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Straight by Day ➽ [Download] ✤ Straight by Day By Jason Collins ➲ – Braden What I thought was a casual fling from a hookup app turns out to be a meet up with the most famous actor in the world I want nothing than to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunit Braden What I thought was a casual fling from a hookup app turns out to be a meet up with the most famous actor in the world I want nothing than to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity until I realize he’s in a relationship with an eually famous actress However Straight by Kindle - once he informs me that the relationship is simply meant as a public cover up I find myself in his hotel room It doesn’t take long before I realize that a passionate night with Patrick could turn into than a uick rendezvous The other problem He’s never gone all the way with a man Patrick For as long as I can remember I’ve chased a glamorous life of lead roles in action films and multimillion dollar paychecks but a one time hookup turns into than a uick thrill and forces me to throw caution to the wind The public may view me as nothing than an action hero but Braden sees me for who I really am The only issue now is figuring out if I’m able to walk away from the fantasy life I’ve built to live the authentic life that I’ve only ever seen in my dreams With millions of people watching my every move I have to decide if I’m strong enough to cast aside fame and fortune and finally embrace what I truly want.

10 thoughts on “Straight by Day

  1. Marguerite Long Marguerite Long says:

    Editing is a thing This book could have been so good but when the time line is so messed it it keeps you from staying in the story I can not connect with a MC when I keep having to go back and figure out if I read something wrong or the timeline is just MESSED UP

  2. Silvia Silvia says:

    Feel good Romance Sometimes all I want to read is a feel good love story And Straight by Day fit the bill Not much angst no sharp twists just a whole heaping helping of a well written romance Patrick and Braden were opposites attracting and boom I’ll be having sweet dreams tonightAlthough I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book I ended up buying it after I read the arc

  3. Bradley Bradley says:

    I like Jason Collins I follow him on social media He seems like a good guy I usually am fond of his books But this book didn't do anything for meFirst the plot is a cliche Closeted action star Patrick meets LGBT social worker Braden I have seen this played out plot before Jason Collins seems to not even try with this book There's no character development and glaring WTF moments that fly against the rare character development there isThe thing I hate most about Jason Collins books is the pace where the characters go from hookup to happily ever after I'm a sucker for a happy ending but that doesn't mean I find it believable when these characters go from smoking hot wham bam sex to sure I'll move to the country with you and have your gay babies within a week Super frustratingAlso super frustrating The timeline of this book Patrick is about to audition for a life changing role It's all he talks about In chapter 10 it saysMy heart skipped a beat as I read the message and learned that my audition for Steel was all set for the next day Then in chapter 13 it's the movie I’m auditioning for soon In chapter 16 it's There was still the one major movie role that I wanted to land and the auditions were scheduled in just a few days Jesus fucking Christ get your timeline straight And that goes for everything Braden tells his co worker that he's dating someone in the closet and he is reamed out for it A few chapters later this same character acts surprised when he's told Braden is dating WTFAnd the whole I'm worried about my career and being outed goes out the window when Patrick goes down on Braden while on a hike after he's told and can hear people are coming UnfuckingbelievableAnd I'm a social work student so it really pissed me off when Braden was so self involved and narcissistic enough to want to name the scholarship he wanted to give homeless LGBT youth for himself Really Fucking fame whore Oh btw you cannot plan and execute a major fundraiser for an LGBT homeless center in a week and you really can't have your closeted action star play host and major fundraiser without anyone batting an eye Fuck Yeah was going to give it 2 stars but writing this review made me realize how irritating and unconvincing this book is so I'm dropping it down to one star

  4. Abradon Williams Abradon Williams says:

    Mostly 25 stars

  5. LWM LWM says:

    Is it just me or does this lack punch?It started out fine with a promising storyline interesting characters and potential to become a nice romantic read I kept waiting for it to interest me and stop the impatience gnawing on my gut However I found myself flipping through the pages then chapters without losing much of the plot and I conceded that this just wasn't going to be a book I enjoyed much less could even finish It dragged with repeated references to the same unchanging discontent felt by Patrick without any variation in workable solutions I found the personality he shows to Braden and his complete standoffishness with the irritating public so disparate given his stated reasons for beckoning an actor in the first place He claims to have only been in it for the chance to act rather than for the fame yet he's intent on making sure that he's paid top dollar in this case thirty million of them The whole book is poorly written with no oomph to it and we don't even get a picture of what these two guys look like aside from their muscles and height Usually a writer has characters referencing eye color skin tone hair texture and so on but with these characters? Nada We get the most imagery when Patrick describes his agent That's it right there there is no color movement action or pictures in the writing There is only circumspect accounting of the characters interacting with each other with one missed opportunity after another to be MORE 15 stars Yawn

