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6 thoughts on “Sudden Death in New York City (Screech Owls, #13)

  1. Brody Brody says:

    I really liked this book because it evolved hockey and it was really specific and interesting I can easily relate to this book because I play hockey I would recommend this book to any boys who play hockey or have an interest in it

  2. Rudy Kristjanson-Gural Rudy Kristjanson-Gural says:

    This book I have read before and I would recommend it for hockey fans It is a pretty light read but a fun mystery Roy MacGregor definitely has a style and if you read any other books in this series you'll see what I mean

  3. Kaitlin Kaitlin says:

    It was a great book i really like the screech owls series

  4. April April says:

    These are great chapter books for kids who like Hockey What fun books with mysteries that are appropriate for kids 9 and upEach book has a an exciting hockey game and a mystery to solve The characters in the books are very relateable for kids of this age and engaging I love that their are both boys and girls on the team and they all contributeThe stories also contain lessons on teamwork sportsmanship and friendship Terrific lessons for all kidsThere are a few times when I thought the content was a bit off for the age but then when you compare it to modern video games movies and tv shows it was mild Kids today are ages ahead of their past counterparts and these books reflect thatHockey fans will find a lot to love here The play by play is really fun to read even for non sporties like myselfCover Art Eye catching and easy to tell the theme of the booksDisclosure This ebook was provided to me free of charge through NetGalley for the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my own

  5. Jessie Jessie says:

    Wayne Nishikawa a defenceman for the Screech Owls peewee hockey team decides that while the team is in New York for a tournament during the holidays he is going to moon the world With the help of Data and Fahd he just might be able to do it But with only a few hours before midnight the team discovers a plan made my terrorists to disrupt the New Year's celebration

  6. Bob Bob says:

    A good mystery novel that includes laughs and hockey

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Sudden Death in New York City (Screech Owls, #13) [Download] ➻ Sudden Death in New York City (Screech Owls, #13) Author Roy MacGregor – Nish has done some crazy things – but nothing to match this At midnight on New Year’s Eve he’s planning to “moon” the entire worldThe Screech Owls have come to New York City for the Big Appl Nish has done in New Epub Ü some crazy things – but nothing to match this At midnight on New Year’s Eve he’s planning to “moon” the entire worldThe Screech Owls have come to New York City for the Big Apple International Peewee Tournament They’ll be playing in Madison Suare Garden home of the New York Rangers and on New Year’s Eve they are going to Times Suare for the biggest party in history The countdown Sudden Death Kindle - to midnight will be broadcast live on a giant TV screen and beamed around the world by a satellite But Data and Fahd figure out that with just a laptop computer and video camera they can interrupt the broadcast – and Nish will have pulled off the most outrageous stunt everTravis Sarah and the others have heard it all before They are interested in playing in the tournament and exploring the most exciting Death in New Epub ß city on Earth But no one anticipated just how exciting New York can be Just hours before midnight the Owls discover that terrorists plan to disrupt the New Year’s celebration in a dramatic way than even Nish could have imagined Sudden Death in New York City is the thirteenth book in the Screech Owls Series Check out the Screech Owls’ website at wwwscreechowlscom.