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  1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    The books I read in this series the I enjoy it At first I felt like I didn't know these characters at all but deeper into the series I feel like I do and I really like them Though Officer Mike is still a complete mystery to me I wish we saw of him in this one The writing style is flowing easily in my opinion and I like how the story unfolded Poor Gody I could tell I was attached to these characters when he was arrested and I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to know what happened It was also interested to really dislike the murder victim in this case but still need to know who killed him I was very surprised by many of the secrets that came out view spoiler though not surprised that someone at his work killed him hide spoiler

  2. Linda Linda says:

    This series does keep getting better I enjoyed Betsy's sleuthing in this one

  3. Kathleen Hagen Kathleen Hagen says:

    Embroidered Truth by Monica Ferris b plus narrated by Melissa Hughes produced by BBC Audio Books America downloaded from audiblecomMonica Ferris is a local author who writes about Minneapolis and the suburbs along Lake Minnetonka Melissa Hughes’ narration was a little irritating The voice she chose for Godwin a gay male character was whiney and somewhat effeminate And she kept mispronouncing the name of one of the suburbs Wayzata in the twin cities is not pronounced as it sounds but is pronounced “Wyzetta with a long “I” sound for the “y”The book itself is a cozy Betsy Devonshire is a woman who owns and runs a yarn shop and her greatest hobby for leisure is knitting well and helping the police solve crimes even if they don’t want her help Betsy is wealthy which is good because the yarn shop isn’t terribly financially successful although it has its loyal shoppers and knitters Godwin is her best employee and he has had good ideas about expanding the product in the shop Godwin’s boy friend John is a lawyer and he got in a fight with Godwin and threw him out Godwin moved in with Betsy but grieved about the loss of the relationship When John’s secretary called him one day to ask why John wasn’t at work he and Betsy went back to the house and found John dead Of course Godwin was the immediate suspect and was arrested Betsy put her mind to work to solve the murder finding out that John was involved in some money making schemes and other things not known to Godwin which may have gotten him killed I like this kind of book as a breather from the noire I usually read These ladies are suburbanites who knit buy complicated knitting patterns and discuss how to work the patterns go to coffeehouses etc Monica Ferris definitely knows Minneapolis and part of her story happened at a real coffeehouse Vera’s which is just a couple of blocks from my house I’ll read other books by this author

  4. Gretchen Gretchen says:

    Of all Monica Ferris's books that I've read so far I'm reading them in order I think this was the least satisfying of them all The writing was consistent with her previous work an easy going casual style The plot though had too many holes in it; there were too many uestions left unanswered It seemed as if the author wasted too much time on describing how Betsy hired a lawyer and debated bailing Goddy out and then suddenly realized she had hit some mystery page limit and had to finish the book lickity split The ending itself was unsatisfying one chapter the murderer is arrested the next is months later and we are told how everything has resolved Except everything isn't explained like how the police could conclude that someone who committed other crimes could also be responsible for Nye's murder Why did the murderer decide to kill Nye now rather than months earlier? Why would the police not be able to break the passwords on Nye's computer and the encryption when Betsy's teen friend did it in a few hours? If they did why didn't the police suspect that there might be other people besides Goddy who might murder Nye? What evidence did the police have that made Goddy a suspect? How did the police figure out that Betsy couldn't give Goddy an alibi? And fundamentally why did Nye make the secret plans he did? Why was he finally tossing Goddy out? Maybe it is me but just saying that he is a conflicted homosexual doesn't explain his actions Ferris's books are light and fluffy that's one of the reasons I like them but they usually are light fluffy but solidly thought out mysteries This one wasn't

  5. Avid Series Reader Avid Series Reader says:

    Embroidered Truths by Monica Ferris is the 9th book of the Needlecraft Mystery series set in contemporary Minnesota Betsy Devonshire inherited needlework shop Crewel World from her sister She runs the shop with the help of her gay manager Godwin When Goddie' and his lover John fight and John throws him out yet again Betsy offers her guest room This time they don't make up; instead John is found murdered Goddie is arrested and sent to jail Betsy can't afford the shocking 100000 non refundable bail fee so she has to solve the mystery to get Goddie out of jail She finds out no big surprise John was up to no good Tedious story but with a happy note regarding Lars and Jill Glad this one is out of the way on to the next in the series

  6. Ali Ali says:

    Another light slightly fluffy read perfect for a cold miserable weekend In this one Betsy's shop manager Godwin is in a lot of trouble as he is arrested for Murder Thankfully Betsy comes to his aid and begins her own investigation into the murder Godwin is my favourite character in this series so it was great having him so much in middle of the story There were a few places where I though Goddy's reactions to things were unrealistic especially bearing in mind his boyfriend has just died If I was being horribly picky I would have to say the characters have little depth to them in general but this is a light cosy read and not meant to be anything else

  7. Patty Patty says:

    Betsy and her friends at Crewel World are once again embroiled in a murder investigation only this time it is personal When Godford's partner is killed just days after their breakup he becomes the chief suspect in the murder Naturally Betsy is immediately on the case to try and find out who actually killed John and whyWith little snippets of helpful advice for knitting cross stitch needlepoint and other needle arts scattered in the narrative this is a fun series for someone who loves needleworkI'm looking forward to the next in the series

  8. Kirsti Kirsti says:

    I guess I've been expecting this scenario from the very beginning; it was just set up a little too much This is not a bad thing in fact I wanted it to happen very much Not the murder just the innocent accused of it because I knew Betsy would prove herself again I was not disappointedIf that gives away anything about the plot I'd be surprised haha Hopefully people still go into this a surprised although I believe if you've read the rest of the series you'll expect this too I adored this book and this was an excellent example of the seriesFive stars

  9. Denise Denise says:

    Even though I am not a needlecrafter myself I enjoy this series and others that deal with sewing uilting crochet knitting Betsy Devonshire is a very likeable character and I love her shop manager Godwin I would recommend this series whether you are a needlecrafter or not because it is a goodread

  10. Karen Parker Karen Parker says:

    I listen to the audio books I like the series the characters and the mysteries but this is a new reader and I don't like the reader as much as the one who has been reading the eight books before this So I found that I didn't like this book as well as the previous ones but it may not have had anything to do with the book If you haven't read any of this series I recommend starting with an earlier book than this one

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Embroidered Truths Needlecraft Mystery Book 9 ❰Read❯ ➫ Embroidered Truths Needlecraft Mystery Book 9 Author Monica Ferris – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk After her friend Godwin has a nasty uarrel with his significant other John Betsy Devonshire finds herself with a roommate But heartbreak turns to grief when Betsy and Godwin discover John dead in his After her friend Godwin has a nasty Needlecraft Mystery PDF Ì uarrel with his significant other John Betsy Devonshire finds herself with a roommate But heartbreak turns to grief when Betsy and Godwin discover John dead in his home and Godwin is arrested for the murder Betsy sets out to prove him innocent and finds that John had some dishonest dealings that made him a lot of money and a lot of enemies Now Betsy has to untangle a cat's cradle of lies if she's going Embroidered Truths ePUB í to save Godwin before the murderer decides to cut off all the loose ends for good.

  • Paperback
  • 273 pages
  • Embroidered Truths Needlecraft Mystery Book 9
  • Monica Ferris
  • English
  • 17 January 2014
  • 9780425206126

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Mary Monica Pulver real nameMary Kuhfeld.