  6. Lynze MF Lynze MF says:

    I absolutely loved this book and this is now one of my favorite book ever and to be honest I never thought I'd be able to read cause usually I can't read books this long but this was so good I actually wish it was longerSo there are only a few things that I feel are missing from this book 1 They never said I love you to each other they kinda thought it but they didn't really say it2 I wish it had the drama of Patrick's parents finding out in the end3 I wish it had the drama of Patrick's agent Dennis finding out because that would have been hilarious4 I think the only thing that I really actually really really really wish was in it was all the drama of when Patrick came out as gay and Braden trying to adjust to so much attention instead of it going from he's going to come out to 6 months laterAnd last but not least5 Yes they got their dream house and horses but what about the kids I mean ya technically they have all the kids from the LGBT youth center but what about having their own kids to actually raise like they wished they could have why didn't they like I don't know adopt or something but it really doesn't say anything about kids except for the part where at the beginning Braden tells Patrick about dreams

  7. Jenn Jenn says:

    35 StarsJason Collins delivers a feel good love story with this book When Braden decides to use his hookup ap he certainly doesn't expect his hookup to be a famous and not out actor but that's exactly who he meets Patrick is a super famous action star and while his life looks glamorous it's actually uite lonely What was supposed to be a uick night of fun leads to so much for both of these men and while it not what they expected it will forever change them This really is a story about falling in love and embracing that love It's not filled with angst and while there is definitely some drama for these guys it is about them finding each other and figuring it all out Braden and Patrick are two very different people who've lived very different lives but they find that they share similar dreams I enjoyed seeing Patrick discover himself and really see the future he wants for himself Braden is such a sweet guy with a good heart good for Patrick as well Two men who deserve their HEA I really liked these guys and their sweet touching journeyI voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    Fun light reading I always look forward to Jason's books This was no acception Leading actor ready to find a serious relationship but needs this one last upcoming major movie meets a guy who works with homeless vulnerable kids and is out and proud as bright as can be At first it was just hooking up But fairly uickly often than not Patrick found he liked just talking to Braden He felt he could say anything and it would be kept uiet He just felt he could trust Braden Amazing both men have similar dreams as life moves on A place outside LA and still be able to work with kids but also go hiking maybe start a family But can they make it happen? I would have enjoyed Braden and Patrick interact a bit with the kids and the youth center as it is such a huge part of Braden's life as a child and now and adult I was thrilled there was an epilogue A sneak peek forward I'm greedy and would have liked a bit If I could do 45 stars I would

  9. Carole-Ann Carole-Ann says:

    uite disappointed actually Braden an LGBT social worker links up with Patrick a closeted film star and rather than the one night stand they initially wanted they let it develop into a relationshipCliche that Patrick is closeted and no one knows he's gay; cliched that Braden has an ex as a co worker and who still has feelings; cliched that Patrick is still a 'virgin'; cliched that Braden wants a homefamily in the same way Patrick does; cliched in that Patrick has a 'beard' who is not very good at acting; cliched need I go on??OK we get one session of blowing; and one session of FFS First sex for Patrick not outstandingly described and NO protestations of 'love' even though the Epilogue has them with an HEAI brought this down to 2 stars because of the repetitiveness of some sentences It could have done with tighter editing

  10. Dixiecowgirl Dixiecowgirl says:

    What is the cost of living an authentic lifestyle is a very present uestion for Patrick Meeting Braden enables Patrick to face a crossroads that he has struggled with for years I enjoyed how Patrick could see the symmetry in Braden’s life how he could find meaning in the work that Braden did and was determined to support those efforts I loved that their hearts had the same simple dream of having a home in the country and a family One of the things I liked about this story is that no matter how much money someone has their heart still dreams simple dreams I also loved Braden’s willingness to follow is heart and trust his own judgement Patrick and Braden were a beautiful couple and their story is so worth reading

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