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6 thoughts on “The Next Distant Sea

  1. Robert F. Robert F. says:

    This book the second in James Baldwin's book career continues his world circling voyages but much matured now some years after the first circumnavigation What I found interesting in this one is James is less enthralled with the places he visits and takes a greater interest in some of the colorful characters he meets along the wayWhile still voyaging in his 28 foot Pearson Triton He has succumbed to the wisdom he acuired in his earlier voyages and has added an outboard motor to assure getting into and out of difficult harbors and circumstances He is still finding romance along the way with island girlsThe voyaging is less interesting this time around and he spends a good deal of the book relating the stories of some colorful characters and their adventures and philosophies There are some pretty unusual folks out thereThe most interesting thing I found in this book is James maturation He is older now and reflects on his choices and is less driven by innocent ideas of how it should be and plans and executes his choices as to how things really are If you have read his first book this will be uite clear and instructive for the would be cruiseradventurer The phrase You can never go back again is uite clear Time passes the world changes and the inner self sees with enlightened eyes

  2. Duncan Duncan says:

    James Baldwin is one of my sailing heroes He has circumnavigated twice in an engineless Pearson Triton and this is one of his books his website is also amazing I had the pleasure of meeting him at the dock once and he came aboard our own small Pearson and deemed it acceptable which I took as high praise This book is down to earth and affable without trying to please every reader I don't think he leaves out too muchWhat I gather from his experience is that those who spend long periods alone at sea in tiny habitats aren't wired the same as most people I encounter Also the world is big beautiful and sometimes inhospitableFor good advice on sailing bluewater this is a good book to read

  3. Alf Alf says:

    Enjoyable sailing yarn and interesting interactions with people and placesSailing around the world on your own timeline is a luxury we wish we could indulge James has done it and tells about it in a way that will keep you interested and you’ll learn some things

  4. Kent Gomez Kent Gomez says:

    A good read especially if the reader is a sailor I appreciated the obvious effort by the author to make the book readable and informative I especially enjoyed the mini historical side bars that added flavor to his nomadic life

  5. Ken Gula Ken Gula says:

    FantasticI enjoyed the integration of history in James second book making it a great follow up from the first adventure

  6. Sebastian Sebastian says:

    A great way to be out in the wide world sailing even if you sit on your couch I know this is not the real deal but perhaps the beginning of one's own voyageLooking forward to the third book

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The Next Distant Sea ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Next Distant Sea Author James Baldwin – In this the third book about his travels aboard the 28 foot sailboat Atom James Baldwin creates an ode to the sea and to those who venture upon her in small voyaging sailboats The Next Distant Sea con In this the third book about his travels aboard the foot sailboat Atom James Baldwin creates an ode to the sea and to those who venture upon her in small voyaging sailboats The Next Distant Sea continues the memoir of his second adventurous circumnavigation as begun in his earlier book Bound for Distant Seas Known for books and magazine articles about his earlier solo voyages the author here describes the struggles and rewards of The Next PDF or navigating distant seas the joys and challenges of interacting with foreign cultures as well as the love and loss of an intoxicating island girl Beginning in Hong Kong The Next Distant Sea takes readers to diverse destinations through the lesser travelled islands of the Philippines and Indonesia to far flung island outposts in the Indian Ocean including a lengthy exploration of mysterious Madagascar then on to newly post apartheid South Africa Along the way Baldwin's personal journey is interwoven with tales of the extraordinary and often outlandish characters he befriended from a man who crossed the Pacific alone in a dugout canoe to a vagabond trader who traveled to the poorest ports of east Africa in an engineless steel junk to a young sailor who tragically lost his life By melding their stories and his own Baldwin provides valuable insight into the individualist minimalist and libertarian mindset of the voyaging vagabond The Next Distant Sea is essential reading for all who would go to sea in small boats.

  • Paperback
  • The Next Distant Sea
  • James Baldwin
  • 06 March 2014
  • 9781983430497