal bones bottles full of rubbish or swords fished out of lakes etc In exhaustive detail and stretching back two thousand years Merrifield showed the ritual meaning of these things by their survival in folk traditions and superstitious Bent pins to ward off evil or witches; animal bones for sacrifice; bottles full of hair urine residue and other things to ward against witches; swords thrown into lakes and rivers as sacrifices by warriors to assure victory etc It's a fascinating peek into the Western magical tradition and the workings of the minds of our ancestors Minds and traditions that we all too often share today

  2. Lee Broderick Lee Broderick says:

    Far from being the comprehensive guide that the title may suggest this book's scope is restricted to historic England Ralph Merrifield writes well enough and The Archaeology Of Ritual And Magic should be accessible to anyone with an interest Reading this as a zooarchaeologist I was frustrated with Merrifield's interpretations of animal remains which like Gerald A Wait's leant heavily on Annie Grant's Danebury interpretations I've written elsewhere how I believe that they bear little scrutiny Merrifield was a finds archaeologist though and it's with this class of information that his knowledge shines through coupled as it is with an acknowledged long term specific interest Full marks too for tackling Margaret Murray in an intelligent manner head on but with enough sympathy to paint the picture a little grey

  3. Trunatrschild Trunatrschild says:

    An Excellent book on ritual and magical items from the last 2000 years in England A little outdated but extremely important if one is interested in this subject Everything from foundation sacrifices and bottles to items thrown in rivers Very important in understanding some modern practices

  4. Amethyst Amethyst says:

    More of an archaeology textbook which I kind of like It could have some outdated information but More open minded than some in presenting paganism He probably was well versed in the Craft

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