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  • Hardcover
  • 534 pages
  • Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders
  • David H. Barlow
  • English
  • 05 February 2014
  • 9780898621297

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  1. P.D. Maior P.D. Maior says:

    For someone who has read over most parts of this work and many like it before; for someone such as myself who works overtime daily to preserve all cultures spiritual teachings and the diverse flowering of all their non normative “psychological development practices” to gain internal energies and degrees of perspecuity of various kinds to collect and connect one to the real world I would like to offer my very humble critiue of this work and the movement behind it effecting all my constituents it deems to guide It is a low flying panic attack that is about as helpful as a medieval witch hunt“Now tell us what you really think” I know I knowAlright I willAs a Historian of all cultures and centuries who has read from a vast number of periods and times I can tell you with clarity yes in fact starting here with the basics “Madness” can be found mentioned even in books before 700 BC and certain informal sanitariums have always existed everywhere for the self uncontrollable non normative psychological development that occurs in certain peoples I give you that It’s like part of the flora and faunaBut these institutions and some need for manual on such were always sparsely found if at all and informal usally it was a village that just dealt with things informally And at least half the time the “mad” were not considered special in the Truman Show sense of being handled against their free agency or knowledge of rights they no longer have anyway but were considered truly divinely gifted special with an unusual faculty the rest of the community might learn and benefit something helpful from through encounters yes occasionally in removed sanitariums when they had them but these often were optional and seldom enforced enclosures except in rare cases Is this what we have today? No it is not Not in the least almost completely the oppositeReductionist Pseudo Aristotelian Second Rate Freudianism as a mass rampant movement and a very dumb and incredibly dangerous and sadistically malevolent menace to humanity at that though less than 80 years old has already changed all the landscape in man worldwide now perhaps permanently This textbook is just a rehash of suchIt has psychologically devolutionally ripped through modern countries and their ancient lore and teachings fully with their formatory catch all reductionist ad absurdum “3 bag trip” clarified below so that most of modernity now does not remember much anything else that was once different in them collecticely and regionally before this doctrine for everyone began Before them all ancient cultures taught there were at least 30000 different emotions to be experienced far than we normally do; happiness and depression being but two of those 30000 and not necessarily even at the top of the list to put on increase or decrease Now however we just have a 3 bag tripThere is the doctrine of 1 the catch all term of “depression” modern psychology being unable to distinguish such from divinely healing melancholy traditionally once universally revered to help humans come in touch with sympathy for others and all manner of things2 “imagination” wrongly defined as only unimportant or even unhealthy delusion and something far too much is thrown into the bag of without slightest inkling of what exactly imagination is at all when once it was considered the most sacred doorway to finer impressions of extra dimensionality amidst this nexus of life we experience in our internal faculties 3 Thirdly this movements “mania to have a productive well adjusted societal Happiness in one” they also throw far too much into when Joy of a conscious type was once distinguished from this and that could co exist with all kinds of inner pain and sadness fine and in clear contrast and distinction from this mere “well being in general mood” in every day life that can rise and fall and that is now called Happiness replacing all other 29 thousand some positive or melliflous emotional nuances and sacred JoyWith all three of these they have ripped and run roughshod upon all multi cultural multi dimensional cosmically objective variegated psychologies of every flavor and color and beauty and joint and unusual loveliness as a sort of psychological genocidal racism upon inner man a sort of holeocene homogenization collapse growing among humanity from around the world that once existed shamanically and communally in all archaic cultures energically experiencing a plethora of emotions as variegated as the changing parts to a John Lennon song And you all are the new healers the new priests the new shamans in town for man? I think notThis movement and it’s books like this one are replacing real culture now with these three farcical dumb dull pronged marketable enforceable academically reuired blades or hammers or bags mentioned above that are about as healthy for the internal being as living on processed neon catfish bait for one’s daily health These are becoming all consuming definitions This is not just theoretical this is happening to man now it is a trend such books as these that instead of dying down is being spread today from Uzbekistan to Urugay to Upsala to Uganda as I survey the internet Every not even mid sized but even small little city in the world today globally has their own local “puzzle factory” for placing any practicing or becoming anything in themselves other than this pseudo normative narrative Think how many that is when just 100 years ago basically none And every small little city has their academic schachermachery factory for pumping our dear little children into to come out as degreed servants to this lopsided dumbed down destructive behemoth as they go get a mcdonalds happy meal where once there lived sages in a jungle initiating people into the highest internal mysteries the soul could long for Obviously all the gnostically inclined second generation Jungian’s; and too the students of the reknown psychiatrist Maurice Nicoll his protege and Gurdjieff’s are not only exempt from all this criticism but actively sought from this movements inception till now to slow it’s cancerous march though to little avail Nietzsche even lost the love of his life Salome to Freud the dead soul family member lusting sadist that Jung tried to counteract For all his will to power N didn’t do a thing as he should have as a real man toward tackling such a cultically materialist and fundamentalistically simplistic movement head on before it grew out of control as it now has ruining global cultureFor even if the prospective patient today in whatever of these academically and institutionally provided small cities in every corner of the globe now does have self