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The Pickup Artist [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Pickup Artist By Terry Bisson – From the award winning author of Pirates of the Universe a New York Times Notable Book of the Year comes The Pickup Artist a sharp witty and subversive exploration of the future of art culture and soc From the award winning author of Pirates of the Universe a New York Times Notable Book of the Year comes The Pickup Artist a sharp witty and subversive exploration of the future of art culture and society In the tradition of Ray Bradbury's fireman who burns books in Fahrenheit our hero Hank Shapiro is a pickup artist a government agent who gathers for retirement creative works whose time has come and gone You see there's simply not enough room in the world for all the art so anything past a certain age must be cataloged archived The Pickup MOBI :Ê in the records and destroyed paving the way for new art It's a job that comes with risk and the pay's lousy but it covers the bills And after all this year's art is better than last year's isn't itBut what happens is not nearly as important as the telling Terry Bisson is an American writer in the satirical tradition of Twain and Vonnegut and perhaps Richard Brautigan He can make you laugh and touch your heart in the same sentence This is a book about love death and America.

10 thoughts on “The Pickup Artist

  1. Beverly Beverly says:

    Not what you think it is the story of a future world in which the govt decides to clean up the glut of art books and movies inundating the world and sets up an agency whose workers go around picking up these items from their owners and destroying themIt is a very sweet and uirky with our pickup artist being a decent guy who has a sick dog named Homer who can talk but can only say sentences which begin with Something smells but he is able to communicate uite well with this system; for example Something smells spooky or Something smells wonderful

  2. Wendy Wendy says:

    This started out as intruiging speculative fiction then got progressively weirder and like a dream than an alternative future I mean these two near strangers travel from New York to Vegas with a corpse and a dying dog in the back of their van And both the corpse and the dog occasionally speak Then they woman has a baby she's been pregnant with for nine YEARS But he's not a baby he's a kind of a little man And there are 47 clones named Bob See what I mean about the random dreamlike ualities?I think my single favorite element of the entire book is that when the dog starts to talk it's only to comment on smells Smells good Smells cold Smells weird Isn't that just what a dog would have to say?

  3. Heather Heather says:

    I read this book because I saw it in the book exchange at my work and thought the cover art was interesting Well that is about as far as it goes The setting of the story is sometime in the future it really doesn't say in the book Hank is a government agent a pickup artist who collects works of art books CD's paintings etc that have been deleted to make room for new art But he somehow goes on an adventure to Vegas with a librarian who wears a bluebird bra that shows her emotions his sick dog who ends up being able to talk but only says how things smell and a bunch of cloned Indians named Bob This book was weird I think it was meant to make you think about something but it didn't have that affect on me The whole time I just couldn't wait to finish it I was really hoping that in the end it would come together and mean something But that didn't happen It was justweird Maybe it was too satirical for me or something I would not recommend this book to anyone unless they are just in to weird futuristic novels that don't mean anything

  4. Carissa Weibley Carissa Weibley says:

    Good book It kind of reminded me a bit of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 only a lot stranger Has its humorous moments A fun read

  5. Elysa Elysa says:

    This book was so weird In the distant future artists are deleted and all their works must be destroyed to make room for new art Pick up artists go out to gather the books music and art to turn in for deletion There are lots of designer drugs that allow you to do all sorts of things Time has no meaning? Maybe? With every turn of the path it gets weirder and harder to describe It's like a mash up of Pushing Daisies the TV show Fahrenheit 451 and Arthur Dent Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy plus it's totally own uniue thingIt was fascinating for sure If you're interested in a mind bender give it a whirl

  6. Judy Judy says:

    What a very odd story

  7. D.L. Morrese D.L. Morrese says:

    The similarities to Fahrenheit 451 are obvious The Pickup Artist is set in a near future America in which art in all forms — music literature painting movies — is being purged to alleviate the glut of such things and allow space for new creative endeavors When a work author or artist is placed on the deletion list all originals and copies of the applicable art forms are collected and destroyedThe first person narrator of this story is a pickup artist a person working for the Bureau of Arts and Information who confiscates normally with compensation books albums tapes CDs and the like from those who own them One day he collects a vinyl album by Hark Williams It reminds him of his father and he becomes obsessed with listening to it but first he needs to locate a record player His search for one brings him into contact with two factions of the Alexandrians both of which have their roots in the movement that brought about the policy of cultural purging but now have diametrically opposed goalsThe first person narrative is interspaced with short historical bits on how this policy of cultural deletion came aboutThe premise almost works as a bit of cultural satire but it is too absurd to have the impact of a cautionary tale like Fahrenheit 451There are also elements such as the cloned Indians talking dog and mature baby that I assume were supposed to have some symbolic significance but whatever that was it eluded meThe characters are believable enough to evoke some empathy and the setting is not so bizarre that it prevents suspension of disbelief for the sake of the story The book is different and interesting but I can’t recommend it as a particularly enjoyable read

  8. Jill Elizabeth Jill Elizabeth says:

    What a great premise set in the nearish dystopian future a Pickup Artist responsible for collecting artistic works that have been identified for deletion from the canon because newer artists found it too hard to become successfulpopular becomes disenchanted with his life and job and rebels in his own uniue and somewhat unintentional way Echoes of Fahrenheit 451 combined with dry wit in the first few pages made this seem like a natural fit for me Unfortunately the promise of the premise was never exactly realized The story fell vaguely flat somehow I am still not sure exactly where it went south but just know that somewhere in the middle I realized I no longer cared what happened Occasional witty bursts of prose combined with the premise kept me reading through to the end but the story never uite seemed to live up to its potential and 's the pity because I really did love the concept

  9. Anotherpath4 Anotherpath4 says:

    I have read a lot of mixed reviews regarding the book The Pickup Artist I have to say it made me smile and even chuckle a little out loud Reading this was sorta like a guilty pleasure what I imagine romance novels must be like for those who read that genre I couldn't wait to sneak away and dive into this completely fantastical world of nonsense I've heard lots complain about the cloned Bobs I loved them I thought the use of every Indian stero type was funny not in a mean way The mother who had no interest in being a mother to her little man child The mysterious bug with the red eyes that seems to go from enemy to ally And by the time the dog started to talk I thought of course why wouldn't the dog talk?? Such a fun road trip I wish I was trippin with them

  10. Jes. Cavanaugh Jes. Cavanaugh says:

    This was the first Terry Bisson book that I read It wasn't until later that I realized this is the same person who wrote They're Made of Meat which is one of my favorite science fiction short storiesThe only problem I had with this book was that it just didn't ring true The world didn't seem like one that would stem from the world we live in A uick check of the copyright date gave me the answer as to why it was written pre 2001 and published right around the 911 attacksFor a pre 911 story it's excellent but it was also really interesting to see just how much the world has changed and how that affects my perception of futuristic sci fi

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