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5 thoughts on “Faith, Family, and Mistletoe

  1. Tabitha Holmes Tabitha Holmes says:

    I am so in love with this book It's the perfect read for the holidays Especially for those who like books that keep your mind going Have you ever wanted to read a Hallmark movie as a book? This story was that for me It was so unpredictable and beautiful it had me reeling Every time I thought I had the story figured out there was another curveball I couldn't put it down I just had to know what happened next Delaney is such a strong character She was perfect for this book No matter what was thrown at her she handled it like a boss She did and said things that were so unexpected throughout the whole story Just like the book itself every time I thought I had her figured out she surprised me again She is tough as nails and always puts family first That's my favorite kind of lead female character Bryce is so selfless it just warmed my heart This man is the epitome of good guy He is perfection Who could resist a hero who puts everyone else before himself even when he doesn't have to? I mean does he even sleep? He's the kind of guy who would give the shirt off his back to someone in need It doesn't hurt that he's a hot cop either Got to love a man in uniform I loved all the characters The kids were amazing The grandmother had me in tears half the time Good tears and sad tears Even the dog had me going He's funny and so adorable I loved everything about this book I definitely recommend 5 stars

  2. Andrea Britton Andrea Britton says:

    BeautifulAbsolutely heartwarmingDelaney and Bryce will wrap themselves around your heart with their faith and their determination We watch them fall in love and we watch them pick each other when they need it Delaney has no clue her life is about to get turned upside Everything she ever thought wasn't the way it was What she ends up finding out is that she's not alone and has a big beautiful family just waiting for her And she learns just how much she will need God to endure what she has to do She finds her faith in Him and knows that everything will turn out the way He intends it to Bryce has seen a lot of heartbreaking things as a Deputy but nothing as bad as losing his best friends Though his faith in God stays strong as he goes on faith stands strong and puts Delaney right in his path This is a emotional Christian romance You will tear up and you will cheer them on Highly recommended

  3. Nancee McMann Nancee McMann says:

    She is so good Family known and unknown is still familyI choose a five star rating because the writing was perfect From the start of the story to the ending this author had me emotional with very subtle religious reference that takes me to my childhood in the church Family is important old or new members give them your time and love just like Delany does Now I'm looking forward to stories from this author

  4. Grace Augustine Grace Augustine says:

    Beautifully written Christmas StoryJust when I think Christy Lawri can't write a better story she proves me wrong In this beautiful story of hope faith and love are tested as family comes together A must read if you love happy ever after Christian romance

  5. Jackie Jackie says:

    Romance heartache intrigue this book has it all I cried I smiled I couldn't put it down A good clean romance that was so good I bought her other two books from the Love's Corner series as soon as I had finished

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Faith, Family, and Mistletoe [Epub] ➜ Faith, Family, and Mistletoe Author Christy Lawri – Delaney Michaels grew up in sunny California but it has never felt like home especially after the death of her mother the year before She is lost and alone spending the majority of her time at work un Delaney Michaels grew up in sunny California but it has never felt like home especially after Faith, Family, Epub / the death of her mother the year before She is lost and alone spending the majority of her time at work until one phone call changes everything Suddenly she is faced with several unanswered uestions and a life altering decision Deputy Bryce Shafer has always followed the path he believes God chose for him but lately it is becoming and of a struggle While his faith has never wavered his heart has When tragedy strikes his small town of New Haven Texas Bryce prays for a miracle What he gets is than he can imagine Sometimes all it takes to bring God’s plan to light is a little Faith Family and Mistletoe All you have to do is believe.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 254 pages
  • Faith, Family, and Mistletoe
  • Christy Lawri
  • 01 August 2016

About the Author: Christy Lawri

Christy Lawri grew up on a small farm in Iowa where she spent most of her Faith, Family, Epub / time either reading or on horseback She has been writing stories since she was a child and is now living her dream as an author Christy has a loving supportive husband and three beautiful children She loves reading writing and spending time with her familyHer Love’s Corner Series was inspired by the Prayer Shawl Minis.