control and are simply solely a bit expressive and vocal in their difference from the 3 bag definers they are then freuently placed into these institutions “gratis” for money going to these owners and facilitators and against said humans’ sacred wills and with global laws already in place by their proponents allowing such and for anyone and everywhere now as if this were the norm not 80 years ago but 80 million Most millenials and post millenials witlessly and unreflectively just assume the earth has always nabbed dissidents into the puzzle factories since 15 million years ago for all they care or know This is just the way it is; it is what it is it is what it is Such delusion is bad but it is not just that alone which is the rage and the epidemicIt is made recently legally enforceable everywhere now for anyone just like in the inuisition days to inform on another as to their possible “mental health diverging from this pseudo narrative” so that they might be kidnapped against their will and whisked into these puzzle factories As a turncoat working for spells in the medical transport business and hospitals to get an insiders view of this insidious new movement as a self made investigator and sociological scientific observer incarnated into this freakish era I can tell you first hand on the ground everywhere they are always nabbing nay I call it kidnapping people for numerable reasons than just the one they are popularly mentioning of reasons of possible self harm or harm to others this notion that they only process people for such condition alone is about as real as a disneyland movieAlso I grew up among over half my immediate and extended family all becoming psychologists by profession albeit some wisely moderate and living in this jingoistic and corrupt system whom one should respect as do I you if you see as they and I do; while others being sick puppy perpetuators of it so not just one spectrum for all them or the other; and as such as a uniuely exposed human on the frontlines of this movement as a hidden turncoat of conscious interference I should say I can tell you firsthand as an insider and from direct sources yes they are still practicing electro shock ice baths and lobotomies globally in all these facilities at the secondary to tertiary level if the individual is deemed unruly in the first or primary levels of these institutions and taken down a notch to that part of the system And usually the conscious and louacious you are in your anger or the you protest against such controls beginning in on you the likely you will recieve not release back to society but exactly such torture treatment mentioned above for your and their good While for the mentally deranged that are chemically non lucid other mild means are for them that are easier applied I have even met a good number of deranged by products of such treatment who started uite harmonious like many of us and also have met individuals who held people down for such to occur to these These barbaric medieval practices are not carried out in very rare cases either in one place but in your city and are increasing in freuency and scope as anyone can go to the statistical textbook surveys online to see as I have largely because of textbooks like this sucking unwary students in just at that vulnerable moment when they want to know about themselvesThis textbook is a part of that movement If you read it you are briefing yourself into preparing for being in this movementHow is this all different again in any way from the medieval inuisitions who also believed they were helping people but are not to be excused for allowing in sadists among their positions under such false notions? This is no different in the least from the fabulously formatory and ridiculous definitions the medievalists had then for “inwardly safe” Though of different color and hue from today yes yet their notions were no different in uality or in bringing themselves down to a narrowness of understanding to a few fundamentalisms like today’s 3 bag trip definitions happiness depression imaginationIn fact today’s 3 bag trip definitions are far worse and precisely directed toward psychological and spiritual supression and devastation than even the witch hunts see the list I end this critiue with that turns each of the diagnoses of this book I am critiuing here inside out For at least in medieval times some of them then understood 7 different humours or tempraments to be considered however formatory and not just 3I will tell you one mental sickness though they of today will never kidnap and detain people against their wills for at the advisement of their “loved ones” sic In fact it was even removed in 1986 from all Psychological standard books of practice as a mental debility by the very people who usually have this derangement the most and who find themselves in this field filling from 70 90% of the non jungian reductionist chairs Sadistic personality disorder enjoyment in watching others suffer; whether by their own accident inattention or ignorance of certain pedantic arcane procedures “gotcha” or against their will and full attention Just attend a restaurant near where these wonderful “clinicians” work and you will overhear all manner of laughter and shared stories over poor innocent eyed patients suirming and protesting their “treatment”See my review on Wilhelm Stekel’s book on Sadism and Masochism for a full understanding of this malady in people and most clinicians except the exceptional innocent oddball that accidentally wandered into such profession and why it is the most important for earth to understand today especially with the Me Too movement really getting going that I think Cobain’s song “Rape Me” perfectly prefigured Sadism is a malady that is really the only somewhat unforgivable thing to be considered on earth in man that should be called supposably “evil” or “wicked” Why was this malady removed from all standardized books for assessment including this one? Hmmm? Why do you not find this mentioned in this textbook other than a vague footnote? The cat is out of the bag and the time is up for these folks Or is it? I only see their numbers increasing globally as I look into different internet communites around the globe in every small country in all the compass directions in every small city Many start off innocently taking the bait and only after being hired on do they see what they have to do to their fellow human being and they do it or loose all they worked and paid for most don’t have such ualms and are various shades of sadist thoughIn truth this new movement this book furthers has descended into a point by point laser focused witch hunt precisely against every potential faculty that needs to develop in a human for him or her to become whole and psychic in psyche and harmonious and multi valent and multi dimensional in breadth and intake and manifestation a completed experiment called noble manSee List Below

