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Nightingale House ❰Download❯ ➺ Nightingale House Author Steve Frech – Daniel Price has just had the breakthrough of his life when his novel cracks the best seller list He and his wife Nicole decide to move into the majestic Nightingale House on the shores of Willow Lake Daniel Price has just had the breakthrough of his life when his novel cracks the best seller list He and his wife Nicole decide to move into the majestic Nightingale House on the shores of Willow Lake in the town of Kingsbrook Maine But Daniel's world is shattered when Nicole is killed in a car crash and he must raise their eight year old daughter Caitlyn on his own Daniel and Caitlyn move into the Nightingale House to begin their new lives but everything is not as it seems Daniel is haunted by horrible nightmares and strange sounds and Caitlyn is obsessed with an imaginary friend that only she can see Daniel realizes that there is a menacing presence lurking in the house and it won't stop until it has Caitlyn To save his daughter Daniel has to solve a hundred year old mystery because time is running out and the whispers coming from within the walls of the house are growing louder.

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  1. marilyn marilyn says:

    One hundred and twenty year old Nightingale House was once the summer home of a wealthy couple Now it's the new home of widower Daniel Price and his eight year old daughter Caitlyn Daniel and his wife Nicole had bought this house before the family was in a car accident that killed Nicole eight months earlier It is only now that Daniel and Caitlyn have moved into the house Both of them are still grieving although Daniel seems to be handling Nicole's death worse than Caitlyn Caitlyn has always had a vivid imagination which made some of her stories about imaginary friends or stories about other people verge on lies She's been taught to tone things down that there is a limit to how far she should take her story telling When Caitlyn claims she is talking to a little girl who lives in the house and when Caitlyn attributes some things to the little girl Daniel is willing to let it go at first because he knows Caitlyn is still mourning her mother and that they have just made this big move But Daniel is hearing things too voices water dripping thumps and he's also having vivid disturbing dreams that seem to mesh with real life For all the things that take place in this house in the present and in the 1900 timeline the story has a very benign uality to it The violence is not graphic the horrors almost have a nightmarish distancing uality to them Daniel's overwhelming sense of grief and his extreme sleep deprivation due to nightmares and other things seem to overshadow everything in the story This is not a bad thing it just gave the story a different feeling than I had expected when I started reading this book Thank you to H Digital and NetGalley for this ARC 

  2. Kylie D Kylie D says:

    I love reading books set in old houses or hotels so of course I had to read this one Daniel Price along with his daughter Caitlyn move to Nightingale House in Maine after the death of his wife in a car accident Soon after strange things start happening Daniel keeps hearing a dripping sound but can't find the source of it while Caitlyn finds an imaginary friend that only she can see Then the whispers start I can't sleep and Daniel starts to have terrifying and incredibly realistic nightmaresDeliciously creepy Nightingale House will keep you up until all hours It is uick and easy to read and it's one of those books where you just have to read one chapter I recommend this book to all lovers of mysteries and things that go bump in the nightMy thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  3. Jayme Jayme says:

    I enjoyed this story BUTI did not find it to be very atmospheric or scaryDespite the THUMPS the DRIPS the WHISPERS of “I can’t sleep” When I read the premise I was concerned that it might be too similar to “The Whisper Man” by Alex North Both feature a grieving widower moving into a “haunted house” with their young child after the untimely death of their wife But it wasn’t This tale reveals the secrets of Nightingale House through a journal written in the 1900’s as the ghosts from the past and present intersect The strength of this story is a husband’s grief a father’s fear and a glimpse into the writing process of an author I enjoyed the characters although sometimes Caitlyn seemed older than 8 years old to me Though I expected “chills” I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the author’s next book Thank You to NetGalley and HarperCollins for providing a digital ARC in exchange for a candid review Available Now

  4. Michael David Michael David says:

    NIGHTINGALE HOUSE has all of the ingredients for a classic horror story but ends up coming out a bit undercooked Daniel and his young daughter Caitlyn move into Nightingale House a place he bought with his wife before she died in a tragic car accident He’s optimistic that this will be a new start for him and Caitlyn and that he can get started on writing his second novel After hearing strange dripping noises amongst other things and after Caitlyn starts talking and about her friend that only she can see Daniel starts to research the house’s history and finds that it might turn out to be his biggest nightmare Sounds solid right? This is not a bad book I found it engaging enough and it’s a uick read I think my issue is the writing Except for a couple scenes this feels like a children’s ghost story or maybe YA It’s not scary atmospheric or very chilling at all The dialogue is so cheesy that I felt like I was reading a script for an ABC Family movie There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s not my cup of cappuccino The first 5 chapters or so has a lot of moments where Daniel is thinking internally and his thoughts keep being cut off mid word by some sort of interruption The repetitiveness of the interruptions were distracting and I’m glad the author finally stopped it The best parts of the book are the chapters that read as a diary from 1900 I found those scenes interesting and was eager to know how it would tie to the present Seeing as how I received an ARC for another book by author Steve Frech I will be giving him another try at some point Many people enjoyed this than I did so I may very well just be the wrong reader To me it was just a bit bland when I was expecting a lot 25 stars rounded up Thank you to H Digital Steve Frech and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  5. JEN A JEN A says:

    I received an advanced copy of this book from Net Galley and the publisher in return for an honest review The release date for this book is 19 June 2020This is definitely a page turner I love this thrilling story I couldn’t put it down It will definitely give you chills and make you listen a little closely to those bumps in the night The author pulls you in from page one and never lets you go You feel such a great affection for the main characters and their emotions feel so raw and real I can’t wait to read from this author

