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Firestorm [Read] ➵ Firestorm Author Solange Ritchie – FBI forensic pathologist Dr Catherine Cat Powers and her young son Joey have been trying to cope with the emotional aftermath of life without Mark Cat's ex husband and Joey's father Joey is especially FBI forensic pathologist Dr Catherine Cat Powers and her young son Joey have been trying to cope with the emotional aftermath of life without Mark Cat's ex husband and Joey's father Joey is especially vulnerable after his kidnapping by the Burning Man a year ago But when a mysterious manila envelope arrives in Cat's mailboxa gift from a serial killer from Cat's pastshe realizes that she and Joey may never be safe againOnce again she teams up with police detective Jim McGregor but as they methodically hunt down one serial killer Southern California's beautiful neighborhoods begin to burn one by one As powerful Santa Ana winds whip the flames Cat knows she must catch another killera serial arsonist who is happy not only to burn buildings but to watch his infernos consume people's lives With the intensity and ferocity of the fires increasing Cat knows time is running out Will she pay the ultimate price Or will she bring these killers to justice.

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  1. Linda Strong Linda Strong says:

    This is the follow up to THE BURNING MAN I highly recommend reading that one first There are hints in FIRESTORM about previous events but to get the whole picture read them in orderA year ago Dr Cat Powers and her young son were traumatized by The Burning Man The killer was never caughtA new series of women's deaths in Southern California catch her eye and the FBI forensic pathologist is dispatched to investigate The bodies are eerily like the ones The Burning Man left behindHas he returned? Is this a copycat? Or was he working with someone else someone who wants to punish Cat for escaping when she was supposed to die? She is teamed up again with Detective Jim McGregor Even as they are hunting down one serial killer a serial arsonist who is happy not only to burn buildings but to watch his infernos consume people's lives This is well written action packed and moves with the speed of lightning Suspense is palpable from the very first page to the very surprising ending The characters are finely drawn and are believable There are twists and turns that will have the reader biting their fingernails This is one I just couldn't put down Many thanks to the author for the digital copy of this riveting crime fiction Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own

  2. Miriam Downey Miriam Downey says:

    Read my full review here Catherine Powers is a forensic pathologist for the FBI In the first book of Ritchie’s series The Burning Man Cat has a life altering experience when her son is kidnapped and she is injured by a serial killer named Eric As Firestorm begins Eric has sent Cat a lock of her son’s hair to remind her that he is still around still killing And he’s looking for herEric is a serial killer specializing in young women He has a partner—in crime and in life—David who specializes in starting fires in the windy dry California hills Eric is an emergency room physician and David is a firefighter They met when David brought in a wildfire victim to the hospital There was an instantaneous connection and they knew they were kindred spirits The reader knows the inner workings of their brains because they are explained as a stream of consciousness as the two psychopaths go about their business of death and destructionCat is called in on the case when they find several dead women apparently killed by Eric Authorities know Eric is the perp because he carves EriC on the bellies of his victims Cat leaves her young son with neighbors and heads to California She and her partner McGregor set about finding Eric and destroying him At the same time that they are finding Eric David is causing havoc all over the region starting wildfires that are truly firestorms When Eric is found and killed David believes that Eric has entered his body and as DavidEric he continues to seeks revenge on Cat and McGregorThe plot moves as uickly as the fires David starts; these are evil men and their menace makes for compelling reading We struggle to fit ourselves into their brains and understand how these manic brains motivate their destructive natures Although the plot is bloody gory and sexual it is compelling and engrossing I kept reading hoping that these horrible men would come to a horrible endCat is a compelling character She is the consummate professional a woman in what is traditionally a man’s profession She relies on her drive and her intuition to lead her to these psychopaths We are privy to some of her inner feelings and thoughts but I am not sure that we are led to understand why she is motivated to seek these men at the expense of her child She is seeking justice as much as Eric and David seek revenge She feels for the dead women in an almost visceral way blacking out when the emotion of it all gets to be too much for her She misses her son horribly but feels compelled to solve the case before she returns home She is admirable in the way that she asserts her authority and stands up to her male counterparts Her thoughts “She is at the top of her game with the FBI respected and admired by her colleagues people she has worked hard to impress She works hard for herself too Always the overachiever Always having to outshine everyone That is just her way It is how she has always been”I’m not a big fan however of Ritchie’s writing style It is minimalist to the extreme and relies on very short sentences few extraneous details and uestions Lots and lots of uestions To her credit this minimalist style moves the plot forward at a fever pitch but it leaves the reader oddly dissatisfied There is a lot of repetition of phrases in both the thoughts of the killers but also in the phrases Cat uses as she moves through the case For example “Eric and David are deranged psychopaths” appears over and over in the text If you stop reading for plot for even a moment you say “Wait I just read that a page ago”In an interview Ritchie addressed her minimalist style She says “I also write in a somewhat linear style and I often use the same phrase over and over in a chapter This is for emphasis As a lawyer I understand the value of white space on a page and the importance of having a catch phrase that repeats in the reader’s mind”There seem to be a lot of books currently available about psychopathic and serial killers Add Firestorm to the list It comes out Tuesday May 15 I received an advanced copy from the publicist

