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Twisted Romance #1 [PDF] ❤ Twisted Romance #1 ✮ Alex de Campi – Critically acclaimed writer ALEX de CAMPI teams up with some of comics' hottest artists to create tales of love gone wrong right and everywhere in between ISSUE ONE “OLD FLAMES”In New York City in Critically acclaimed writer ALEX de CAMPI teams up with some of comics' hottest artists to create tales of love gone wrong right and everywhere in between ISSUE ONE “OLD FLAMES”In New York City in there are thousands of ways for people to get together There's only one agency dedicated to tearing them apart Heartbreak Incorporated But who is the handsome seducer who runs the agency and what is the secret he's hiding Drawn by KATIE SKELLYMy Pretty Vampire Backup comics story by SARAH HORROCKS Goro The Leopard Twisted Romance ePUB í and prose story by MAGEN CUBED Crashers.

10 thoughts on “Twisted Romance #1

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    Such a cool original comic series Can’t wait to see #2

  2. Kait Kait says:

    I like the anthology nature of this issue I enjoyed the front story uite a bit as well as the prose story Both were real world with a supernatural element Their universes were fleshed out well and efficiently and also contained some minor character development The back story was very abstract and I felt like it was too short to fully understand what was going on

  3. Liz (Quirky Cat) Liz (Quirky Cat) says:

    Check out my review over at Comic Bastards

  4. Amber Amber says:

    This is a weak start when issue #2 was so interesting The art for the first story was too amateur the other story I don’t remember and I didn’t even read the prose Not sure if the experience was too different because I read digital for this one Still I want to check out the next one

  5. kim kim says:

    the first story old flames was alright kinda entertaining but not memorablei really enjoyed the second story leather and lace to be fair i'd love anything that's gay and supernatural so maybe i'm just easy to please but i loved iti didn't like the last story red meduse since i just didn't understand a single thing about it it was just too abstract and confusing for me

  6. Su Su says:

    I finally got around to reading the first issue And I’m really glad I did I’m also terribly glad I didn’t read this one first I now completely understand why the subseuent issues threw people off because they were “unconventional” rather than “twisted” But not so in this first issue Or at least we can say that about the two comics The prose piece in this issue is not so twisted but worth every cent to print it Alex de Campi’a “Old Flames” illustrated by Katie Shelly is almost Chinatown meets True Blood hybridized with Twilight? That is to say a spurned wife reaches out to a centuries’ old vampire to handle her cheating husband’s mistress and the cheating mistress turns out to also be a centuries’s old vampire and the clean up man’s ex I loved everything about this It’s definitely worth your time Also it features some great lines very artistically places from some of your favorite discotecca tunes Magen Cubed’s “Leather Lace” is by far the best prose out of Issues 1 3 I have at the time of review yet to read Issue 4 Perhaps it is also the longest and therefore has an advantage over the other two issues Cubed allows the story to unfold at a natural but engaging pace characters and relationships are easy to pick up and well developed as we go along Descriptions are short and sweet anddescriptive as in I can actually see in my mind’s eye what is going on Each character has a distinct voice and speech style and it is truly wonderful We’re not rushing through time but we’re also not stagnant or being slowly dragged throw one million different events in the span of hours Characters communicate and misunderstand one another in a truly real world fashion And the romance isn’t the only plot or focus these characters have lives and day jobs and purpose beyond trying to get together This story had all the elements which made the comics from Issue #2 so wonderful And it was a really fresh take on the coexistence of supernaturals and humans But there’s always the one piece I don’t love I suppose Sarah Horrocks’s “Red Medusa on the Road to Hell” started off with a ton of intrigue and super trippy art that worked well with the dark and twisty story we were getting into But everything uickly became messy and hard to follow both aesthetically and narratively Once Red Medusa ? takes Mark to hell ? and the grim reaper or some other spiritual entity appears ? I completely lost the thread Which is so disappointing because I was really invested and willing to go along with anything at the start But if you’re familiar with this kind of art style and like the kind of work that usually gets brought up when your friends are reminiscing about their best old high or ‘shroom trip then you will probably enjoy this immensely Overall a fun and enjoyable issue

  7. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This was such a fun read There were definitely some hits and misses but overall I enjoyed most of the stories told in this volume My favourite has to be the first one with the vampire heartbreaker in Old Flames The illustration uality was the perfect style and the writing was fast paced I want to know about these characters please How did he turn into a vampire? Are there any like them?I didn't enjoy a few of the other comics but that was down to personal taste Overall a great little collection of stories that will stay with you for hours after you've finished

  8. John John says:

    I enjoyed the comic Katie Skelly and Sarah Horrock’s stories were great I loved the art and direction each tale offered The story by Magen Cubed really could have used another polish or editorial guidance I liked her characters and the use of the wendigo but some stuff seemed stilted or forced in the story For a story focusing on the natural and supernatural it felt like I’ve read something like this before and it didn’t really provide something new or interesting Overall not bad but I think the best pieces in this comic go to Katie Skelly and Sarah Horrocks

  9. chelsea chelsea says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the art work style The plot line seemed interesting enough but it was hard to follow and didn’t establish the setting enough to fully understand any of it even it the upcoming edition was meant to explain

  10. Rainey Rainey says:

    An extremely bizarre but entertaining anthology series

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