Dungeon Crisis Glendaria Awakens #2 PDF/EPUB · Crisis

  • Kindle Edition
  • 211 pages
  • Dungeon Crisis Glendaria Awakens #2
  • Jonathan Brooks
  • English
  • 10 August 2016

9 thoughts on “Dungeon Crisis Glendaria Awakens #2

  1. Jacob Santos Jacob Santos says:

    You know that Archer Scientist uoteMuch better than the first and I loved the first I would love to see the buildings and NPCs but the author is a big teaseThe character dynamics are much better Another viewpoint is neat tooI think the only mistake what I call the Eragon Gambit but goes by another name Is having a too powerful enemy that it becomes impossible to compete and when the good guys inevitably do defeat the big bad through some uirk or fool move on the part of the enemy Hubris will be your downfallGiven the length and cheerfully depressing style I still look forward to the next book Even if I really just want dungeon NPCs and buildings

  2. GaiusPrimus GaiusPrimus says:

    The author has clearly leveled up his writing since book oneMy biggest gripe on the first one was the fact that there was such a plethora of tables some of them repeated multiple times for such a short book I'm glad to see that this has been worked on and the story itself hasn't suffered from this fundamental changeI didn't really care for the Guardian and a lot of her reasons for doing something are because she's crazy and since she's such an integral part of the story it just felt like this was a softball over the plate sorta situationI'll be starting on the next book shortly but the author and the story has a lot of potential

  3. Roberto Flores Roberto Flores says:

    Losing hopeThe main issue with this book is the horrendous choices being made by the main characters Initially portrayed as childhood best friends the have devil's into pointless cliches that embrace every idiotic bumbling romance trope There is no continuity between the gamer aspects and character aspects of this book I will read the last one to give the entire series a chance but I have very low expectations

  4. Bob Prescott Bob Prescott says:

    Uniue StorylineIf you like LitRPG’s then you will enjoy this series I just finished book two and chomping at the bit for book three The story is certainly different and worth getting intoAll thumbs up

  5. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    FunAn addictive and fast read that I just couldn’t put down You’ll enjoy it so you might as well dive on into the series

  6. Ryan Cross Ryan Cross says:

    Worth a readNice little series Flows well with little to no dead spots A little too gamelit for me but that's the genre so I'm not deducting any stars

  7. Brad Theado Brad Theado says:

    another good one

  8. Tony Chaplin Tony Chaplin says:

    Amazing again Amazing again loved this book just as much as the first and am going to start reading the third one right now as I can't wait

  9. Allan Allan says:

    Good book 2 Story was a little short but the risks for the MC's are ramping up

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Dungeon Crisis Glendaria Awakens #2[Reading] ➷ Dungeon Crisis Glendaria Awakens #2 By Jonathan Brooks – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Librarian's Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereWhen Krista and Devin first started playing Glendaria Awakens they had no idea that they would end up in charge of operating a dungeo Librarian's Note Glendaria Awakens PDF/EPUB é An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereWhen Krista and Devin first started playing Glendaria Awakens they had Dungeon Crisis MOBI :Ê no idea that they would end up in charge of operating a dungeon Now after leveling up they have a crisis on their Crisis Glendaria Awakens PDF/EPUB ê hands A new item a Dungeon Core is now the target of every guild in the game If the Core is stolen and kept away for a length of time they will cease to exist Devin must find enough powerful monsters to put into the dungeon while Krista has to build the perfect floor to keep them away from their only hope of surviving All of this and they have to try to co exist with their new guardian.

About the Author: Jonathan Brooks

Librarian Note Glendaria Awakens PDF/EPUB é There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.