  3. Laura Laura says:

    Another excellent book by up and coming author Solange Ritchie Exciting from start to finish One of the things I enjoy the most about this series is that there is a strong intelligent female lead character who is not overly sexualized or distracted in her job by her romantic life Ritchie skillfully portrays Dr Cat Powers' struggle to reconcile her strong senses of duty and justice with the fact her career exacts a heavy toll on her mental health Looking forward to book #3

  4. Barb VanderWel Barb VanderWel says:

    I love this I can't wait for I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads And letting everyone know about itSo i gave it a 5 Stars

  5. Norm Goldman Norm Goldman says:

    If you enjoy reading psychological thrillers about serial killers and pyromaniacs Solange Ritchie's novel Firestorm is a “doozy” with one caveat if you have a ueasy stomach this one may not be your cup of teaWe are pulled into the story with Ritchie's four principal characters moving the plot along in such a way as to keep us itching to know how they will complete their journeys particularly if there are obstacles in their wayRitchie well understands that one of the most compelling forces in writing a good novel is movement for it arouses the reader's natural curiosity as to how will the story end No doubt movement raises many uestions and readers invariably want to know the answers which is the key to FirestormRitchie's characters consist of two criminally insane males Eric a serial killer and David an arsonist There is also very strong female characterCatherine “Cat” Powers an FBI forensic pathologist who has amazing inner strength that allows her to rise above the most dreadful and degrading experiences She teams up with police detective Jim McGregor to solve the hideous and horrendous crimes committed by Eric and DavidThe story unfolds when Cat receives a large yellow manila envelope and upon opening it discovers a lock of hair which turns out to be the same color as her son's Joey In the envelope is also a large 8 by 11 black and white photograph of Joey being restrained in the back of an SUV his eyes wide with fear In addition there is a second envelope containing a message with the following capitalized words “I am luckiest man alive I will see you soon my dear You have never been far from my thoughts Through this last year you have been with me Enclosed is a memento from my with with Joey” The message is signed EricApparently the previous year Eric had kidnapped Joey and almost killed Cat who as a result had to undergo surgery to her shattered left hand After a year in seclusion Eric is back and once again is about to continue committing hideous murders His method of operating is picking up young girls and taking them to the Cleveland National Park where he rapes and mutilates them In addition he is obsessed with Cat and blames her for his loss of his home and career as well as forcing him to go in hiding for a yearCat immediately returns to California and teams up with Detective McGregor to begin their pursuit of Eric and to put him away for goodInto the narrative enters David who happens to be a fire captain and finds it fascinating to set brush fires admiring the way they move and the noises they makeWe discover that David met Eric a medical doctor about five years ago while he was wheeling in someone to Hoag Hospital's burn ward It was love at first sight as each recognized a kindred spirit in the other Both incidentally are products of abusive childhoods Eric recognized his fellow madman and the two immediately hit it off eventually becoming lovers We are informed that when Eric went “underground” it was David who had provided a roof over his head a new car and a new look Moreover they both shared the need to hunt and be hunted and to live each day with one purpose pure evilRitchie permeates her novel with an extraordinary amount of terror suspense anxiety fear and even horrors of revulsion particularly when you read some of the shocking descriptive scenes of Eric's victims In addition Ritchie's characters are not relying on their physical strengths to defeat their enemies but rather on their mental resources Conflicts between Cat Eric and David are played out through mind games deception and manipulationWhat really emerges in the novel is Ritchie's superb command of tension and the building of momentum as she keeps her readers guessing about the nature of Eric and David's actions and foreseeing horrific developments at every major point in the yarnFollow Here To Read Norm's Interview With Solange Ritchie

  6. Jessica Bronder Jessica Bronder says:

    Cat Powers is back but her and Joey are still hurting a year later with the dead of Mark But when she gets a mysterious “gift” in the mail from Eric when he had Joey She knows that they are never going to be safe no matter what they do But there is no time to feel sorry for herself and Joey So she is off to team up with detective Jim McGregor to try and stop Eric for good But there is to Eric’s story than we think It seems an arsonist has started wild fires and he knows Eric for years earlier Their story add many layers of aha and OMG to this story All the while making things tense as you hope that Cat and Jim can stop these twoThis is a fantastic story and marvelous seuel to The Burning Man When Cat received Eric’s gift the hairs on the back of my neck stood up Creepy Then you find out about David and about Eric’s past Talk about true evil But if they have survived this long that just makes stopping them that much harder If you like psychological thrillers you need to get these two books But if you are going to read them make sure to make plans Once you open the book you will not willingly put either down until they are finished You NEED to check them outI received a complimentary copy of this book I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review

  7. Ellen White Ellen White says:

    This story has many layers and one wonders if Eric will ever be caughtA deadly serial killer but this one has a partner Two plots are the story the fires burn taking lives Young woman aren’t safe Haunting deep emotions as she and the detective Jim try to stop the lives being taken


    Great story loved the ending

  9. Joyce Joyce says:

    Good read

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