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50 Ways to Get a Job ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ 50 Ways to Get a Job By Dev Aujla ❤ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Based on the popular website of the same name a guide to finding the right job while maintaining your sanity in the processIn today's endlessly fluctuating job market it's becoming and difficult to ge Based on the popular to Get PDF/EPUB Â website of the same name a guide to finding the right job while maintaining your sanity in the processIn today's endlessly fluctuating job market it's becoming and difficult to get hired Ways to Get a Job aims to fix that Job search expert Dev Aujla 50 Ways PDF or created WaysToGetAJobcom as a way to offer practical tangible steps to finding and getting the right job for you Within only a few months over people used the site and Aujla was able to gather data from thousands of individual job searches In this cleverly constructed guide Aujla presents the Ways to Get PDF Ì tried and tested steps to not only getting hired but also the secrets to staying motivated and energized throughout the job hunting process Filled with practical uick step exercises this book is designed so you can pick your path through the process starting where it feels the most natural Feeling stuck Start by sending a looking for a job email to five close friends Not sure what sort of job you want Write some creative nonfiction about yourselfFeeling overwhelmed Learn the benefits of forty five minutes of unplugged bliss Going to an interview Practice with a conversation guideWhether you've just decided to start the hunt or you're gearing up for a big interview Ways to Get a Job will keep you poised on track and motivated right up to landing your dream career.

10 thoughts on “50 Ways to Get a Job

  1. Olwen Olwen says:

    Some innovative approaches in this book

  2. Rajiv Moté Rajiv Moté says:

    This is a choose your own adventure style book on job hunting though that broke down for me uickly uickly out of impatience and the clumsiness of flipping back and forth on an eReader This book's structure is a metaphor in a way One of its goals is to ease the reader into a non linear career path and is targeted at people who have followed a linear path and have reached what feels like a dead end Judging from how uickly I switched to reading this book linearly I didn't learn the lessonThe book is a set of exercises various forms of introspection guided ways of acuiring information or making contacts a few tools and templates The book encourages you to actually do the exercises even if they're uncomfortable And I found value in a few of them before I got impatientThe text in the chapterexercises is a bit thin The few examples the author uses didn't resonate with me I don't expect a book to hold my hand and lead me to the magical world of professional Purpose but I'd hoped for a little theoretical backing to the exercises some inspiring anecdotes

  3. PaulC PaulC says:

    I realize this book wasn't intended as a job search manual but I felt it wondered too much Offers a sort of philosophical approach to job hunting finding a career which is ok but the problem I have with this and many other books is memory You read a self help book and forget most of what you have read a month later Suggestion like go camping to break out of your normal routine are a good idea but often job hunters are already struggling with keeping themselves in the hear and now and focused on something that will produce actual results Spending time alone something that many job seekers are already doing to much of Finally taking way to long to make basic points For example look at your bank account and figure out out how long you can go before returning to work Not a bad idea but should take an entire chapter and also that chapter like most of the chapters wanders all over the place and off topic before coming back to the point it is supposed to be making

  4. Daniel Spaulding Daniel Spaulding says:

    Picked this book up when I was job hunting after hearing an interview with the author on NPR Great book from an author with a background in recruiting This books gives really good advice on deciding a career path and pursuing it The book address how everyone's path is different and is not meant to be read linearly Instead once you've finished one step you are provided options for your next step somewhat like the old Choose You Own Adventure booksHowever this is not something I'd recommend for a young person someone fresh out of school If you do not have a career in mind the steps this book recommends to get there are inapplicable Overall great book It helped when I was changing careers and I've recommended it to friends since

  5. Jenn Jenn says:

    The exercises were helpful to frame and structure one's mindset of how to think about self exploration I'm not sure how some of the ideas or exercise are unconventional This book can be summed up as soul search and communicate your skills but it gives nice easy instructions on how to start soul searching The most unconventional one was about thinking about the physical landscape around you Wheeeeetttt?? The website pretty much covers the key posts from the book

  6. Cecilia Cecilia says:

    A non linear book on non linear career paths I read the book straight through instead of skipping around because that was annoying The exercises were generally fine This has some application for people who just want a job that they don’t hate While it talks about non linear career paths it seems like this book is for people who know what they want to do and that job or career path is decidedly not “working class”

  7. Megan Megan says:

    This book is worth flipping through and finding some exercises that interest you Many of the activities encourage mindfulness learning and self exploration However when it comes to advice about applying and interviewing for jobs there are other job search books out there with practical advice

  8. Kathyanngallagher Kathyanngallagher says:

    Not practical time consuming and NO I cannot go off for 3 days at a time to find myself when I already know whowhere I am Emphasizing Buddhism meditation throughout this book isn't what I was searching for

  9. Kurt Zisa Kurt Zisa says:

    Interesting guide with many tips and tricks Intends for the reader to do all of the exercises but sometimes they seem to be trouble then they are worth Each individual reader will take something different from this book as there seems to be something for everybody within

  10. Miss Doruntine Miss Doruntine says:

    This book was awesome I’d highly recommend it to anyone who has doubts about their path doesn’t know how to tell their story or needs some help It was self discovery than it was job related Highly recommend it

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