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Twisted Hearts Twisted Minds #2 ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Twisted Hearts Twisted Minds #2 Author Keta Kendric – Megan How the hell did he do it Aaron had messed with my mind and twisted up my heart but my body had never been so splendidly ravagedStepping away from the August Knights Motor Cycle Club was easy b Megan How the hell did Twisted Minds PDF/EPUB ç he do it Aaron had messed with my mind and twisted up my heart but my body had never been so splendidly ravagedStepping away from the August Knights Motor Cycle Club was easy but leaving Aaron was killing me Was it crazy for me to want to subject myself to the madness that the group stood for just because I couldn't shake Aaron's hold on me But I couldn't go back I had to consider his safety Twisted Hearts Kindle - I couldn't allow my twisted past to go crashing into the turbulent life he ledAaron How the hell did she do it Megan had cracked my chest open and filled it with crippling emotions that I couldn't shakeLetting Megan go wasn't easy Was it crazy of me to go chasing her after we'd agreed it was time to let go I had to find her My infatuation with her didn't leave me any other options In my uest to find her I Hearts Twisted Minds PDF/EPUB ¶ had discovered that Megan had secrets deep dark ones that I could have figured out if I hadn't gotten distracted When I find her I was going to make her tell me what she was hiding in that twisted mind of hers or elseWARNING This book is an interracial romance that contains strong violence and sexual content and is intended for adults open minded adults If you are easily offended or sueamish about harsh or demeaning language murder and violence this is not the book for you.

10 thoughts on “Twisted Hearts Twisted Minds #2

  1. Lyn❤Loves❤Listening Lyn❤Loves❤Listening says:

    Audio 4 StarsStory dnf 40%Is there anything annoying than a story written in first person narrative where the characters keep referring to themselves as bad asses twisted hot etc ? Sorry but instead of impressed it leaves me rolling my eyes

  2. 100sweet 100sweet says:

    No No NOOOOOO We discover in this book that during the 4 weeks she was with the H in the last book she also slept with his father WILLINGLY I am so disgusted especially hearing the crude way the H's father described it to the H Plus the h is a millionaire who did all of this out of curiosity There is also a scene in this book of the h pleasuring herself in front of a window so her pervy neighbor who is an old man can watch I am so incredibly disappointed The first book was so good I would have enjoyed it if the story she told to the H in the first book was true I feel like a passenger on a wonderful road trip enjoying the beautiful scenery when all of a sudden the driver deliberately drives the car off the cliff

  3. Zandra Zandra says:

    Better but still needs workMs Keta is definitely growing as a writer The characters become much developed in this installment but the continuity is just baffling I have so many uestions If she had to move every 6 months then how did she survive as a married woman? Also if she pulled this stunt with 3 4 other MCs what’s the point? Because I’m a sucker I will read the 3rd installment I like the leads I just wish the secondary characters were used Like what’s the point of the hero being part of a racist MC? It’s offered zero to the storyline

  4. Rosie J. Rosie J. says:

    Do you want the good news or the bad news first?GOOD NEWS Book 2 is view spoilerjust as good as the first book hide spoiler

  5. Dee& Dee& says:

    Twisted Hearts was a very engrossing yet unpredictable story ending in yet another cliffhangerI'm finally getting Megan's craziness while Aaron really piecing together her past Keta please give this strange couple their HEA There are still some unanswered uestions but hoping book 3 resolves all secrets left unresolved in Twisted Hearts5 suspenseful stars

  6. Nerdread Nerdread says:

    The first book set up was so good and then this dumpster fire of a book happened😠 this story could have gone in many reasonable ways but it decided to be stupid and nonsensical Like so she went though all the trauma with the MC just for a book story How does that make sense?? She could have been many things like working for revival gangs she could have been a hired assassin undercover agent and many other things but it was wasted She was putting herself in all of those dangerous situations just for her books 🤷 that's stupid as hell

  7. Fashionista Fashionista says:

    OMG This series is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 On point I can't wait for BOOK


    I really enjoyed 1st book But this one not so much I was skimming through a few pages Just seemed to drag and drag I liked that we get of a background story about Megan but her story is very heartbreaking and gutted me Trigger Warning Detailed Child Sexual AbuseViolence Just putting a warning for those that have that trigger If I would have known I wouldn't have read this or just skipped over the whole chapter Chapter 16 Aaron Ends on another damn cliffhanger But I have a feeling I know who she's running from and Aaron might know them Just saying Not sure if I will continue with series

  9. ♡Meme♡Reads love♡ ♡Meme♡Reads love♡ says:

    warning warning Another damn cliffhanger This could have been great but somethings off The first book had me very intrigued this not so much but I gotta find out what and who Megan was messing with to have all these people after her Next book out in Feb so hopefully I'll get answers ;

  10. Lissa Smith Reads& Lissa Smith Reads& says:

    Entwined Hearts5 Star Kindle Unlimited ReadIncredible conclusion to it predecessor Thank heaven it's not over yet A ton of hard to swallow truths was brought to light with this installment I'm not sure which rocked me The truth Aaron heard from his own father about his woman or his woman's past Both crumbled Aaron's foundation and brought forth anger like none he has ever known Worse yet we still don't have a definite on who coming for whom But the fact remains there was something about that foster families last name that tickled Aaron mind for a second When it hits in book 3 I think it will be hard

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