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Murder on the Lake of Fire (Mourning Dove Mysteries, #1) ❴Download❵ ➹ Murder on the Lake of Fire (Mourning Dove Mysteries, #1) Author Mikel J. Wilson – At twenty three and with a notorious case under his belt Emory Rome has already garnered fame as a talented special agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation His career is leapfrogging over his At twenty three and the Lake PDF É with a notorious case under his belt Emory Rome has already garnered fame as a talented special agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Murder on MOBI :Ê His career is leapfrogging over his colleagues but the jumping stops when he’s assigned a case he fought to avoid – an eerie murder in the Smoky Mountain hometown on the Lake Kindle Ö he had abandoned The mysterious death of a teen ice skater once destined for the pros is soon followed by an apparent case of spontaneous human combustion In a small town bursting with friends and foes Rome’s own secrets lie just beneath the surface The rush to find the murderer before he strikes again pits him against artful private investigator Jeff Woodard The PI is handsome smart and seductive and he just might be the killer Rome is seeking.

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  1. Linda Strong Linda Strong says:

    45 StarsMURDER ON THE LAKE OF FIRE by MIKEL J WILSONEmory Rome Special Agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is reuested by the Sheriff to return to his hometown to solve a particularly brutal murder The sheriff just happens to be Emory's father and Emory doesn't have especially good memories of the town or the people in it A teen age girl has been murdered while she was ice skating Soon after her coach is killed a case of spontaneous combustion Strange deaths indeedIt seems that he's going to get help solving these murders even if he doesn't want or need it PI Jeff Woodard is hired by the girl's to find his daughter's killerThe main characters are fun to watch as they interact with each other They are so full of life they seem to leap from the pages Secondary characters are fully formed which lend an air of credibilityThe premise is a good one featuring a rather uniue way to knock off the victims Suspects are plentiful and they each seem to have secrets or are unable to tell the truth for one reason or another There are a few twists and turns along the way and a surprising endingMurder mysteries are my favored genre and this is a good one A new author to me I look forward to seeing in this possible seriesMany thanks to the author TBC Reviewer Reuest for the advance digital copy Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own

  2. Erth Erth says:

    With each passing chapter Mikel J Wilson builds the characters and the plot unveiling a new twist Besides mystery there are other elements ranging form humor to serious topics beautifully woven together But perhaps most importantly it was a fun great read I look forward to other books in this series and the evolution of the protagonists

  3. Jason Murillo Jason Murillo says:

    I was one of the first readers of Murder on the Lake of Fire and one of the first to discover this gripping new mystery series The crimes are extraordinary the characters are engaging and the twisty plot is a fast paced I'm looking forward to the next book

  4. Qin Qin says:

    DNFd at 15% Much too much in the way of sophomoric ideas what the heck is happening between Emory and his father ? and head hopping for my taste Either keep the focus on one character for the whole of a chapter or a section and have the POVs alternate according to a fixed pattern if so you wish or tell the story without any focalization at all just do not routinely give us abrupt random changes in POV for this makes the reading needlessly painful The uniformly convoluted and pompous writing is so obtrusive so full of forced metaphors or similes which fall flat that it erects further obstacles in the path of the reader who but a self conscious poser pray tell pens hundred instances of such tasteless sentences as the town poured from the eponymous ridge connecting two Smoky Mountains as if it had spilled over from the valley on the other side or half a minute later a woman dressed in a maid's uniform with a grey face and no muscle or fat to keep the skin from gnarling over her bones answered the door ? There is indeed uite a difference between cultivating a high brow style of narrating and indulding in the grandstanding to which conceited prose amounts in the hands of a mediocre stylist as is the case here the former enriches the literary experience by giving it flesh and blood whereas the latter by dint of fattening the narrative with needless flourishes and asides makes for a tedious reading without contributing substantively to the storytelling and the progress of the mystery

  5. Jessica Therrien Jessica Therrien says:

    So excited for the release of this book A must read page turning mystery

  6. maria helena maria helena says:

    I really wanted to like this one but it fell flat for me There was nothing special about this book The characters were ok but not great the mystery had an interesting start but then the plot went on at snail's pace It felt like 500 pages instead of 300 Overall the book left me indifferentThanks to the publisher and netgalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

  7. Patty Patty says:

    Emory is the Special Agent In Charge at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations  He has just come off a case when his boss sends him and his partner Wayne on a new assignment to look into the murder of Britt Algarotti  When Emory finds out the location his whole body tenses up and fills with dread  Barter Ridge  His hometown Upon the meeting of the victims father he meets Jeff a private investigator hired by the victims father  He is irritated with the PI knowing he will just get in the way and muddy the investigation for him  But he is intrigued by Jeff's good looks and gorgeous green eyes When the investigation leads them to another murdered victim and the clues lead to the water company owned by the victims father they realize there may be to the case than the original murder  As they get closer to solving this case lives are put into jeopardy  Will Emory be able to solve this case before someone else dies?  Will Emory be able to fight the attraction to Jeff especially since some of the leads point to him?OMG this book is so good  An action packed thriller that had me on the edge of my seat biting off my nails  There was action from page one and it continued throughout the whole book  Never a dull moment  And the characters  WOW  They were so engaging and interesting  They leap right off the pages and invite you in  I became so invested in the book I wanted to solve the murder right along with them  I love all the neat little tidbits that were inserted into the story  Things like a speakeasy and the uniue ways the killer used to off hisher victims  These things made the book even interesting  That along with the developed characters and settings makes this book worthy of a Best Sellers List  Let me tell you this book has some major WTF twists to it  I mean I thought I had it all figured out and then I was proved wrong time and time again  It literally floored me  This series could be the next Alex Cross series  It is that good  I can't wait to read another one  Mikel Wilson left the story ending with a great opening for another novel  So Mikel if you are reading this review hurry up I need   wink winkARC provided by Xpresso Book Tours and Mikel Wilson

  8. Katie Katie says:

    Wow I absolutely loved Murder on the Lake of Fire It was gripping fast paced with some brilliant main characters who I loved Emory Rome is a young special agent who has been called in to investigate a bizarre death in a uiet town He knows the town well due to growing up there but leaving a few years back I loved everything about this book the murders were fabulous and completely different to anything I've read before I loved Emory and the private investigator he met Jeff Mikel Wilson's writing was great I couldn't put the book down The story was different to what I was expecting with a few red herrings thrown in but the ending wasn't that surprising however this didn't detract from the story I still loved itI'm looking forward to reading of this series I can see it becoming a new favourite of mine It's a highly recommended read if you love murder mysteries

  9. Sabetha | Aconite Cafe Sabetha | Aconite Cafe says:

    Holy cow This book was so crazy but crazy good I'll be honest I don't read blurbs only genres So I wasn't sure what I was getting into I said holy shit many times through out this book I will be writing a full review on aconitecafecom but if you're into murder mysteries read this book The only negative that I came across was there were a few points that the writer flat out gave away the foreshadowing word for word instead of letting their writing do the talking Also the point of view changes from character to character within chapters and that was a little unsettling but you get used to it after a few changes

  10. Lisa Elizabeth Lisa Elizabeth says:

    Badly written cheesy as hell and the twist was disgusting I’m reclaiming the time I spent reading this drivel

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