  6. Natalia R Natalia R says:

    Nightingale House by Steve Frech is a light horror story about a recently widowed writer Daniel Price and his young daughter Caitlyn who move to a beautiful historic house by a lake in the hope of starting a new life Soon after their arrival strange and terrifying things start happening to Daniel It's obvious to him that something sinister is going on at Nightingale House but what?This was a thoroughly creepy and addictive read It is told from the perspectives of Daniel and a young woman named Rebecca with Daniel's story being in the present and Rebecca's story set in 1900 The writing flowed effortlessly and I thought the author did a fantastic job of creating a foreboding atmosphere and keeping the reader on their toes I loved the characters of Daniel and Caitlyn and their fatherdaughter relationship was very heartwarming This story left me feeling unsettled at times but I wouldn't necessarily say that it was scary More than anything it's a story about coping with grief and trying to heal after a loved one's death Overall I thought Nightingale House was a classic ghost story and I highly recommend it I will definitely be reading by Steve FrechThank you to NetGalley and H Digital for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review

  7. Ankit Garg Ankit Garg says:

    Nightingale House by Steve Frech is a horror mystery novel featuring wait for it a haunted house A novelist widower and his daughter come to live in a century old house after the death of his wife As they are trying to make a fresh start the history of the house comes back to haunt themThe plot is spread across two timelines the present and the past It follows the run of the mill haunted house stories but the execution is perfect The plot turns creepy and scary at just the right placesThanks to the author and the publisher for the ARCVerdict Recommended

  8. Christina Christina says:

    This is such an excellent haunted houseghost story It follows the usual rules conventions and tropes of the haunted house story but is just executed in such a lovely way and has some really uniue details It’s a very vivid and deeply felt story about a father dealing with guilt over the loss of his wife I am somewhat particular about my ghost stories the Haunting of Hill House and its ilk are my favorites and this author lives up to my high expectations by honoring the traditional ghost story in a modern setting with writing and atmosphere worthy of the masters I enjoyed every minute of this page turner which was beautiful engrossing and scary Frech just nailed the emotional and allegorical aspects of the ghost story which to me are really just as important as the scares which he also nailed Thankful to NetGalley for turning me onto Steve Frech as I will definitely read his other books 45 stars rounded up for this enjoyable readThanks to H Digital NetGalley and Steve Frech for those ghost story perfect for uarantine in exchange for my honest review

  9. Lou Lou says:

    Nightingale House is supernatural horrorthriller writer Steve Frech’s latest novel and after reading and enjoying his debut Dark Hollows all the way back in December 2019 and realising just how few and far between decent non cliched books in this genre are I decided to take the plunge again Daniel and Nicole Price whilst searching for a new home to make a fresh start and move on from past struggles fall head over heels in love with the beautifully designed Nightingale House on the shores of Willow Lake Kingsbrook Maine; they see it as the perfect place off the beaten track to raise their eight year old daughter Caitlyn But their nightmare is just beginning and before they get the chance to move into the home of their dreams Nicole is killed in an horrendous car accident leaving Daniel to raise Caitlyn alone When they start noticing strange and chilling events happening in the house they become terrified of what exactly is present within their four wallsThis is a good old fashioned ghost story with an increasing sense that the protagonist is rapidly losing his grip on reality and young Caitlyn now has an unhealthy obsession with an imaginary friend as she attempts to deal with the emotions surrounding her mother's tragic death It certainly makes a welcome and refreshing change to my usual thriller fodder and the way it was constructed meant there were many terrifying moments and you could feel Daniel’s pain and anguish coming through on every page It's a fun relatively light horror story with an emotional undertone to it and Daniel’s hobby turned obsession in finding out what ”curse” the house holds creates a deep sense of mystery which gripped me and kept me reading A great escapist read for these challenging times Highly recommended Many thanks to H Digital for an ARC

  10. Soukaina Oujdad Soukaina Oujdad says:

    Nightingale house by Steve Frech is your classical suspenseful horror story If the shining and the woman in black had a baby it would be this novel Daniel Price has freshly become a best selling novelist To compensate for many years of leaving in a small apartment with Nicole his lifelong partner and their daughter Caitlyn he's decided to buy a bigger and nicer house On the outskirts of Kingsbrook and grazing the shore of Willow Lake was located their dream house the nightingale house Upon their first visit they were bewitched by the beauty of the ueen Anne styled Mini mansion And they've instantly decided to make the buy Life seemed to smile to them until later that same night a fatal traffic collision where they've lost Nicole had shifted their cheerful existence to the dark side After their recovery Daniel took his child and carried out with moving Now they have to adjust not only to Nicole's death but to their new house which now does not seem as welcoming as before Soon Caitlyn is talking to an imaginary friend and Daniel is having the most vivid nightmares and seeing unexplainable shadows The novel has a sharply constructed storyline written primarily from the point of view of Daniel with extract of a journal Rebecca's The descriptions were brilliantly striking explicit but never boring Everything about the house the surrounding nature and the town were almost rigorously illustrated It certainly gives a catalyst to your imagination to fully visualize the horror scenes Frech has also a great talent for outlining emotions as well I was submerged into Daniel's suffering and the constant doubting of his new situation as a single parent His gradual descent into madness was an epic development especially the swimming in the Lake part I was fascinated by that scene I kept rereading it Truly brilliant writing I'm a sucker for well built descriptions that's one of my favorite things about this novel I just wanted to read the whole thing in one day But I also wanted to enjoy every chapter I'm really happy I've stumbled upon Steve Frech I'm definitely adding Dark Hollows to my TBR list Many thanks to Netgalley H Digital and the author for my ARC

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