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Return to Dungeon Kobolds uest #1 ➷ [Reading] ➹ Return to Dungeon Kobolds uest #1 By M.J. Kaltenbrunner ➬ – This downtrodden kobold finds himself with one hell of a uest Kek has spent his life being treated like a dog but he's only dog like in appearance You see he's a kobold who originally came from a dung This downtrodden kobold finds himself with one hell Dungeon Kobolds PDF/EPUB » of a uest Kek has spent his life being treated like a dog but he's only dog like in appearance You see he's a kobold who originally came from a dungeon And he's spent most of Return to PDF/EPUB or his life enslaved to a gang of exiled mercenaries hiding out in a deadly jungle When Kek gains the power to see the hidden mechanics of reality and learns to game them to expand his skills and find hidden meanings he is soon entrusted with to Dungeon Kobolds MOBI ñ a noble uest He must return to the dungeon where he came from and rescue his people from servitude to the dungeon lord Faced with untold dangers Kek is going to need allies—such as a sweet muck fairy with a killer streak a deadly beautiful siren who fights best au natural and a sensual cat woman with lightning uick moves They are sure going to keep this lone kobold on his toes Throughout this uest Kek will learn the hard way that one of the greatest opponents a hero confronts is his own self doubt This is a LitRPG with a twist There is no VR The fantasy world is real The game mechanics are part of a uniue magical power that only the lucky few obtain If you're not into this sort of thing maybe it's time you give it a go There's also a fun and adventure packed story that will keep any fantasy reader engrossed right up until the end Book two in the series is planned for launch early .

6 thoughts on “Return to Dungeon Kobolds uest #1

  1. Donald L Donald L says:

    Great readUniue characters Good story Not heavy like a Russian novel but still some drama Uniue twist on getting a status screen I look forward to book 2

  2. Jack K. Ledbetter Jr. Jack K. Ledbetter Jr. says:

    It was ok but could use some polishingI enjoyed reading this book However I will point out that there are some editing issues that broke up the flow of the story The story did not feel like it had much depth to it Additionally the way it flowed along with the editing issues made it hard to get lost in the world the author was trying to create I still want to see what happens to the characters in the next book but overall the story felt rushed or ruff around the edges in places

  3. Mandy Rae Mandy Rae says:

    Great Rough DraftThe premise behind the story is intriguing but the formation of the party strains even my sensibilities and I have been playing TT RPGs for over 25 yearsBeyond that this makes a great rough draft and once all the typos and missing words are cleaned up with a few editing runs I'm sure the story will be very interesting Unfortunately in it's current state there were simply too many errors for me to look at this as a finalized piece

  4. david bischoff david bischoff says:

    Bad Spell check and bad editingI really like book but was displeased with the many that were misused or misspelled in the preparation to send it to the printer without someone reading it first

  5. Travis Travis says:

    Short but cute It needs proofreading but it's a decent enough story I will read the next one

  6. Thomas Bieber Thomas Bieber says:

    Role playing storyThe story was fun to read though the wrong words were often chosen by the author It made it slightly difficult to read

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