  2. Susan Marie Susan Marie says:

    In the diverse career fields of psychology this volume is integral to own much like the ACA Code of Ethics or the DSM As a Clinical Mental Health Counselor this is imperative to read and keep as reference This volume focuses on treatment plans after initial assessment and provides basic framework for a clinician to incorporate their own methods Integrative to wellness

  3. Christine Allen Carlsson Christine Allen Carlsson says:

    Interesting and helpful on every level The clear case studies show the practical application of the rather heavy theory sections

  4. gerry gerry says:

    Excellent guideA fascinating journey into the psyche each page let's terminology and treatment ideas to help people in their recovery journey

  5. Multiverse Therapy Multiverse Therapy says:

    Useful however very heavy in research data where as I hoped for treatment examples

  6. Danell Danell says:

    Not a book I could finish during the semester due to lack of motivation BUT it will for sure end up on my clinical bookshelf as a reference I do enjoy that it gives case examples and is written in a easy to read manner

  7. Emily Emily says:

    Reads like scientific jargon filled research journal than helpful clinical handbook Give me the diagnosis and treatment guidelines but leave the research crap out or just in the reference section That being said it does have good info and helpful case studies

  8. kayla** kayla** says:

    Probably one of the worst textbooks I've ever had the displeasure of reading This book isn't meant to be a textbook and because it is a treatment manual I've given it two stars The fact that my prof thought that this was an appropriate source of material is laughable

  9. Cherene Cherene says:

    Great book that covers the most effective counseling treatments for most major psychological disorders

  10. Jose Jose says:

    fantastic lots of research read this one

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Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders[PDF / Epub] ☉ Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders Author David H. Barlow – This clinical reference and widely adopted text is recognized as the premier guide to understanding and treating freuently encountered psychological disorders in adults Showcasing evidence based psych of Psychological MOBI õ This clinical reference and widely adopted text is recognized as the premier guide to understanding and treating freuently encountered psychological disorders in adults Showcasing evidence based psychotherapy models the volume addresses the most pressing uestion asked by students and practitioners How do Clinical Handbook PDF/EPUB ² I do it Leading authorities present state of the art information on each clinical problem and explain the conceptual and empirical bases of their respective therapeutic approaches Procedures for assessment case formulation treatment planning and intervention are described in detail Extended case examples Handbook of Psychological PDF/EPUB ì with session transcripts illustrate each component of treatment New to This Edition Incorporates treatment innovations and the latest empirical findings Chapter on acceptance based treatment of generalized anxiety disorder Chapter on comorbid depression and substance abuse demonstrating a transdiagnostic approach Chapter on sleep disorders.

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