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A Girl Called Monster ❮Reading❯ ➻ A Girl Called Monster Author Paige Lavoie – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Where she came from there were no windows The sounds of buzzing euipment and the doctor's shouting rang through her ears daily It was too uncomfortable to call home and too familiar not to be Like it Where she came from there were no windows The sounds of A Girl PDF/EPUB ² buzzing euipment and the doctor's shouting rang through her ears daily It was too uncomfortable to call home and too familiar not to be Like it or not she was an experiment Filled with childlike wonder and innocence she took pleasure in stories imagining what it would be like to live in those pages A longing growing deep inside her She knew she'd never have that life Not in the lab Not with them studying her every move So she decided to do something terrifyingShe escaped.

About the Author: Paige Lavoie

Paige Lavoie is a writer comic artist and self proclaimed ueen A Girl PDF/EPUB ² of silly faces with a passion for bring her characters to life with the power of storytelling including the undead ones Paige spends her days hiding underneath a parasol in sunny Orlando FL and frolicking through bustling convention centers theme parks and farmers markets with her husband and their fluffy dog named Oliver.

10 thoughts on “A Girl Called Monster

  1. Arielle Haughee Arielle Haughee says:

    Monnie awakes into a strange world inhabited by two even stranger men The Doctor and Igor As she learns how to move her body talk and read she is baffled by who to trust Even enigmatic is the forbidden doorwhat could possibly be behind it?? When Monnie finally breaks into the real world she is amazed by all the sites sounds and menu options hello sides She develops a wonderful group of friends but is still haunted by the man who created her Will she ever be able to let go of her scary beginnings and find true happiness? A Girl Called Monster is a journey of self discovery and what it means to have genuine life fulfillment an insightful powerful read in a fun laugh out loud story

  2. Kim Plasket Kim Plasket says:

    This story was so amazing from the start it had me enthralled The writing and character development was strong You will learn to love the main characters as I did Ms Paige Lavoie is a truly a gifted Author the way she draws you right into the story will keep you reading until the very end You will laugh cry and gasp as the story unfoldsI highly recommend this book

  3. Nelda Putek Nelda Putek says:

    Not uite a monsterFrankenstein monster as a girl Could it have been too much to give her a happy ending? After everything she went through I fell she deserved one

  4. Teresa Edmond-Sargeant Teresa Edmond-Sargeant says:

    Fresh retelling of a classic tale Frankenstein is a favorite novel of mine but sometimes it's great to see a new take on it or any other classic story Paige Lavoie makes her interpretation of Mary Shelley's book a familiar one yet breathes new life into the story and the protagonist The author gives Monnie a voice that the reader can both sympathize with and root for as she searches for independence

  5. Nicole L. Nicole L. says:

    I always wanted to read one of Lavoie's books since discovering her on YouTube and I am glad I gave this one a try I LOVED IT plot twists and all One thing I would like to critiue is the use time jumps in this book was very confusing especially in the last chapter It felt all very rushed and I wish that it didn't but other than that this book was spectacular 1010 would reccomend especially to any Frankenstein fan

  6. Emily Parks Emily Parks says:

    Monnie was amazing an interesting creative and well rounded character Supporting cast varied from all the love to all the I want to throw them out of a window of a moving bus you know who you are characters A great read for anyone who likes the old monster stories and is in need of an updated version

  7. Marta Marta says:

    Unusual but entertainingFrankenstein 's monster meets the 21'st century A different telling of the classic for sure Told through the eyes of a female creation It is not a horror story nor even a sci fi It is a book about identity family and that being different can be beautiful

  8. Amanda J Amanda J says:

    An adorable modern twist on Dr Frankenstein and his monster Easy to read and very engaging playing on the emotions that everyone experiences when trying to find their way through this world we haveRead as book 11 of the 2018 50 Book Challenge

  9. Rose Rose says:

    RosdI never thought I could be so enthralled by a monster story Paige Lavoie has established Monnie into becoming a truly astonishing being Her trials and her attributes are well worth reading about

  10. NatashaReadz NatashaReadz says:

    A new take on the story of Frankenstein's monster

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