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Sam Tells Stories [PDF / Epub] ☃ Sam Tells Stories By Thierry Robberecht – This adorable character from SAM IS NEVER SCARED is back in another story preschoolers will identify with Sam is so eager to make friends at his new school that he tells them a story that isn’t true This adorable character from SAM IS NEVER SCARED is back in another story preschoolers will identify with Sam is so eager to make friends at his new school that he tells them a story that isn’t true After all he Sam Tells MOBI :Ê makes up bedtime stories for his little brother who thinks Sam is the best storyteller ever But when the truth catches up with him Sam realizes the difference between telling a story and telling a lie—and he has to face his friends and tell them the truth.

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  1. Joanne Roberts Joanne Roberts says:

    Though this book has a moral it is couched in a kid friendly story with a realistic mc His stories are actually lies Sam doesn't escape the conseuences at home or school but he learns something wonderful about himself and his friends Cute art with a lovely European vibe

  2. Becca Smith Becca Smith says:

    Sam Tells Stories is a book about a dog named Sam and how he likes to tell extravagant stories about his life The book begins with Sam starting his first day at a new school He proceeds to tell the other kids that his Dad is an astronaut and flies to Mars often The other kids find interest in Sam and the stories about his Dad and they invite him to play soccer after school When Sam gets home his clothes are all dirty from soccer and his Mother is very upset Sam tells her that the bigger kids got in a fight with him and ruined his clothing instead of telling her the truth Sam’s Mom calls the teacher and this is when Sam knows he has to stop his lies and outrageous stories The next day Sam tells his friends at school that his Dad is not an astronaut and apologizes for his actions The kids still invite him to play soccer and Sam notices how he is surrounded by great friends and everyone likes him for who he really is The lessons in Sam Tells Stories were to tell the truth and to always be yourself Sam realizes that his true friends will like him for who he is and he does not need to impress them in order to be friends with them When I was reading Sam Tells Stories I found myself relating to Sam There are times where I feel like I need to make up lies in order to feel accepted but I feel guilty right after just like Sam does The easy to read plot would be great for children to learn from and relate to I would definitely recommend this book because it teaches good lessons on being honest and self acceptance The plot and how Thierry Robberecht tells the story of Sam makes the book easy to follow along and relate to I believe that kids would enjoy this book because it is relatable in the sense that oftentimes kids need the reassurance of friendship Seeing how Sam learns his lesson of being himself after his lies will help children realize that you just have to be yourself and your true friends will love you for who you are

  3. Chance Lee Chance Lee says:

    Sam is an adorable wolf pup I think who is also a damn liar He lies to kids at school that is dad is an astronaut He lies to his mom about how his clothes got dirty And he lies to his brother when he tells him bedtime stories By the end of the book same learns the difference between lies and stories His school friends forgive him very uickly and he never apologizes to his mom for lying and admits the truth

  4. Caitlin Olson Caitlin Olson says:

    I enjoyed this book I think it is geared towards kindergarteners It can be used to talk about how important it is to tell the truth It can also be used to talk about the seuence of stories You could ask the students to tell you about the characters and what happens to them

  5. Gerardo Mendoza-Tovar Gerardo Mendoza-Tovar says:

    This story is about a character named Sam Sam is going to a new school and making new friends He tells stories that aren't true to his friends because he wants to impress them He also makes up lies when his telling bedtime stories to his younger brother and he also lies to his mother At the end of the book Sam realizes that he should stop lying and telling the truth With the illustrations and creative plot this book is great for young students to read The grade range for this book would be from K 4th grade The book is great how it has the story first and the lesson of honesty in the background I could use this in my classroom by having the students read the book and then give me examples of when they told a lie and then felt guilty about it The book is very easy to read and the young readers shouldn't have any problem with reading it The length of the book is also very short so the young readers will have a less likely chance to get distracted and stop reading it Robberecht T 2007 Sam Tells Stories New York New York Clarion Books

  6. Rochelle Sondae Rochelle Sondae says:

    My three year old cousin is just beginning to put together little stories for his pictures and block building endeavors It's pretty cool getting a glimpse into the workings of his developing thoughts of the world Again he was interested in the names of all the items in the illustrations and wondered how I knew the dinosaur toy on the floor was the inspiration for the dragon on the playground We had to count all the eyes on the aliens and give actual names to Sam's little brother father and school mates I'm ever so grateful that the books we read are merely on loan and I don't have to memorize all the characters attributes that we place on them We'd have the most annotated picture book library in the county

  7. Veronica Veronica says:

    I'm working on creating a booklist for my local public library This book was one in consideration for this listI am going to add this book to my list It doesn't have to do with manners necessarily but between choosing the right thing and the wrong thing it definitely gives a positive example I think it was spot on in what it was going for that it was focused securely on the idea of doing what was right of being honest

  8. Mandy Mandy says:

    Sam is the new kid at school and wants everyone to like him so he makes up stores about his dad The stories don't stop there and pretty soon Sam is telling stories to his family too Sam wishes he had just been himself but worries if he is truthful if anyone will still like him

  9. The Library Lady The Library Lady says:

    There's a little bit too much message here about not telling lies But there's also a nice ending Sam learns the things he make up make good stories

  10. Kate Hastings Kate Hastings says:

    Simple story that will be a good starting point for discussions about lying and exagerating or telling stories

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