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  1. Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) says:

    This series is filled with positive homeschool references and Christian family beliefs It would be great for younger readers on the 7 12 age range mainly those who are homeschooled Content is very clean with good lessons and faith content from the Moody family who belong to a small conservative evangelical church This series I believe would also be enjoyed read out loud to young readers Overall a very positive and clean series

  2. Jo Ann Bailey Jo Ann Bailey says:

    Boring and poorly writtenDon't waste your time or money Good griefThis reads like a diary into life as a Maxwell and how sad is that?

  3. Katja Katja says:

    3 stars 310 hearts This is a very clean interesting book realistic and with some pretty funny dialogues A steady dose of the Moodies is a little irritating but reading the books one at a time at separated intervals keeps you from being annoyed by the slight shortcomings of the books It’s a little unrealistic at times and there were a couple points where I found Dad somewhat annoying even nasty Mitch is my favourite character ; and that first chapter is hilarious A good family friendly read aloud but not beloved I will say that my siblings strongly dislike these books The Miller Family Series by Mildred Martin are worth ten of the Moody Series A Favourite uote “'When you are tempted to be unhappy about something stop and thank the Lord for three things Make them not the standard Thank You for this day but uniue items'A Favourite Humorous uote The dog jumped into the van launching into Mollie's lap'Oh HONEY Get off' she protested Honey obligingly climbed down and sat between the two front seats'Are you sure you don't want to share?' Dad asked Mollie“Mollie emphatically shook her head She wanted the seat to herself and wasn't interested in sharing with a sixty five pound fur ball”

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    This suffers some from very typical new author mistakes and a meandering plot However for the targeted age range I think it would still be a nice book Pros Family loves the Lord Kids work hard to do what's right Homeschooling shown as a normal thing Scripture shown as an integral part of livesCons Family so perfect its unbelievable Sciputre inserted in places that it doesn't feel natural Kids show very little interest in play or normal kid things and when they think of themselves its shown as selfishness While I applaud the intention this kind of book can lead kids to the wrong idea that if they aren't in scripture helping their parents or working they are being selfish or lazy I don't think every kid would get that out of this book but I might have as a young child

  5. Ava Mouton Ava Mouton says:

    love these books

  6. Andrea Andrea says:

    My eight year old has read through this entire series already The books are sweet and wholesome stories about everyday life for a homeschooling family that are interesting enough to be enjoyable and keep a child's attention but lack the bickering bullying and other usual drivel that books for this age group usually are filled with

  7. Kara Kara says:

    It is very rare that I don't finish a book but I just couldn't get through this one The characters didn't really have personalities I had a high school English teacher that would read to us in a monotone voice and that's what these characters remind me of I don't think my boys would enjoy this either

  8. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    I read this a long time ago when I was like 7 So I can't remember much of the plot or anything But do remember that I loved this book It was an awesome book for little kids It's about a homeschooling christian family and all the stuff that happened to them in their summer Very nice book

  9. Caitlin Jesenovec Caitlin Jesenovec says:

    I love the moodys I met the auther and love the books

  10. Joy Joy says:

    Sarah Maxwell is my favorite author EVER I love the Moodys they remind me of my own family

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Summer with the Moodys [KINDLE] ❄ Summer with the Moodys By Sarah Maxwell – Come along with the Moodys as they help a widowed neighbor start small businesses for the children enjoy a family fun night live normal life and wrap up the book with two special surprises Woven throu Come along with the Moodys as they help a widowed neighbor start small businesses for the children enjoy a family fun night live normal life and wrap up the book with two special surprises Woven throughout the book is the Moodys' love for the Lord and their enjoyment of time Summer with PDF \ together Children parents too will love Mr and Mrs Moody Max Mollie Mitch and Maddie—they'll come away challenged and encouraged.

  • Paperback
  • 197 pages
  • Summer with the Moodys
  • Sarah Maxwell
  • 19 April 2016

About the Author: Sarah Maxwell

Sarah graduated from homeschool in Sarah is a key part of the family Tituscom ministry and keeps it running with all the behind the scenes projects that she does Whenever she has a spare moment you might find her writing a Moody Family Book or doing homemaking tasks She Summer with PDF \ does a wonderful job keeping the Maxwell family blog up to date and captures daily life as their photographer Sar.