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Baby, Youre Messing With A Savage ❮EPUB❯ ✷ Baby, Youre Messing With A Savage Author Kelly Marie – Khaution ‘Savage’ Livett was a child who couldn’t stay out of trouble no matter what his mama said or did Unable to care for him any longer and wanting to hide the fact that she was dying from c Khaution ‘Savage’ Livett was a child who couldn’t Messing With MOBI ´ stay out of trouble no matter what his mama said or did Unable to care for him any longer and wanting to hide the fact that she was dying from cancer his mama sent him away hoping to save her son from a life of trouble Determined to get back to his mother Khaution deals with Baby, Youre MOBI :Ê the abuse he faces in foster care but when his mother dies before he can get back to her he turns to a life of crime to survive Not knowing who his father was Khaution hits the streets as Savage and it’s not long before he ends up in jail During a ten year bid he is suddenly released early from jail by none other Youre Messing With PDF Ë than his father Things between the two start off strained after not having him around in his life but eventually the two create a bond A bond that enables them to take over the city of New York But it comes with a price that Khaution wasn’t ready to pay nor did he know he had to pay With a ueen on his arm that he doesn’t want Khaution meets the mysterious Autumn Kennedy Never being in love before he wants nothing than to smash and walk away However Autumn pulls him in a way he didn’t see and he finds himself in love for the first time But Sybil is not going to let the empire and her king go so easily and she gives him an ultimatum that he agrees to in order to spare Autumn But what Sybil failed to remember was they called him Savage for a reason In the end she pushes him into making a decision that sends him on a path of truth that he wasn’t expecting Savage by name and savage by nature Follow this man as he embarks on a world of love and lies; some devastating than others.

10 thoughts on “Baby, Youre Messing With A Savage

  1. Shamear Owens Shamear Owens says:

    5star bangerI knew it I knew I knew it Yaaassss Kelly this book was fire I was expecting a little twist but not all of that I'm ready for a few bodies to drop asap I just pray autumn don't do nothing stupid A war is about to begin but the uestion is who will come out on top Bring on book 2 now

  2. JeaNida Luckie-Weatherall JeaNida Luckie-Weatherall says:

    This book had so many twist turns lies action drama and throw in all the secrets and suspense made this a great read Held me captive from the very first page to that explosive endingpage turner He's going to throw Khaution to the wind and unleash the Savage within as he deal with all the snakes slithering around and I can't wait Very well written and flowed so smoothly that I didn't realized I had finished with my mouth wide open Loved how the relationship between Autumn and Khaution blossomed and developedtrue love Again after that ending I can't wait to see what happens next Amazing job Kelly Marie

  3. Bree Bree says:

    WOWAll I can say is this book was full of so many secrets I love Khaution and Autumn but that Sybil has to go I thought that Brixton was messing with Sybil but to learn all the other stuff is hurting me for Khaution I don’t think he will ever be the same How can one man be so evil Please read this book it is everything and I can’t wait for part 2🔥🔥

  4. Porsha Thomas Porsha Thomas says:

    YessssI read many of books from Kelly I have to say this by far the best yet it’s have so many crazy things going on I couldn’t even put it down I knew something wasn’t right about Brixton I feel so bad for Khauton

  5. CrazyTiltedHalo_BookPlugTyeis Washington CrazyTiltedHalo_BookPlugTyeis Washington says:

    BRUH This right here is a True Banger Savage about to light the dam city up Sybil is a fool if she thought he wouldn't find out she was a snake I knew something was off with Brixton man oh man I can't wait for the next part I PRAY this is a short 2 book series

  6. Tina Tina says:

    Loved it This is my first book by you and I will be going through your catalog This book had me in my feelings I knew it was something off about Khaution father I couldn't figure out why I just didn't like him and why Sybil felt comfortable with just running to him I thought they were sleeping together and the baby was really his I can't wait for book 2

  7. Shirra Mines Shirra Mines says:

    OmgThis Is my first and definitely will not be my last time reading this authors work Sybil Is a low down dirty thot I hate that he killed Tank and he was his real Dad I’m hoping his brothers can forgive him I’m ready for part 2

  8. Sophia Sophia says:

    Omg 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Omg this book i did not see the ending coming I can't wait until part 2 I can't wait until Sybil and brixton get what is coming to them I hope autumn make the right decision and don't go to the cop Omg where is part 2

  9. viola king viola king says:

    ExcellentThis book was everything from beginning to end drama action intense couples up and down suspense revelation revealed intense enjoyed reading can't wait for part two

  10. Latrica Brown Latrica Brown says:

    😯😯I knew Tank had to be Kautions dad This was a great book with a crazy twist I felt bad for Kaution when he realized what he done but in the end he knew the truth

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