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  1. Margaret Margaret says:

    I didn't even realize until I was two thirds through the book that this book is actually a non fiction biographical account it almost seemed like fiction to me The first third of the book was an account of Ptolemy's childhood growing up with an avant garde father and a mostly passive mother in an environment of freedom touted by his father which included living with his father's mistresses as well as strangers who happened to show up at the house The second third of the book dealt with Ptolemy's teenage years and his attempts to discover himself The last third of the book my least favorite part is Ptolemy as a 37 year old adult man with an alcohol and pill problem who is still trying to discover who he is A pretty uick read this odd family's lives were uirky enough to keep me engaged through most of the book

  2. Keren Keren says:

    Ptolemy gives the history of growing up with a crazy New Age father from childhood to college His dad the author Peter Tompkins who wrote The Secret Life of Plants definitely defined Ptolemy in his uest to understand the world in all its absurdities

  3. SmokingMirror SmokingMirror says:

    Threaded with both sorrow and aching humour the Zodiac intrepidly exploring the Bermuda Triangle at a place where the depths reached about three feet was a highlight Paradise Fever is a compeling memoir by the son of writer Peter Tompkins known in the seventies for the popularity of the book The Secret Life of Plants and then forgotten thereafter I say unfortunately Ptolemy besides having one of the cooler names in the world explores issues concerning belief in general as well as the issues brought about by his unusual for its time upbringing Somewhat reminiscent of the memoir by the son of Wilhelm Reich both are good

  4. carl carl says:

    A good autobiography about growing up in the crazy 70s and leftover 60s in the shadow of one of its prime time personalities as his father Some of the same influences are shared here by yours truly

  5. Donna Donna says:

    Interesting funny read The author’s father is a character

  6. Joe Joe says:

    Well written engaging not my cup of tea

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Paradise Fever ❮Download❯ ➾ Paradise Fever Author Ptolemy Tompkins – Ptolemy Tompkins is the son of Peter Tompkins author of the cult bestseller The Secret Life of Plants and one of the most colorful and influential avatars of the New Age It is the '70s a time of cosmi Ptolemy Tompkins is the son of Peter Tompkins author of the cult bestseller The Secret Life of Plants and one of the most colorful and influential avatars of the New Age It is the 's a time of cosmic sometimes alarming optimism which could justify all manner of scientific and not so scientific investigations In such a transcendent spirit Peter Tompkins surprises both his wife and son by introducing into the household a second mate a Manhattan socialite named Betty And in he moves to Bimini with Ptolemy in tow to search for the lost continent of Atlantis With the mercilessly keen eye of the child spectator and the mordant wit of an adult Ptolemy Tompkins describes a childhood populated by such eccentrics as uigley the calculator eater and Cheryl the naked changeling Growing into adulthood Ptolemy embarks on his own route back to the Garden But is it any surprise that there's trouble in paradise When the prospect of living in the here and now fills him with fear and trembling when his understanding fiancee threatens to decamp and when a visiting aura reader tells him that his crown chakra is dented our narrator must finally come to terms with his father's legacy of outsized dreams.

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  • Paradise Fever
  • Ptolemy Tompkins
  • 07 November 2016
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