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The Enchanted Dolls' House [Reading] ➿ The Enchanted Dolls' House By Robyn Johnson – For the child who loves dolls for the adult who cherishes dolls the most sumptious celebration ever in an exuisite multidimensional presentation featuring pop up period dollhouses secret letters hidde For the child who loves dolls for the adult who cherishes dolls the most sumptious celebration ever The Enchanted PDF or in an exuisite multidimensional presentation featuring pop up period dollhouses secret letters hidden pictures and Meet Albert and Lucinda Kristen Oscar Hattie and enchanted dolls who inhabit a magical series of homes from a Tudor mansion to a twentieth century villa finding adventure and secrets to discover dances to attend and parties to give in each era Can it be a surprise that over the many centuries a gentle romance has blossomed between Albert and LucindaPages are crammed with doll lore and historical detail Lovingly rendered highly detailed drawings of dolls their clothing and furnishings accessories and accoutrements grace each page and spread Each of the four dimensional dollhouses just begs for readers to peek through windows anddoors or lift away the walls to find hidden details and characters Tactile treats are everywhere journals to open letters to pull out and read jewelry boxes to explore fabric to touchand much much A Children's Book of the Month Club Main Selection as well as crossover selection of several BMOC adult clubs.

10 thoughts on “The Enchanted Dolls' House

  1. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    An incredibly clever book I have always loved 'pop up' books but this one is one of the best that I have ever read Children of all ages will be having so much fun following the dolls' adventures comprehension as they move through four dollhouses in four historical eras 18th century Late Victorian La Belle Époue learning various historical aspects etiuette dress social s while looking for certain items visual memory visual discrimination by opening doors looking in hat boxes finding secret passages that all they will realize is how great this book is My congratulations to the author who is also the illustrator A job very well done Also the author has created books for readers again of all ages Enjoy

  2. Madeline O& Madeline O& says:

    The Enchanted Dolls' House is a beautiful beautiful book It captivated me as a child and I think I may value it now that I can appreciate the beautiful illustrations and attention to detail The pop up homes are an incredible feature and I was admittedly surprised by the educational nature of the book It's by no means exhaustive but provides a nice child sized glimpse into the lives of aristocrats over time and does it all so so beautifully

  3. Jenny Jenny says:

    This book was my childhood I can remember it so clearly and I'm so happy to have found it again It was so much to see the characters in so many different eras and settings and the Teddy bears were so cute Argh this book is absolutely amazing and I HAVE to get my hands on another copy

  4. Rohani Rohani says:

    This is an absolutely gorgeous pop up book It's so carefully well thought and very detailed This is a definite treasure in my book collection

  5. Sandy Sandy says:

    Some days I wish my grown daughter was little again so we could read this book together It is such a fun read for anyone with some children but especially little girls I love the look and find aspects Though some are hard to see

  6. Madame Jane Madame Jane says:

    The dollhouses cover five time periods Tudor 18th century France 1800s Victorian and Belle Époue There are interesting tidbits about the daily occurrences and fashions of people of that time The illustrations are beautiful

  7. Kate Kate says:

    I was obsessed with this as a child

  8. Meredith Meredith says:

    A really fun children's pop up book that shows how houses would look through the centuries by using a doll house motif Really creative and fun to look at for young the young at heart Great attention to detail with beautiful illustrations that also includes a game that the reader has to figure out by the end of the book

  9. BriTanya BriTanya says:

    I love this book i wish i was a doll and i had a part time life my favorite book would be this one rightanna's adventuruos attitude keeps me admiring her i wish i had a life like this the perfect song for this nook is dollhouse by priscilla

  10. Imogen Howe Imogen Howe says:

    Awwwww love these books they make my feel happy and nostalgic My copies are uite worn but it makes them look even characteristic and real I think For those who don't mind reading a lot and like things

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