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  1. samn samn says:

    This is one of few books able to transcend the inadeuacies of human communication It explores profound spiritual journey deep loss personal transformation and bitter disillusionment It challenges and critically analyzes society as we know it This book embarks upon an exploration of the range of human emotion and challenges the resilience of the spirit of humanity

  2. Lillian Angelovic Lillian Angelovic says:

    A long time favorite this was a repeat reuest read when my kids were leetle ones PS to those who think the subject matter might be disturbing Unless they suffer from car accident induced PTSD kids aren't bothered by the likes of jeeps crashing in picture books They don't have the life experience to make the negative connection so it's just funny to them Toy cars crash all the time without disastrous conseuences It's the adults who might have problems with that sort of thing and look to protect children from their negative projections Jeeps crash people It's okay It's just a book Besides sheep are driving Would you expect anything less?

  3. Danielle Danielle says:

    My son has autism and although he is 10 he likes younger books that he can read successfully himself This one also has many words with 'S' so it provides good practice for his speech

  4. Denise Denise says:

    This is one of my favorite books from childhood but my baby absolutely hates it and I can't figure out why It has the most charming rhymes and I have most it memorized Unlike her actual favorites I could contentedly read it 4x in a row every day Therefore I will continue to force it down her throat until she likes it Stockholm styleupdate she is now 1 year old and she exercises great autonomy and self knowledge by still absolutely hating this book demonstrated by repeatedly trying to close it when I open it and shaking her head no I guess it's just uh oh sheep won't go for this kid

  5. Mairead Mairead says:

    Everything about this book is A's current jam

  6. David David says:

    Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy E Shaw is the first in Shaw's Sheep series Five silly sheep rhyme their way through a totally unsuccessful driveSheep push the stalled jeep so that it gets stuck in mud They are assisted by stong pigs but crash into a tree Sheep then try to sell the wrecked jeepThis story features a rhyming text a large bold font about fifty words and lots of repetition making it work well as a beginning reader The small pictures make this a best bet for reading to a few children at a time and for independent reading The illustrations are hilarious The sheep exhibit an entertaining number of expressions The tatooed pigs are a highlightFor ages 2 to 6 beginning readers rhyming phonics humor sheep transportation themes and fans of the sheep and Nancy E Shaw

  7. Christopher Hicks Christopher Hicks says:

    It was a cute well written children's book

  8. Brice Sainsbury Brice Sainsbury says:

    This book first caught my eye because of the red Jeep on the cover owning a similar jeep I dove head first into this mind boggling 32 page masterpiece thinking it would help with the sheep like noises coming from my jeep I learned all too uick that this book was well beyond my age when I failed to realize that sheep cannot drive a jeep The artistic factor in this book is well below sub par I think I could have drawn better in an ambien induced coma I am not sure who the author was trying to insinuate the sheep to be but they are some sketchy animals Once they crash their jeep into a heap they try to sell this lemon without providing a Carfax report This book teaches people to be sly and dishonest I would recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a career as a crooked car salesmen or a life in prison I will give this book a 1 star rating for story and illustrations but I will bump it up to a 3 star rating for the picture of the red jeep Its a jeep thing

  9. Logan Logan says:

    A current favorite of my son's we're reading it nightly at the moment We read a lot of children's books and sometimes I post them here if they are really noteworthy We love everything about this book The illustrations of the sheep really convey the emotions they're experiencing as they completely screw up their attempts at driving their jeep for the first time They're really funny and my 4 year old loves them The story is funny too and is told in simple couplets that are easy to memorize for a child and great for beginning readers

  10. Hannah Hannah says:

    When three of my younger siblings were little they loved this book having my siblings and I read it to them multiple times a day Though it's been around five years since we lost it I still can recite the whole book from memory It's a fun story with cheerful rhyming and colorful illustrations

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  • Paperback
  • Sheep in a Jeep
  • Nancy E. Shaw
  • 08 October 2015
  • 9780440848455